DragonVale Breeding Guide Part 4


This DragonVale Breeding guide has reached it’s part four and is the most exciting one yet. It has the most rare of all dragons and almost all the complete combinations to breed these rare dragons in DragonVale. If you think that’s all to the breeding guide then just you wait, the guide is almost always updated immediately when new dragons are found! Never miss a moment in breeding an epic or rare dragon because non-pro guides. The DragonVale breeding guide found on Gameteep is all you need.

DragonVale Breeding Guide Page - 13DragonVale Breeding Guide Page - 14

DragonVale Iceberg Dragon Breeding Guide Page

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  53 Responses to “DragonVale Breeding Guide Part 4”

  1. I <3 ~~~~~~~~£< Dragonvale

  2. Thanks for the great DragonVale breeding guides they are awesome! I also love dragonvale!!!

  3. Love the Love dragon in this breeding guide <3 So cutttieeee I love dragonvale! I hope the love dragon will be here longer

  4. I used cold dragon on the left, firefly on the right and got a sun dragon both times

  5. I used bluefire and lightning and got moon…

  6. friend me on gamecenter at vardarlachlan23 i will give anything you want

  7. So I just bred a Fire and an Ice, and got a Sun dragon! I didn't see it in the guide so I just thought I would share that! has anyone else had this happen?

  8. I can’t breeding the rainbow dragon and the sun dragon.

    • @Eva, The rainbow dragon is completely random and is like1%-5% chance of breeding it. The best combination so far is seaweed and lava/firefly.

      The sun dragon you can use any combinations that includes cold or lightning. The most recommended combination is fire dragon + storm dragon

  9. hi guys. im beginner and i have some questions. dragons level affects to breed?. im 15lvl now can i get sun or moor or rainbow dragon?if can get it , how? how to get air dragon? give me some advice guys.

  10. i am trying to get the bone dragon or the panlong dragon, which is the best way for both, i need help

  11. Do I need to upgrade my breeding cave to get the sun/moon/rainbow/panlong dragons

  12. Now I’ve got 5 rainbows
    2 suns
    And. 3 moons
    Saving up for breeding island
    Gem 4 gem
    Add me and check it out

  13. si quieren a rainvow pongan a flower y a cooper

  14. How do you breed a rainbow dragon?

  15. Hello. This really helped me alot! It’s just I can’t get the Moon or Sun dragon! 🙁

  16. add me i send gem for gem

    gamecenter: drewsters123

  17. ive got a paper dragon using poison and mountain…

  18. I found out how to breed the Silver Dragon in regular breeding cave! The combo is Paper Dragon On the Left side And the Scoria Dragon on the right I did this combo ramdomly I got The Silver Dragon! iwas so happy 🙂

  19. what about paper dragon.

  20. Hey I have a 2 suns 5 rambows 6 moons 22 gold dragons

    Good Luck to u all

  21. I finish the whole game peeps

  22. Do firefly + lichen. you can get sun, moon, rainbow. I got sun 😀

  23. I have tryed to get moon Dragon many times, but I only get sun dragons or treasure dragons. I now have trhee sun dragons, two silver dragons, a platinium Dragon and a spring Dragon. o=o

  24. I need a person on stinkin Facebook to send gems!

  25. Dungeon and lominous dragon is double rainbow dragon

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