Efficiency DragonVale Breeding Guide Part 1


DragonVale Breeding Guide

Welcome to the official WBANGCA Efficiency DragonVale Breeding Guide. Notes you find here are all from my personal experiments and from results that friends have informed me. I compared this to all other breeding guides (Most of which are just copies of the ones from Lion’s breeding guide anyways) and found that I should just list the best possible combinations for players instead of giving them a list of every possible breeding combinations. If you want that then check out Lion’s DragonVale Breeding Guide because the list is just extremely long. Any ways I do have to note that this was part of Lion’s breeding guide until the Sandstorm and Sun/Moon portions where I took over it completely (permission was granted).

I also want to thank ED1075 for her extreme hard work in touching up the text, images, and breeding information in the old guide. So give her some gems.

WBANGCA’s DragonVale Breeding Guide

This is the best and only  DragonVale Breeding guide you need.

This is not a copy and paste breeding guide. Permission was granted to use the ‘bare bone’ of Lion’s (www.gameteep.com/lion) guide. Special thanks to ED1075 for the egg pictures and organizing the layout.

Basic Information:

The following dragon combinations are the best and most effective way of getting these dragons. While there are other ways to get them, these methods should yield faster results based on the number of hours it takes the other potential dragons you can get by using same combinations.


Efficiency – the best possible way to breed. It does not mean it will work for you yet is a calculation of hours or dragon elements. Please do not confuse yourself with god (The Dragonvale Company)

Breeding – combining two dragons with same or different elements to create a new dragon


  • Even if you have the correct combination of dragon elements your outcome is still ultimately random. This guide was made for the purpose of helping you understand what is the best possible way to get each dragon through breeding – and which combinations are possible.
  • When you breed two dragons the one you put on the left or right side does not matter.  The outcome will be random based on the elements of the two dragons you choose to breed. Please do not waste your time on this, your odds will not improve.
  • The number of friends, dragons, decorations, buildings, or habitats you have will not effect your outcome. Do not listen to random claims that say otherwise because they are false and a waste of time.
  • The level of the dragons does not matter.
  • The Rainbow dragon is created by combining 2 dragons each with 2 different elements.  There should be 4 different elements between your two dragons if you want a chance to breed a rainbow.
Time sensitive information:
  • These were all tested in the EST Time zone, but I am 100% certain that the time zone or time of day makes no difference to which dragon you will get.  The two possible exceptions to this are the moon and sun dragons.
  • The Sun dragon seems to successfully breed more often during the daytime EST and the Moon dragon seems to successfully breed more often during the nighttime EST.  The times may be dependent on just the EST timezone, or it could be dependent your own timezone set on your device.  We are still trying to figure out specifics on the times of these two dragons.
*Note: Confirmed notes for Sun Dragon and Moon Dragon. Please set your device to a 12 hour clock if you are having trouble with rbeeding Moon Dragon or Sun Dragon.
*Note: Remember your odds of getting a dragon are random, the order doesn’t matter.  If you don’t get one you want the first time, just try again.  It may take a few tries, but eventually you should get the dragon you want.

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WBANGCA DragonVale Breeding Guide-3

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  32 Responses to “Efficiency DragonVale Breeding Guide Part 1”

  1. Hey man thanks for the dragonvale breeding guides it’s definitely not like those other noob sites and your dragonvale videos are awesome man!

  2. Tons better and now I got all three moon sunn and rainbow sweet.


  4. If you look Timothy it says possible results

  5. add me up gem 2 gem.
    [email protected] or georgie.s.lim.

  6. everything is the oppsite on the page.

  7. How ca I breed a BLOOM DRAGON please! answer

  8. jeg er sej.

  9. tree dragon+ cold dragon= maybe reindeer dragon

  10. How do you make lightning

  11. WHO is the rainbow dragon

  12. Hey, question on efficiant breeding; which combinations render the most income-effective breeding?

  13. Hi guys i will tell you all of my **KING** dragons = my gemstone dragons!!! First i got my **sun dragon** then my **Jade dragon** last my **Silver dragon** P.S. i just got my Silver dragon 2 days ago!!!

  14. Got ruby dragon breeding

  15. Or it could be jade that I have breeding

  16. I ‘ve got all the element dragon s

  17. Chrome+scorch=ruby and plasma+salamander= jade dragon

  18. I’m on level 23

  19. Air+copper got me 48 hours. Any ideas?

  20. I am not able to breed the lightning and water dragons together. When I choose one the other dims and I can’t choose it. Any suggestions?

  21. Air + copper 47hours 30min is electrum drag

  22. Thanks a lot for the hints!!! 🙂

  23. Combine a forge dragon and a storm dragon, I got 2 spring dragons, 2 Electrum dragons, 1 gold dragon, and 1 silver dragon. You will get a good dragon like me if you use that combination.
    Hope this helps amyone!

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