DragonVale: Electrum Dragon


The DragonVale Electrum Dragon is a dragon that was found and released on July 3 2013 in DragonVale! This dragon is colored in green and yellow and is a dragon that is available for a limited time only. So be sure to breed for this dragon before losing a chance to get the dragon in your game.

“While experimenting with lightning magic, three wizard brothers from the Stater family attracted the attention of an electrum dragon. Shocked at the discovery of a new Treasure dragon, they quickly dispatched in all directions to inform everyone of this new, epic breed.” DragonVale: Electrum Dragon Game Description

 DragonVale Gold Element

DragonVale Electrum Dragon

Release Date:
July 11 2013
Decoration: None

Dragon Type: Epic/Treasure

Level requirement: 17
Habitat: Treasure
Incubation Time: 47.5 hours
Timer: 01:23:29:57
Buying Price: 2,200Gem
Selling Price: 4,500,000Cash
Experience: 550,000
EBS Time: 01:13:59:57
EBS Fast breed Gem: 38Gem

DragonVale Electrum Dragon egg

Egg Price: 160Gem


DragonVale Electrum Dragon Breath

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DragonVale: Electrum Dragon Key Features

  • Not Limited Dragon!
  • Treasure element dragon
  • 47.5 hours
  • Golden horns

DragonVale Electrum Dragon Official Image

Electrum Dragon breeding guide:

To breed for the Electrum Dragon, you need to have the elements of Metal and Lightning within your breeding combination.

The breeding time is

Confirmed and Tested Combination include:

  •  Metal Dragon + Lightning Dragon
  • Copper Dragon + Lightning Dragon
  • Copper Dragon + Metal Dragon
  • Magnetic Dragon + Lightning Dragon
  • Magnetic Dragon + Metal Dragon
Other combinations may include
  • Chrome Dragon + Scorch Dragon
  • Chrome Dragon + Lightning Dragon

Please keep in mind that this is a semi-rare dragon and that breeding the Electrum Dragon may not be easy. It will take time and breeding the Electrum Dragon is up to your game to give you the dragon and the breeding order of left or right will not affect your chance of getting it.

The level of your dragons also does not matter but your park must be at least level 11. Good Luck breeding!

Electrum Dragon earnings

You can level your dragons up to level 10. To evolve and feed your dragon beyond level 10 to level 15, you need to purchase the Shrine and complete the shrine quest in the game. To level your dragons to level 20, you need to ensure that the Shrine has reach it’s gold stage. Simply check the information button when selecting the shrine to see the quests.

Level 1  27
Level 2  43
Level 3  59
Level 4  75
Level 5  91
Level 6  107
Level 7  125
Level 8  140
Level 9  158
Level 10  171Cash

Electrum Dragon Evolution Chart

DragonVale Electrum Dragon Evolution Chart

Breeding Video

  • virginia

    Got it with chrome and scorch

    • Trollsbane Thor

      For higher chances of breeding this dragon, use the combination COPPER AND MAGNETIC!!!!

  • Claire Red

    Metal and lightning dragon for the electrum!

  • Dragonking

    Ive been trying those combos but I still haven’t got one!!!

    • Midknight7777

      lol, dude! have some patience! itll take awhile to get a semi-rare dragon

      • Dragonking

        It’s dudett thank u, I’ve got it now!

  • Got it

    I got it the second time I bred copper and air while trying to breed liberty dragon, I had no idea this dragon was out yet but copper and air definitely works. I’ve been doing chrome and scorch trying to breed ruby dragon but I haven’t gotten lucky yet with any rare dragons so I would recommend copper and air with trying to breed this dragon: to update this comment I actually just bred 2 in a row with this combo

  • Patriot1287

    I got it by breeding a Level 10 Air Dragon and a Level 10 Magnetic Dragon and it worked the 2nd time.

    • Dragonking

      It dosn’t matter about the level of the dragons you breed only the right combinations of dragons.

  • Adesertrider

    I got mine using a firefly and a chrome dragon….

  • captain cooper 0139

    chrome and scorch is confirmed I got 4 of these stupid things already, plus a rainbow, 2 gold, and a double rainbow, AND STILL NO RUBY, that’s annoying lol but you should update this guide to move chrome and scorch to confirmed

  • Jadethekitteh

    Got one while trying to get liberty or rainbow using chrome and lightning, I thought I got rainbow and I was really excited but it turned out to be this X3

  • Jadethekitteh

    got another one using magnetic and water O-O

  • Alyssa

    I got it while trying to breed an ouroboros… The combination was seaweed and magnetic… I thought I got the ouroboros at first till I realized the breeding time was wrong. And I got the electrum!!

    • Dragonking

      oh I really want a ourbornos dragon!

  • Puncake


  • minazuki

    Got it for first try with sonic & metal dragon

  • minazuki

    Got mine for first try with sonic & metal.