DragonVale: Equinox Dragon


The DragonVale Equinox Dragon is one of the ultra rare dragons that are found in DragonVale. It was discovered on September 20th 2012 as a dragon with the elements of being half moon and half sun.

This Equinox Dragon is said to only be available for a limited time, therefore we have classified this dragon has a limited time dragon. The Equinox Dragon is a special moon and sun element dragon, making it one of the most unique dragons in DragonVale yet.

“Two times each year, when night and day become equals, equinox dragons reveal themselves. Celebrations for the arrival of these dragons vary greatly, but villages graced with their presence are said to have an especially bountiful harvest. Wizards have since proven this tale to be untrue, but the festivals are so fun, they keep that little secret.” DragonVale: Equinox Dragon Game Description

DragonVale - Moon Element

DragonVale Equinox Dragon baby

Release Date: Sept. 20 2012
Discounted: Sept. 27 2012

Level requirement: 14
Habitat: Moon/Sun Habitat
Incubation Time:  24 hours
Timer: 23:59:59
Buying Price: 2,250Gem
Selling Price:  2,250,000Cash
Experience: 100,000

EBS Time: 19:11:56 Hours

EBS Fast breed Gem: 20Gem

Egg: DragonVale - Equinox Dragon Egg

Breath: DragonVale - Equinox Dragon breath

Limited Decoration:

Similar Dragons:

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DragonVale: Equinox Dragon Key Features

  • Epic Rare Dragon
  • Moon/Sun Element
  • Limited Time Dragon
  • Dark and Light Colors

Equinox Dragon breeding guide:

To breed the Equinox Dragon, you must use the elements that represents the Moon Dragon and the Sun Dragon.

Gameteep has confirmed that to breed the Equinox Dragon, you may use a Water Dragon and a  Blazing Dragon for a chance to get the Equinox Dragon.

Other combinations include:

  • Rain Dragon + Blazing Dragon

Please keep in mind that this is a ultra rare dragon and that breeding the Equinox Dragon may not be easy. It will take time and breeding the Equinox Dragon is up to your game to give you the dragon and the breeding order of left or right will not affect your chance of getting it.

The level of your dragons also does not matter but your park must be at least level 10. Good Luck breeding!

Equinox Dragon earnings

Level 1 34Cash
Level 2 55Cash
Level 3 76Cash
Level 4 97Cash
Level 5 118Cash
Level 6 140Cash
Level 7 158Cash
Level 8 182Cash
Level 9 200Cash
Level 10 222Cash
Level 11 Cash
Level 12 Cash
Level 13 Cash
Level 14 Cash
Level 15 Cash
Level 16 Cash
Level 17 Cash
Level 18 Cash
Level 19 Cash
Level 20 429Cash

Equinox Dragon Evolution Chart

DragonVale - Equinox Dragon Evolution Chart

Equinox Dragon Breeding Video

    • Bob

      Lol I really envy u do water and blazing I have been trying that the whole time it’s been out in EBI and blazing fog/rain in NBC finger crossed for today

      And I can still get Olympus dragons even tho it is after the Olympics is this the same with everybody???

      • Ladoa

        Hey, i breed solstice dragon with solar eclipse dragon and then i got equinox dragon. Thats was a secret breeding for sun and moon dragon ^^

  • Daniel

    Luky you I am still trying

  • Alifox061811

    Under the heading “breeding guide” above it says lightning and cold need to be used, yet the breeding pair suggested below that is water (or rain) and blazing. Where’s the cold and lightning in these combos?

  • Michael

    I just got mine but it won’t be hatching for 48 hours so when yours hatches let me no if it can breed with sun dragons and moon dragons it should but it’s possible it can’t if it can then like breeding a gold and silver it will be 50% sun 50% moon

  • Bob

    Lol gd 4 u I can’t get it

  • m

    All try it

  • King

    It’s back in market and astrovane is going
    Time to start breeding
    Looking for friends to trade gems add me – kingster181

  • Jiggy

    Wow ultra rare dragon! Buy i manage to breed it yesterday using mud and blazing dragon! I was hoping for a rainbow but what i got is this equinox!!! Super lucky i am! Please add me my game center ID Delpax

  • ?!?!?!?!

    Oh yeah!!! I just got a 24 hour breed!!! Blazing and water second try breeding cave

  • bey

    Finally i got it! Blazing + iceberg first try at EBI and my second equinox with blazing + swamp 3rd try at breeding cave..

  • Iris

    Rain/Blazing 2nd try on island. Still need 6 people gem 4 gem

  • Katelyn

    I think I got one, im on my first try to get on I used Lv.10 rain dragon and Lv.10 blazing dragon good luck y’all! 😉

  • Iris

    Breeding moon/equinox came up 48 hrs DVD guide says it will be a moon but I did this during day will it be a sun or moon?

  • Dragonking

    I’m getting sooooo annoyed I’ve tryed breeding it 54 times!!! And still no equinox!!