DragonVale: Forest Dragon


The DragonVale Forest Dragon is a dragon that was found and released on August 8, 2013 in DragonVale! This dragon is appears to look like it’s colored in green and brown with a earth type horns.

”  Often seen stomping around with moss dragons, the forest dragon is a particularly social creature. Similar to the evergreen dragon, you will often find forest dragons frolicking in groups.” DragonVale: Forest Dragon Game Description

 DragonVale - Plant ElementDragonVale - Earth Element

DragonVale Forest Dragon

Release Date:
August 8, 2013
Decoration: None

Dragon Type: Rare

Level requirement: 5
Habitat: Plant/Earth
Incubation Time: 4 Hours
Timer: 03:59:59
Fast Gem: 4Gem
Buying Price: 125Gem
Selling Price:10000Cash
Experience: 3500
EBS Time: 03:11:57
EBS Fast breed Gem:4Gem

DragonVale Forest Dragon EGG

Egg Price: 30 Gem


DragonVale Forest Dragon Breath

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DragonVale: Forest Dragon Key Features

  • Plant  / Earth element dragon
  • 4 hours
  • Green, Brown colored
  • Plant/Earth Habitat
  • Rare

DragonVale Forest Dragon Official Image

Forest Dragon breeding guide:

To breed for the Forest Dragon, you need to have the elements of Plant Dragon and Earth Dragon within your breeding combination.

The breeding time is 03:59:59  or 4 hours

Best, Confirmed and Tested Combination include:

  •  Moss Dragon + Plant Dragon
  • Plant Dragon + Tree Dragon
  • Earth Dragon + Moss Dragon
  • Earth Dragon + Tree Dragon

Other combinations may include

Please keep in mind that this is a semi-rare dragon and that breeding the Forest Dragon may not be easy. It will take time and breeding the Forest Dragon is up to your game to give you the dragon and the breeding order of left or right will not affect your chance of getting it.

The level of your dragons also does not matter but your park must be at least level 11. Good Luck breeding!

Forest Dragon earnings

Level 1  7
Level 2  11
Level 3  15
Level 4  19
Level 5  23
Level 6  27
Level 7  31
Level 8  35
Level 9  39
Level 10  43Cash
Level 11
Level 12
Level 13  55
Level 14  59
Level 15  63
Level 16
Level 17
Level 18
Level 19
Level 20

Forest Dragon Evolution Chart

DragonVale Forest Dragon Evolution

Breeding Video

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  1. Android Players That Play Dis I need More Friends To send gems to! Add Me on Facebook If Yu Have It! @Jennifer Williams

  2. Breed this one by mistake with crystal and cactus.

  3. I got on third try with lichen and crystal

  4. I did it plain out with plant and earth

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