DragonVale: Giant Water Habitat


The Giant Water Habitat in DragonVale is a habitat released on April 29. 2013 along with the upgrade for the current Water habitats. It is an upgrade that increases the amount of coins your habitat can hold including dragon capacity and structure size.

“With multiple waterfalls, a large beach, more vegetation and a larger, deeper swimming area, it’s hard to tell who loves the giant water habitat more: visitors or dragons. The most impressive magic was finding a way to simultaneously have fresh and salt water waterfalls to accommodate all types of water dragons.
” DragonVale: Giant Water Habitat Game Description

DragonVale - Giant Water Habitat

Release Date: April 29. 2013

Level requirement: 29

Max Capacity: 5
Build Time: 23:59:59 Hours
Buying Price: 25 Gem
Max Coins: 100,000
Selling Price:  100,000Cash
Experience: 500,000

Key Features

  • Holds the  Water element

This habitat allows allows you to place up to 5  Water type dragons into it.

It takes 24 hours to build and will cost you about 25 Gem to purchase from the market with a max coin of 100,000 in your game!

Please keep in mind that the building time is this building is about 18 hours which means you need to pay 24 gems if you want to rush build.

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