DragonVale: Jet Dragon


The Jet dragon in DragonVale is the 15th gemstone dragon released on November 14, 2013. Most players expected that the Diamond Dragon was the last of the line of Gemstone Dragons but it appears that the developers are continuing these gemstone dragons with brand new dragons for 3 Months.

“The jet dragon was first discovered shortly after the Cataclysm. The wizard Lignius found a smooth, black stone amid the pulverized trees near the Scar. That stone turned out to be a jet dragon egg!” Jet Dragon Game Description

 Gem Element

DragonVale Jet Dragon

Release Date: November 14 2013

Available: 3 Months

Level requirement: Level 11
Habitat:  Gemstone Habitat
Incubation Time: 30 hours
Timer: : 01:05:59:59
Buying Price: 1500 Gem
Selling Price: 2,500,000 Cash
Experience: 100,000

Fast Breed Upgraded: 23:59:59

Fast Breed Cost: 24Gem


DragonVale Jet Dragon egg



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Key Features

  • Gemstone Dragon
  • Available for 3 months
  • Looks like a dark dragon
  • Requires a special pair of dragons
  • Black colored

Jet Dragon breeding guide:

There is no confirmed dragon for breeding the Jet Dragon.

The dragon can be bred using an  Frostfire Dragon and an Ash Dragon in your epic breeding island or breeding cave.

  • Normal Incubation Time: 30 hours
  • Upgraded Breeding Time: 23:59:59

It does not matter which side you select the breeding dragons in your breeding tree or breeding cave. Level 15+ Dragons will give you a better opportunity at getting this dragon.

Jet Dragon earnings

You can level your dragons up to level 10 only. This dragon cannot be leveled to level 20 or beyond level 10 in the game.

Level 1  1Gem/Month
Level 2  1Gem/Month
Level 3  1Gem/Month
Level 4  1Gem/Month
Level 5  1Gem/Month
Level 6  2Gem/Month
Level 7  2Gem/Month
Level 8  2Gem/Month
Level 9  2Gem/Month
Level 10  2Gem/Month


 Jet Dragon Evolution Chart

DragonVale Jet Dragon Evolution Chart


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  1. Lol won

  2. jaime ivan

  3. Hot it 2nd try with ash and frostfire !!!

  4. Oops meant get not hot

  5. Do you mean hot like s**y

  6. Lots of try’s with frostfire and ash lvl 15 EBI. Finally! For free gems u can go to social –> redeem codes and enter in 90006464 it really works! Good luck on Jet!

  7. No ash. Is there?

  8. Use my friend code: 35558679

  9. Got it my first try with ash and frost fire on epic breeding island

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