DragonVale: Luminous Dragon


The Luminous Dragon in DragonVale is a dragon released on October 9th 2013 as part of the Dark and Light Dragons event in the game. You can either pick to use Light Magic or Dark Magic in the event and fill it up once it’s over you will be able to have your Rift Dragon imbued with that element.

This dragon is a light type dragon that requires the light dragon for an opportunity to get this dragon in the game.

” Shortly after the return of Light Magic, the luminous dragons were discovered high in the Berrywhite Mountains. An apprentice of the wizard Mohs was researching a rare geological formation of rock chalk and happened upon an aerie of the majestic dragons. Incubation Time: 13 hours
” Luminous Dragon Game Description

 DragonVale - Plant Element

DragonVale Luminous Dragon

Release Date: Event Starts October 9th 2013


Level Req: 25

Required Magic: 5600
Habitat:  Light/Plant Habitat
Incubation Time:  13 hours
Buying Price:  900Gem
Selling Price:  3,150,000Cash
Experience: 650,000
EBS Time: 1-:23:57
EBS Fast breed Gem: Gem


DragonVale Luminous Dragon egg



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Breed Rate
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Key Features

  • Plant and Light type Dragon
  • Hybrid Light type dragon
  • 13 hours breeding time

Luminous Dragon breeding guide:

  • Breed the Plant Dragon and the Light Dragon in the breeding tree or breeding cave.
  • Breeding time is 13 hours!

Luminous Dragon earnings

You can level your dragons up to level 10 only. This dragon cannot be leveled to level 20 or beyond level 10 in the game.

Level 1  8
Level 2  12
Level 3  17
Level 4  21
Level 3  26
Level 6  30
Level 7  35
Level 8  39
Level 9  44
Level 10  49Cash
Level 11
Level 12
Level 13
Level 14
Level 15
Level 16
Level 17
Level 18
Level 19
Level 20

 Luminous Dragon Evolution Chart


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