DragonVale: Vernal Fountain


“Using water directly from the Vernal Springs that run beneath the Cadberry Meadows, this fountain will not only be a refreshing destination for guests within your park, but it is sure to make bloom dragons feel right at home! The wizards tell me that the water even has magical properties, and it can grant wishes to people who toss coins into it! For some reason it never seems to work for me though.”

The Vernal Fountain is an animated fountain where you can purchase during easter holidays and when the bloom dragon is available. You can only place a max number of fountain of 25, some say due to lag issues with certain devices.

Experience: 3,750,000

Decoration: Vernal Fountain
Sell Price: 3,750,000 Dragon Cash
Level requirement: 12
Cost: 7,500,000

DragonVale - Vernal Fountain

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