DragonVale: Mine Dragon


The Mine dragon in DragonVale is one of the new breed of dragons in DragonVale, found underground deep in the Dramoria Mines, the Mine dragon is a combination of the metal element and the cold dragon. To breed one of these Mine Dragons in your DragonVale you will need to breed your Cold dragon and your metal dragon in the breeding island. Once you breed them you should get the Mine Dragon breeding time of 10 hours. After the breeding you will notice the metal and cold mine dragon egg which will take another 10 hours to hatch. The level requirement for this is 17 and you will gain 1,500,000 experience from breeding the mine dragon.

If breeding the mine dragon in your dragonvale isn’t working then you can also purchase the mine dragon for 750 gems in the market but be warned this is not recommended for players. Just follow our guide and simply breed one of the mine dragons in your DragonVale today! And when you breed this this mine dragon youc an place it into any metal or cold habitat keeping those other cold and metal dragons company while you are not playing DragonVale.

“One of the oldest known dragon types, the mine dragon spends much of its time deep underground in the cold Dramoria Mines. Because they are often seen running into walls while moving about it was once thought that they felt their way around using their beards. We now know that they just have really poor eyesight.”

DragonVale Mine dragon

Mine dragon breeding guide

To breed and get the Mine dragon you need to use the cold dragon and the metal dragon. Remember that the mine dragon is a mix of cold and metal elements so you may use any cold and metal element for a change to breed the mine dragon. The mine dragon is 10 hours.

Official Release Image on March 12, 2012

DragonVale Mine Dragon


Mine Dragon breeding information

Incubation Time: 10 hours
Elements: Metal & Cold
Price”: 750 gems
Level requirement: 17
Experience: 1,500,000
Sell price: 1,500,000

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  1. I bred a cactus and mine and it gave me a 48 hour incubation time. Any ideas of what it is

  2. Could be a rare like gold

  3. I have been trying all month for the diamond dragon and all I get is either the silver dragon or the ice dragon. In the past 2 weeks I have gotten the silve dragon 6 times. I would like to have the diamond dragon just once.

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