DragonVale: Opal Dragon


The Opal Dragon in DragonVale is the October Gemstone dragon in DragonVale. The Opal Dragon appears each month of October for players to breed their special birthstone dragons in their very own DragonVale park. If you are born in October this Opal Dragon is definitely one dragon you won’t want to miss for your DragonVale park!

“Opal dragons are said to be capable of displaying every color in the visible spectrum. In fact they’re even supposed to be able to exhibit some invisible ones as well! Some say that invisible dragons are really just opal dragons parading around in these…harder to see colors. Our wizards can neither confirm nor deny this rumor.” Opal Dragon Game Description

 Gem Element

DragonVale - Opal Dragon Baby

Release Date: October 1st 2012
Expires: October 31 2012

Level requirement: 14
Habitat:  Gemstone Island
Incubation Time:  31 Hour
Timer: 01:06:59:57
Buying Price:  1,475Gem
Selling Price:  1,500,000Cash
Experience:  100,000

Fast Breed Gems: 25Gem

Fast Breed Upgraded: 24 hours 48 Minutes

Dragon Breath:DragonVale - opal dragon Breath

Special Event Decoration:

User Rating
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Breed Rate
Rating: 3.8/5 (9 votes cast)

Opal Dragon Key Features

  • October Birthstone
  • Black and Beige coloring
  • The Opal birth stone has multiple rainbow like colors.

Opal Dragon breeding guide:

To breed the Opal Dragon you need to use a Mud Dragon and a Lava Dragon in your breeding island.

We recommend only using Mud Dragon and Lava Dragon. As other combinations are unconfirmed.

You can still breed the dragon using your breeding cave but it is most recommended that you use your breeding island for higher chances of getting the Opal Dragon.

Keep in mind that when breeding dragons, the breeding left and right does not matter. The Level of your dragons also does not matter. Breeding dragons is up to chance and it is proven that the Epic Breeding Island will give breeders a better chance at getting more rare dragons oppose to the breeding cave.

Earnings (Gems)

Level 1 2Gem/Month
Level 10 1Gem/Week

Evolution Chart

DragonVale - opal dragon evolution chart
Breeding Video

  36 Responses to “DragonVale: Opal Dragon”

  1. Crystal+water=opal

  2. Well I already know how to I am a dragonvale expert, and best friends with the creator. So I will tell u guys that u breed the opal dragon using blazing and swamp. There u go…

  3. Pls tell how to get opal

  4. Lollolollol arrogant fag, ‘imma expert’, best friends with creator… Fkn awesome mate tell us what will be on next paper toss and ragdoll blaster updates thanks… ‘There u go’ like youve cured cancer, mate the site says mud lava and ur claim dun help havin another dud claim crystal water which also is fkn stupid when all g-dragons have been 2-hybrid combos. One doesnt take sarcasm that far…so just shut up with ya stupid claim

  5. 24/7 player. Gem4gem add me
    Game enter: AzianBoiLoyalty
    I also give tips on how to get a lot of gems & breeding combinations.
    Email: [email protected]
    Spread my name and give me love and support. Soon I’ll be putting up my dragonvale website.
    Also check out my Island 🙂


  6. Mud + Lava. Got it. 🙂

  7. Got Opal with Mud and Lava in Epic…..see at PSGunner on DV

  8. Confirmed opal dragon breeding combo. Got it after 3 tries.
    It’s lava and mud. Good luck all

  9. Mud and lava. Got 1 after about 20 tries and a second after another 20 tries. Used a lot of gems to fast track breeding times.

  10. U ROCK!

  11. Got it first try with mud and lava. Around 6:15 pm if time is any factor
    Add me: metal666666. That’s 6 6’s. I play daily

  12. Help!!! I have no idea how to ‘friend’ someone. I would love to have enough gems to get a gifting tree but its takin ages!

  13. I accidentally used mud and blazing instead
    of mud and lava and got panlong first try!

  14. I want one so bad but I can't afford the breeding island and I cant afford to buy gems.

  15. This is ridiculous! I’m on my literal 40th attempt with lava and mud. :/ Are we sure this works? Haha. This happened last most also! Could it be because I’m not using wi-fi? Or does that not matter.

  16. Do you really need an Epic Breeding Island to get any Gemstone Dragon?

  17. Hi, i got a opal dragon after 6 try !
    If you want to add me, my Game Center ID is No’Name.
    I give gifts every days !

  18. Between the wife and I we have used lava + mud = 47 times the only dragon we get is the one we put on the left we start with lava we get lava we start with mud we get mud.

    I think Bflip studios pre determans who gets what which makes this game very very lame

  19. Does it matter what side the mud and lava dragons are on?

  20. Can you breed gemstone+gemstone dragones

  21. The same for me… It’s quite annoying… Couldn’t get emerald nor sapphire nor paper… Grrrrrr 😉

  22. I don’t know how many times I have tried to breed Opal and no such luck. I am really getting so annoyed. Tried it on both breeding cave and epic breeding island.

  23. @Mike Pilkington, I got 2 in the breeding cave.

  24. Lava+mud in epic breeding island 🙂

  25. I got it with normal breeding cave…. after +20 attempts.

  26. Ive been a loyal Dragonvale player from the beginning. Up till about 6 weeks ago i had all the dragons. Some took me ages to get but i did it by breeding, not jailbreaking, and occasionally purchasing. I went on holiday and missed out on two dragons due to a poor wireless connection. Now im back i have tried ooodles of times to get the opal dragon with lava and mud. Im dissappointed and bored with it now especially when some people are getting it on their first try. Have found a new game to play, dont know if i will conti ue this one anymore….

  27. Yes, its been confirmed. i got 4 of them within the first 10 days. come visit my park. bulldogs43

  28. Got one on first try..level 5 mud on left and level 5 lava on right..31 hours incubation time. I love this dragon.

  29. I wanna cry.. i cant breed this….

  30. is this opal dragon expire? I cant breed it

  31. around 23rd try still cant get it

  32. finaly got it on 31 try!!

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