DragonVale: Ouroboros Dragon


The DragonVale Ouroboros Dragon is a dragon that was found and released on July 18 2013 in DragonVale! This dragon is colored in red and teal and is a dragon that is made for the Apocalypse habitat. This is the second Apocalypse dragon ever released in the game!

“Scholars agree the hatching of the first Ouroboros dragon coincided with the day the Scar of the World was created. Some call them a harbinger of ill, but even more say they are a living prophecy; promising that someday the Scar will be healed.” DragonVale: Ouroboros Dragon Game Description

 DragonVale Apocalypse Element

DragonVale Ouroboros Dragon

Release Date:
July 18 2013
Decoration: None

Dragon Type: Epic/Apocalypse

Level requirement: 14
Habitat: Apocalypse
Incubation Time: 26 hours 24 Minutes
Timer: 01:02:23:57
Fast Gem: 27Gem
Buying Price: 1,888Gem
Selling Price: 1,250,000Cash
Experience: 250000
EBS Time: 21:07:09
EBS Fast breed Gem: 22Gem

DragonVale Ouroboros Dragon egg

Egg Price: 140Gem


DragonVale Ouroboros Dragon Breath

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DragonVale: Ouroboros Dragon Key Features

  • Apocalypse element dragon
  • 26 hours 24 Minutes
  • Red ish colored
  • Apocalypse Habitat
  • Second Apocalypse dragon!

DragonVale Ouroboros Dragon official

Ouroboros Dragon breeding guide:

To breed for the Ouroboros Dragon, you need to have the elements of Water and Magnetic (Appears to be a required dragon) within your breeding combination.

The breeding time is 01:02:23:57

Best, Confirmed and Tested Combination include:

  • Magnetic Dragon + Any Water-type dragon.
Other combinations may include
  • Current Dragon + Magnetic Dragon [not the best but works]
  • Water Dragon + Magnetic Dragon [Better combination than above.]

Please keep in mind that this is a semi-rare dragon and that breeding the Ouroboros Dragon may not be easy. It will take time and breeding the Ouroboros Dragon is up to your game to give you the dragon and the breeding order of left or right will not affect your chance of getting it.

The level of your dragons also does not matter but your park must be at least level 11. Good Luck breeding!

Ouroboros Dragon earnings

Level 1  40
Level 2  65
Level 3  88
Level 4  113
Level 5  136
Level 6  162
Level 7  188
Level 8  214
Level 9  240
Level 10  261Cash
Level 11
Level 12
Level 13
Level 14
Level 15
Level 16
Level 17
Level 18
Level 19
Level 20

Ouroboros Dragon Evolution Chart

DragonVale Ouroboros Dragon Evolution Chartl

Breeding Video


  19 Responses to “DragonVale: Ouroboros Dragon”

  1. Finally a new design! The last dragons just looks too similar to other dragons but this one is definitely different.

  2. 2nd attempt…. Magnetic & water on the epic breeding island.

  3. How do they eat?

  4. Tried magnetic and swamp and got electrum first go
    Add me on Game Center wormy chocolate for gem for gem every day

  5. Got him!
    Magnetic and Water second try in the EBI!

  6. Tried Water + Magnetic, got electrum….twice, and no oroboros.

  7. Ok i get one. Cool. But in the last day of the liberty!! 🙁

  8. I tried all my water dragons! I just kept getting hybrids!

  9. Fifth try no luck. metal – water.

  10. Finally My luck payed off.
    I got Cyclops first go with magnetic and water in breeding cave. :3 🙂

  11. I breed magnetic and water twice! Only got copper so far

  12. This dragin is very similar to Mim from the BONE series.

  13. Add me on gamecenter and I swear i will give daily gems for the first 3 who will add me
    But if they didn’t give me daily gems I will not also

    GameCenter ID

    $ sign is allowed
    All are capital

  14. I got an electrum and a platinum dragon trying to breed this (I used a level 11 water and magnetic dragon)

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