DragonVale: Pedestals


The Pedestal in DragonVale was introduced to allow DragonVale egg lovers to keep their dragon eggs in their park without hatching them. The Pedestal will allow you to make it so that your egg will never hatch and that they can be used for decorations for your friends to see. This was an interesting addition because players love looking at the eggs and their unique designs without having to sell their egg if they hatched it or run out of room in their habitats.

There are pedestal for each element in DragonVale, for example, the fire pedestal & water pedestal. You must place the dragon according to their element for the pedestal to retain them as eggs.

Description – “The wizards somehow found a way to prevent the [[DRAGON]] egg from hatching while in your magical park by placing it on this pedestal. Unfortunately eggs placed on these can never be hatched while they remain on the grounds of your park. They sure do make neat decorations though!”

Air Pedestal
Fire Pedestal
Water Pedestal
Cold Pedestal
Lightning Pedestal
Plant Pedestal
Metal Pedestal
Gemstone Pedestal
Epic Pedestal
Earth Pedestal

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