DragonVale: Plasma Dragon


Were you surprised by the Plasma or the Dodo Dragon? The fire dragon isn’t the only one that can be blue, the Plasma in DragonVale is probably the next unique blue dragon on the team.   When you first see this Plasma Dragon you will see how similar he looks to the lightning dragon but rest assured that hes not just any simple lightning dragon yet he is the Plasma Dragon, a blue styled lightning dragon creature that has gone through many different stages of evolution before reaching this one.

“The story of the plasma dragon is a strange one. Years ago the brilliant wizard Franklin Dogood was caught in a terrible storm when a bolt of  lightning struck the surface of a nearby pond, instantly evaporating it. Ever the scholar, Franklin went to investigate and discovered something incredible — a baby dragon where the pond once stood!” -Game Description for Plasma Dragon

DragonVale - Plasma Dragon

Release Date: May 9th 2012
Buying Price: 40Gem
Sell Price: Cash
Incubating Time: 16 Hours
Habitat: Lightning/Water
Level Requirement: 14

Plasma Dragon breeding guide

To breed the plasma dragon you can use a water type dragon and a lightning type dragon in the breeding cave or breeding island. You will most likely need to use hybrid dragons.

Recommended is

  • Seaweed/Swamp and Lightning.

Plasma Dragon earnings

Level Dragon Earnings Dragon Earnings
Level 1 Cash Level 11 Cash
Level 2 Cash Level 12 Cash
Level 3 Cash Level 13 Cash
Level 4 Cash Level 14 Cash
Level 5 Cash Level 15 Cash
Level 6 Cash Level 16 Cash
Level 7 Cash Level 17 Cash
Level 8 Cash Level 18 Cash
Level 9 Cash Level 19 Cash
Level 10 Cash Level 20 Cash

DragonVale Plasma Dragon  Pictures, Eggs, Evolutions

DragonVale Plasma Dragon Pictures

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