Rare Dragons


What are rare dragons in DragonVale? In simple terms, they are dragons that in the higher level the DragonVale breeding chart. Normally these rare dragons cost more in DragonVale or their combinations results in other dragons being bred. That means you are less likely to get it on the first try and at times may even take a few more tries. Although these dragons are not super rare dragons like the Ultra Rare Dragons but if you breed one you can still consider yourself lucky.

Blazing DragonBreeding Guide

DragonVale Blazing Dragon

The blazing dragon is named after it’s speed and fire like design. Even as a baby the blazing dragon has flames flying out of it’s body. When he becomes an adult you can truly see him fly in the air with his flaming bright wings that looks like a Phoenix. The blazing dragon is one of the hybrid dragons where he is capable of being on two different habitats, the Fire Habitat and the Air Habitat. To breed one of these Blazing Dragon just check out the blazing dragon breeding guide.

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Blue Fire Dragon Breeding Guide

DragonVale Blue Fire Dragon

The blue fire dragon is one of our personal favorite dragons in DragonVale. This cold burning dragon is the exact opposite of the Fire Dragon and can be placed in the Fire Habitat or the Cold Habitat. Although this dragon relates to the fire dragon, it’s breeding ratio isn’t. You need a cold hybrid element and a fire dragon to be able to get this cold friend. You cannot directly breed a Cold Dragon with a Fire Dragon and it is reported that the chances to get the Blue Fire Dragon egg hatching in your nursery as slim. Don’t lose hope yet, we got the best breeding guide that’s always updating and that means there’s always new combinations to be found just follow the Blue Fire breeding guide and you will get him in no time.

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Frostfire Dragon Breeding Guide

DragonVale Frostfire Dragon

The Frostfire dragon in DragonVale was hard to believe by many when it was first released but we knew it existed. Although he looks exactly like the cold dragon but you can certain feel the difference with his blue flaming back on this dragon. If you have not heard about the story when it was first released then let us tell you it.

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Iceberg Dragon Breeding Guide

DragonVale Iceberg Dragon

The Iceberg Dragon was officially released on January 13 2012 by Backflip Studios. This tiny flying little dragon turns out into a giant rino dragon with a bright cold appearance. The Iceberg dragon may look like he has tiny wings but he can definitely fly in the air like no other.  His egg is dark blue with snow flakes all over revealing that it is a mixture of water and cold elements. Although we have an extremely detailed breeding guide covering all breeding methods for the Iceberg dragon, breeding this dragon will not be a problem. For more information check out our Iceberg Dragon Breeding Guide.

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Snow Dragon Breeding Guide

DragonVale Snow Dragon

The snow dragon is often mistaken for the common cold dragon for new players but we will help you learn what makes the snow dragon unique. While the snow dragon may look like the cold dragon, you can tell the difference between the cold dragon and the snow dragon through it’s unique circle horns. So when breeding certain dragons be sure you have selected the correct dragon or you may end up with a breed you do not want.

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Sonic Dragon Breeding Guide

DragonVale Sonic Dragon

Known as the sound dragon for it’s ability to control sound while it flies. The Sonic dragon is one of the more uniquely designed dragons. It looks like a vampire bat mixed with the elements of a dragon. The design of the dragon is yellow with light green and you can tell the difference between the sonic dragon and the lightning dragon from it’s nose and wide ears on the sonic dragon.

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Willow Dragon Breeding Guide

DragonVale Willow Dragon

This dark blue dragon with plants surrounding it’s body is the Willow Dragon. Some may think it’s a combination of water elements and plant elements due to it’s dark blue color but we assure you that he is not. This neat little dragon, when he’s young, is actually the decentant of the great wind dragon. From it’s appearance you can see that when it is a fully grown adult it has wings that are big as a tree and can often be mistake for a tree if it spreads its wings.

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