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Blazing Dragon

The blazing dragon is named after it’s speed and fire like design. Even as a baby the blazing dragon has flames flying out of it’s body. When he becomes an adult you can truly see him fly in the air with his flaming bright wings that looks like a Phoenix. The blazing dragon is one of the hybrid dragons where he is capable of being on two different habitats, the Fire Habitat and the Air Habitat. To breed one of these Blazing Dragon just check out the blazing dragon breeding guide.

DragonVale Blazing Dragon

Blazing Dragon Fountain of Youth


“The blazing dragon is a master of flight and is remarkably fast. Many attempts have been made to craft a magical blazing saddle, but thus far nothing could withstand the fire for long.”

Incubation time: 8 hours

Buying Price: 1,000Gem
Selling Price: 1,000,000Cash


Blazing Dragon breeding guide

To breed a Blazing dragon you breed a Fire Dragon on the left and an Air Dragon on the right in the breeding cave or epic breeding island.

Fire Dragon + Air Dragon

Blazing Dragon earnings:

Dragon Level Dragon EarningsPer Minute
Level 1 6Cash
Level 2 10Cash
Level 3 15Cash
Level 4 19Cash
Level 5 23Cash
Level 6 27Cash
Level 7 31Cash
Level 8 35Cash
Level 9 40Cash
Level 10 44Cash
Level 11 56Cash
Level 12 61Cash
Level 13 65Cash
Level 14 70Cash
Level 15 75Cash
Level 16 80Cash
Level 17 85Cash
Level 18 90Cash
Level 19 95Cash
Level 20 100Cash

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