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Frostfire Dragon Guide

The Frostfire dragon in DragonVale was hard to believe by many when it was first released but we knew it existed. Although he looks exactly like the cold dragon but you can certain feel the difference with his blue flaming back on this dragon. If you have not heard about the story when it was first released then let us tell you it.

When the Frostfire dragon first appeared on WBANGCA’s videos, many people claimed it was a fake. Why? Simple, it was not in the market. Yes, we got players that close to DragonVale, even knowing what’s not in the market. Soon days later people were reporting they were able to breed the Frostfire dragon as well. Not long after, it came into being in the market place. That is how it was revealed to the world, little needs to be said but we definitely have one of the leading source on our team.

To breed the frostfire dragon you will need to use the frostfire breeding combinations listed in the frostfire breeding guide here because there is only a few combinations that actually work! Not all will allow you to breed a frostfire dragon because this special cold fire dragon is just too unique to blend in with other hybrid dragons. You can also purchase this dragon for 100 gems in the market place.

DragonVale Frostfire Dragon

Frostfire Dragon Fountain of Youth

Frostfire Dragon Info: 

“While researching his forthcoming work, The Origins of Dragons, Professor Dravin happened upon the uncharted Palagos Islands and returned with a hatchling that astonished the wizards–the world’s first frostfire Dragon.”

Release Date: January 13 2012

Incubation Time 12 Hours for breeding and hatching
Hatch Experience 1
Purchase Price 100 Gem
Selling Price 500,000Cash


Frostfire Dragon breeding guide

Breeding Dragon Left Breeding Dragon Right
Scorch Dragon  Cold Dragon
Firefly Dragon  Cold Dragon
Cold Dragon   Scorch Dragon


 Frostfire Dragon earnings

Dragon Level Dragon Earnings Per Minute
Level 1 20Cash
Level 2 32Cash
Level 3 44Cash
Level 4 56Cash
Level 5 68Cash
Level 6 80Cash
Level 7 92Cash
Level 8 105Cash
Level 9 117Cash
Level 10 130Cash
Level 11 142Cash
Level 12 153Cash
Level 13 166Cash
Level 14 176Cash
Level 15 193Cash
Level 16 200Cash
Level 17 214Cash
Level 18 230Cash
Level 19 240Cash
Level 20 250Cash

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