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The Ruby Dragon in DragonVale is the Gemstone Dragon for the month of July. First appearing in July 2012, the Ruby dragon is the third gemstone dragon to appear for the Gemstone Island Habitat, previously two gemstone dragon appeared before this Ruby Dragon in  May and June 2012. Little is still known about the Ruby Dragon except that it is another exceptionally rare Gemstone dragon just like the Emerald Dragon and Pearl Dragon in DragonVale.

” The ruby dragon was discovered deep in the Mogok Caves by an old wizard who simply went by the name Mohs. He quickly learned the error of reaching for rubies when they are attached to the tail of a dragon. Ruby dragons, like all gemstone dragons, cannot breed. ” Ruby Dragon Game Description

 Gem Element

DragonVale - Ruby Gemstone Dragon

Release Date: July 1st 2012

Level requirement: 17
Habitat:  Gemstone Habitat
Incubation Time: 31 Hours
Buying Price:  1,525 Gem
Selling Price:  1,500,000Cash
Experience: 100,000 

Fast Breed Gems: 01:00:47:57Gem

Fast Breed Upgraded: 25Gem


DragonVale Ruby Dragon Egg

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Ruby Dragon Key Features

This Ruby Dragon features a elegant red design that will surely make those born in the month of July content. Like all Gemstone or Gem Dragons, this Ruby Dragon will generate gems so you can build up on those precise gems in your DragonVale park.

If you look closely at the Ruby Dragon you will notice that the Ruby Dragon takes its design  after the Emerald Dragon, oppose to the Pearl Dragon. The Ruby Dragon features a “Ruby Gemstone” after it’s tail just like the emerald dragon and has wings that are designed in detail to represent it’s glory.

As you look towards the dragons chest, you will notice that portion is actually designed in terms of fur style oppose to a normal dragon skin. Many parts of its body such as the tip of the wings, arm and head features Ruby Gemstone that extends out from it’s body showing that how it represents the Ruby Gemstone for those that are connected with their birthstone.

The eyes of this ruby dragon is also emerald green which makes it even more elegant for those that loved the Emerald Dragon and will definitely evolve into a beautiful red dragon as you breed and care for your baby Ruby Dragon.

Ruby Dragon breeding guide:

To breed the Ruby dragon you need to use the Scorch Dragon and the Chrome Dragon.

Keep in mind that the left and right order of the dragons do not matter and the level of the dragons do not matter as well. Breeding the ruby dragon is no easy task, it is an ultra-rare dragon for those that have tremendous luck on their side.

Keep in mind that this is a gemstone dragon which is ultra-rare, some players may not even be able to breed one without the correct combination above.

Ruby Dragon earnings

Level 1 2Gem/Month
Level 10 1Gem/Week

DragonVale Ruby Dragon Evolution Egg


  19 Responses to “DragonVale: Ruby Dragon”

  1. PLZ, which is on the left and which is on the right!

    • Keep in mind that the left and right order of the dragons do not matter and the level of the dragons do not matter as well.

      • Ok… 🙁 I just keep getting firework dragons. Oh, and if you read this, do you know how that dragons get crowns above their heads? Or those orbs? I can’t figure it out and I’m pretty sure I’m on level 26

        • Yeah. U need the type shrine. For example the plant shrine: than u must have 50 level 10 plant type dragons to get the orb. Than after u have 50 level 15 plant dragons(the orb allows them to go to level 15) than u get the crowns which allow level 20 dragons.

        • no importa quien esta en la derecha o izquierda

        • Your dragons have to be level 15 to get an orb and level 20 for a crown.

  2. I tried it three times and im keep getting firework dragon
    Plz is there any other solutions ?

  3. I have tried chrome & scotch at least a dozen times. The last 7 keep getting firework dragon. Anyone know if there is another combination ? Both are level 10

  4. Has anyone actually gotten a ruby dragon using that combination yet?

    • I got a ruby dragon the first time when I tried to breed a firework dragon. Now I can’t breed a firework dragon!!!!!! It’s so frustrating!!!!

  5. I got one with that combo but took me 24 tries. Keep trying guys!

  6. I spent cash, at least $40 this month and I hate to admit it was probably more, trying for the ruby dragon, speeding up breeding and incubating. I have 52, yes 52 fireworks dragons, all displayed to show how ridiculous it is, plus the 2 I kept and several I sold before realizing it was coming one after another and decided to display them ALL.

    I did finally have some good luck w my chrome and scorch and got the Gold before it was even in the market or on websites. The treasure habitat is huge and very cool. My husband was getting equally annoyed then suddenly got 2 Rubies back to back. So frustrated! Aargh! COME ON BACKFLIP, SERIOUSLY WITH THIS FIREWORKS DRAGON? Should have disappeared after the 4th since it was sooooooooo easy to get with ANY fire dragon bred w anything.. Then all of us who have been loyal game players and even spend money trying for a little nonsensical stress relief might be able to get a Ruby! Challenging is fine and even fun, but this is stupid, a lot of people don't have a single gem dragon at all, uncool Backflip. I wish I could give one of each from the last 2 months to folks who had no luck, but then if we could do that people wouldn't keep giving Backflip money to try and get one.

  7. Dragonvale Ruby Dragon Breeding:

    So far, here are the proposed best breeding combination for you to try out on the ruby dragonvale dragon is:

    – Dragonvale blazing dragon with Dragonvale crystal dragon.
    – Dragonvale Chrome Dragon with Dragonvale Lava Dragon
    – Dragonvale Chrome Dragon with Dragonvale Fire Dragon
    – Dragonvale Chrome Dragon with Dragonvale Scorch Dragon

    Good luck!!:-)

  8. I got the double rainbow dragon with that combo

  9. I got a ruby dragon the first time when I tried to breed a firework dragon. Now I can’t breed a firework dragon!!!!!! It’s so frustrating!!!!

  10. I got it on my first try. IN A BREEDING CAVE!

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