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The Seasonal Dragon in DragonVale was a dragon released in DragonVale on August 9, 2012 as a set of brand new dragons and element to celebrate the season events maybe? Well it’s an entirely new element dubbed “Seasonal”.

Seeing this Seasonal Dragon will amazing you as it looks very similar to the Peridot Dragon in baby form that was just release. In fact, the Seasonal Dragon looks like a female version of the popular Peridot Dragon that was released for the Gemstone island for August. This Seasonal Dragon will definitely fit nicely into the Seasonal Habitat.

“It took the wizards a long time to understand and categorize the seasonal dragon because of its amazing ability to change with the seasons. Although this particular variety seems to follow the patterns of the Northern hemisphere, there are rumours of a cousin on the opposite schedule.” DragonVale: Seasonal Dragon Game Description

 DragonVale Seasonal Element

DragonVale Seasonal Dragon Baby Icon
Release Date: Aug. 9 2012
Green – August 9th 2012
Orange – September 22 2012
Winter – December 20 2012
Limited: No
Level requirement:   14
Habitat:  Seasonal Habitat
Incubation Time:   48 Hours
Buying Price:  2,000Gem
Selling Price: 2,000,000 Cash
Experience: 30,000
EBI Incubation Time: 39
EBI Fast Breed: 39Gem Gems

User Rating
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Breed Rate
Rating: 4.2/5 (2 votes cast)

DragonVale: Seasonal Dragon Key Features

  • Green Style Dragon
  • Evolves with the season (Colors may vary)
  • Representation of the four seasons.
  • The Seasonal Dragon changes it’s colors and appearance based on the four season of the year. So far we’ve seen Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Stay tuned for more information on the dragon in DragonVale.

DragonVale: Seasonal Dragon breeding guide:

If you want to breed the dragon you must use the elements that make up the Seasonal Dragon. These elements are  assumed to be …Air, Fire, and Plant only.

Recommended combinations include … Plant Dragon and Blazing Dragon

The most recommended combination is Plant Dragon and Blazing Dragon.

Keep in mind the breeding left or right does not matter, it takes time to breed certain dragons and it is up to your game to be able to breed for this dragon. The Level of your breeding also does not matter. None of these variables will affect the breeding process in your game.

DragonVale: Seasonal Dragon earnings

Level 1  48 Level 11
Level 2  77 Level 12
Level 3  107 Level 13
Level 4  136 Level 14
Level 5  167 Level 15
Level 6  194 Level 16
Level 5  222 Level 17
Level 8  250 Level 18
Level 9  286 Level 19
Level 10  316 Level 20 Cash

DragonVale – Seasonal Dragon Evolution Pictures

DragonVale Fall Seasonal Dragon Evolution

Winter Seasonal Dragon

DragonVale Winter Seasonal Dragon

Seasonal Dragon, Spring

DragonVale Seasonal Dragon Spring


DragonVale: Seasonal Dragon Breeding Videos

Spring Seasonal Dragon Update

  18 Responses to “DragonVale: Seasonal Dragon”

  1. why Y NO try de colors of the flag like green + blue (plant+water=seaweed or swamp) or white+brown (cold+earth=mountain) and combinate mountain+swamp or seaweed or mud+evergreen or lichen or tree or moss+ice or iceberg

  2. The cactus and crystal you can do it in a breeding cave you just have to be patient

  3. For peridot dragon

  4. I bred cactus and crystal and it worked on first time! inc. time is 31 hrs!

  5. Panlong + pollen dragon gives seasonal dragon as well

  6. I got a seasonal dragon through plant and blazing. I also got a bronze olympus dragon.please add me for gems. My game center tag is

    e man guy dude person

  7. Hey everyone know what 48 hours ? I was breed a smoke dragon with obsidian dragon to get garnet dragon. So i confuse what that dragon ?

  8. My friend has one and she got it breeding Crystal & Lichen and she has 3 RAINBOWS:-(

  9. I’ve bred crystal and lichen about 20 times now… Both level 10 in epic breeding cave..No luck for any rare dragons ):

  10. You arent breeding the right dragons:it’s plant and blazing.

  11. Add me on gamecenter and I swear i will give daily gems for the first 3 who will add me
    But if they didn’t give me daily gems I will not also

    GameCenter ID

    $ sign is allowed
    All are capital

  12. Breed my air and flower and got this while trying to get the rose Dragon, not complaining though 🙂 .

  13. I’ve breed Air and flower and I now have two seasonal dragons. first try.

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