DragonVale: Summer Dragon


The DragonVale Summer Dragon is a dragon that was found and released on June 21 2013. The color of this dragon is blue and it looks similar to a Seasonal dragon but is the representation of Summer!

“While researching seasonal magic in the far off Forests of Farn, the wizard Shamash discovered the summer dragon one evening by tripping over it. Thankfully, the dragon didn’t mind or even bother to wake up. Since then, summer dragons have been famed as the hardest sleeping dragons, probably because they are some of the most active dragons during the day!” DragonVale: Summer Dragon Game Description

 DragonVale Seasonal ElementDragonVale Summer Dragon

Release Date:
June 21 2013

Expires: After Summer

Level requirement: 14
Habitat: Seasonal
Incubation Time:  24 hours
Timer:  23:59:59
Buying Price: 1500Gem
Selling Price: 1,500,000 Cash
Experience: 25000
EBS Time: 19:11:57
EBS Fast breed Gem: 20Gem

DragonVale Summer Dragon Egg


DragonVale Summer Dragon Breath


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DragonVale: Summer Dragon Key Features

  • Blue Colored Dragon
  • Looks like the Seasonal dragon
  • Seasonal Element
  • 24 hours
  • Fire, Lightning, Water elements

Summer Dragon breeding guide:

You can breed the Summer Dragon using a  Water Dragon and a Firefly Dragon or any Fire, Lightning and Water Combination. The breeding time is 23:59:59 for normal breeding and upgraded time is 19:11:57.

Additional combinations include

  • Scorch Dragon + Water Dragon
  • Fire Dragon + Plasma Dragon
  • Fire Dragon + Current Dragon
  • Lightning Dragon + Coral Dragon
  • Lightning Dragon + Salamander Dragon

Please keep in mind that this is a semi-rare dragon and that breeding the Summer Dragon may not be easy. It will take time and breeding the Summer Dragon is up to your game to give you the dragon and the breeding order of left or right will not affect your chance of getting it.

The level of your dragons also does not matter but your park must be at least level 11. Good Luck breeding!

Summer Dragon earnings

Level 1  33
Level 2  54
Level 3  74
Level 4  94
Level 5  115
Level 6  133
Level 7  154
Level 8  176
Level 9  194
Level 10  214
Level 11  240
Level 12  260
Level 13  285
Level 14  300
Level 15  315
Level 16  333Cash
Level 17  375
Level 18  400
Level 19  400
Level 20  428

Summer Dragon Evolution Chart

DragonVale Summer Dragon Evolution Chart

Breeding Video


  20 Responses to “DragonVale: Summer Dragon”

  1. Don’t get this dragon, it sucks!!

  2. I got it at the first try with Salamander (lvl 15) and Lightning (lvl 15) in the normal breeding cave!

    • Every time I try salamander and lightning I got plasma
      I tried also scorch and water I got current
      I tried plasma and fire I got coral
      I tried current and fire I got seasonal
      What can I do?

      • Seaweed and firefly first try, but you’re pretty lucky to keep getting those dragons because I’ve tried to get those and still unlucky

  3. Yesss. Got on first try. Scorch and Seaweed…

  4. Got it with salamander level 10 and lightning level 7 on my third try.

  5. How to make this dragon at level 15 or 20???

    • You have to get a earth,fire,plant,ext. shrine once you have gotten 50 of those type of dragons to level 10 the shrine will let you upgrade your dragons to level 15. Do the same thing again and the Shine will let your dragons to level 20, and so forth.

  6. I know i got it first try to with sea weed(lvl10) and scorch (lvl10)

  7. Hi everybody! I need some help?
    I can not start any event in the colosseum for a few days? What can I do in this situation? Or how can i solve it?
    Thanks for the help!

  8. Guys dragon level dosn’t matter when breeding dragons it’s just about the right combinations of dragons.

    • Can u please help me? I need the best dragon combo for summer dragon and moon dragon thank u!

      • I usually play around with the combos I breed with. I honestly do not remember the combo I used for summer dragon. try using dragons with the elements water, plant, cold, and fire. For the moon dragon I can suggest using the crystal dragon sand the lichen dragon.

  9. Sorry, donkaagi I don’t know how to solve the problem but if you already have a dragon competing in the colosseum you can’t put another dragon in or speed them up with gems. If that is not the case then I have no idea the game probably glitches and might repair itself in a few days.

  10. Sorry I meant to say donkaagi that the game glitched and will probably repair itself in a few days. Not the game glitches.

  11. I’ve tried everything someone please help!!!

  12. Seaweed and scorch first try …both level 15

  13. Coral + lightning

  14. Coral + Magnetic works too! Lower success rate though I think. This is the combo I used for mine though.

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