DragonVale: Topaz Dragon


The Topaz Dragon in DragonVale is the November Gemstone dragon in DragonVale. The Topaz Dragon appears each month of November for players to breed their special birthstone dragons in their very own DragonVale park. If you are born in November this Topaz Dragon is definitely one dragon you won’t want to miss for your DragonVale park!

Please keep in mind that once the dragon expires, you will not be able to breed for this dragon until next November. That is why it is important that players breed for this dragon immediately upon release to get the best chance at getting this dragon.

“On the edge of the Shimmering Isles, in the Crimson Sea, one of smaller, more mysterious islands is home to the topaz dragons. Due to their isloation, topaz dragons are a bit shy, but eventually they warm up and are one of the friendliest dragons in existence.” Topaz Dragon Game Description

 Gem Element

DragonVale Topaz Dragon Baby

Release Date: November 1st 2012

Level requirement: 11
Habitat:  Gemstone Habitat
Incubation Time:  30 Hours
Timer: 01:05:59:57
Buying Price: 1,500 Gem
Selling Price:  1,500,000Cash
Experience:  100,000

Fast Breed Gems: 24 HoursGem
Fast Breed Upgraded: 24Gem

DragonVale Topaz Dragon Egg Display

Dragon Breath:

DragonVale topaz dragon breath

Special Event Decoration:

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Topaz Dragon Key Features

  • November Birthstone
  • Multi-color egg
  • Blue and orange coloring.

Topaz Dragon breeding guide:

To breed the Topaz Dragon you need to use the Cactus Dragon and the Firefly Dragon

You can still breed the dragon using your breeding cave but it is most recommended that you use your breeding island for higher chances of getting the Topaz Dragon.

Keep in mind that when breeding dragons, the breeding left and right does not matter. The Level of your dragons also does not matter. Breeding dragons is up to chance and it is proven that the Epic Breeding Island will give breeders a better chance at getting more rare dragons oppose to the breeding cave.

Topaz Dragon earnings

Level 1 2Gem/Month
Level 2 2Gem/Month
Level 3 2Gem/Month
Level 4 3Gem/Month
Level 5 3Gem/Month
Level 6 3Gem/Month
Level 7 3Gem/Month
Level 8 4Gem/Month
Level 9 4Gem/Month
Level 10 1Gem/Week

Gameteep Topaz Dragon Evolution Chart

Gameteep Topaz Dragon Evolution Chart


How to breed Video

      • The Rare Dragon Breeder

        That’s true

  • Angie

    Technically they come in a lot of different colors.

  • Mark

    Got it using firefly and cactus

  • MJ

    yea firefly and cactus. 1st try

    • Ling Jiating

      Me too! Can’t get a single gemstone dragon! Until now, my gemstone island’s still empty.

      • Karan

        Awhh! Try It Now Crystal And Lichen = Emerald

        • Dragoness84

          Crystal and lichen got me a moon dragon

          • The Rare Dragon Breeder

            I have breed many rare dragons (hints the name) but I can not breed a moon :l odd right?

  • Jacob tislow

    These are easy to breed got one first try with cactus and firefly lvl 10

  • Patricia

    I got mine with catcus & firefly third go keep trying.

  • MaxMangler

    I have been breeding cactus and firefly over and over on the island and in the cave and still no luck. Talk about frustrating.

    • Matt Culley

      Breeded firefly and cactus 12 times so far. Not got it :-/

      • MaxMangler

        Finally! I got a 30 hour incubation time! Success!!!

  • Mistie A.

    Still no luck 🙁

  • Olivia Gracia

    Still haven’t gotten the egg and I’ve been breeding it for about 14 days in both the breeding island and cave! 🙁

  • Deb Schutter

    After I bought the Epic Breeding Island I was successful in breeding and got the Topaz Dragon.

  • Rosie

    Nope. It’s topaz

  • Wyx

    Gem for gem. My account is JAYWYX

  • Chaz31

    Why do you only get 1 gem every six days from gem dragon I thought once u had a gem dragon you wouldn’t have to buy so much gems iv very disappointed

  • The Rare Dragon Breeder

    In going to try to get one wish me luck.

    • The Rare Dragon Breeder

      Why did I type that I’m part Irish! Lol

  • Carey

    I have been breeding the cactus and firefly non stop for the past three days. The longest breeding time I have gotten so far is six hours >:( wish I had enough gems to buy the epic breeding island.