DragonVale: Turquoise Dragon


The Turquoise Dragon in DragonVale is the December Gemstone dragon in DragonVale. The Turquoise Dragon appears each month of December for players to breed their special birthstone dragons in their very own DragonVale park. If you are born in December this Turquoise Dragon is definitely one dragon you won’t want to miss for your DragonVale park!

Please keep in mind that this dragon is only available for the month of December. Players are asked to breed for this dragon if you are born in December because it may bring great luck!

“Turquoise dragons inhabit the arid Khorasan region of the Shimmering Isles and are the oldest known gemstone dragons. Fun fact, despite their dry climate, their skin is the smoothest of all the dragons. Turquoise dragons, like all gemstone dragons, cannot breed.” Turquoise Dragon Game Description

 Gem Element

DragonVale Turquoise Dragon Baby

Release Date: December 1st 2012

Level requirement: 14
Habitat:  Gemstone Habitat
Incubation Time:  31 Hours
Buying Price: 1,475 Gem
Selling Price:  1,500,000Cash
Experience:  100,000

Upgraded Breed Time:
Fast Breed Upgraded: 25Gem

DragonVale Turquoise Dragon egg

Dragon Breath:

DragonVale Turquoise Dragon Breath

Special Event Decoration:

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Turquoise Dragon Key Features

  • December Birthstone
  • Turquoise/Orange coloring
  • Orange eyes
  • Turquoise color Skin

Turquoise Dragon breeding guide:

To breed the Turquoise Dragon you need to use the Poison Dragon and the Swamp Dragon. The breed time is 31 hours!

It’s quite rare.

You can still breed the dragon using your breeding cave but it is most recommended that you use your breeding island for higher chances of getting this dragon.

Keep in mind that when breeding dragons, the breeding left and right does not matter. The Level of your dragons also does not matter. Breeding dragons is up to chance and it is proven that the Epic Breeding Island will give breeders a better chance at getting more rare dragons oppose to the breeding cave.

Turquoise Dragon earnings

Level 1 2Gem/Month
Level 2 2Gem/Month
Level 3 2Gem/Month
Level 4 3Gem/Month
Level 5 3Gem/Month
Level 6 3Gem/Month
Level 7 3Gem/Month
Level 8 4Gem/Month
Level 9 4Gem/Month
Level 10 1Gem/Week

Gameteep Turquoise Dragon Evolution Chart

DragonVale Turquoise Dragon evolution chart



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  28 Responses to “DragonVale: Turquoise Dragon”

  1. He Is Coming.. To DV (DragonVale) Im Waiting

    Im Happy As Somebody Have Found The Combination 🙂

    im Think Crystal+???? Blue Dragon?

  2. Yup I’m almost a lvl 40 it’s Dec. 1st hope they get Dec. gem dragon up soon ! , as a avid breeder & long time player I hope up comming updates gives us another island /rare dragon habitats holding more than 1 & storage ,because iam out if room & I take pride in my park w/. Every dragon & I love to decorate , I can’t hardly change anything around with out saleing something I have uograded breeding caves & hibernation as well . I no this is for breeding questions but I had to state the obviouse witch I’m sure most high level players agree with & those comming up will see soon enuf , happy breeding & (dec. gem dragon iam waiting to add to my collection) good luck every one 🙂 ( feel free2 add I gem4 gem daily (ID Lithium Sacrifice )

    • I wrote as I reached level 35 that those of us that love our dragons and have worked hard to breed each one now have only level 40 but need another island but can’t but habitats or upgrade any further. We don’t want to part with our dragons. At level 35 I was told to sell my dragons and habitats to get new dragons. That was really hard as I had to sell several nearly one of each habitat, 6 rainbows and was able to store several dragons but they want out! Please include more levels, more islands or an entire new world where we can send our dragons into like several other games have. I know you have many other dragons coming and I want them all.

  3. I think to get turquoise is pollen and rain

  4. do u have proof?

  5. The mine dragon is likely one of the required hybrids. It is also one of the “oldest known dragon types”

  6. I would think copper and crystal, but that is just a guess, given the gem’s genetic makeup.

  7. Turquoise and Swamp on the EPI: 31 hours! Turquois gem dragon breeding!

  8. It’s poison and willow

    Mary brys add me

  9. I just got it using poison and swamp dragon in the island! It’s already my 5th try!

  10. Im trying to bree the turquiose dragon, but its slow going, as i cant buy gems. Gift me some?
    ID: _sonicboom_

  11. I have bred poison and swamp about 30 times with no luck, are there other combinations?

  12. add me _.shabelby._ will give gems for gems 🙂

  13. I have been trying to breed this dragon nonstop this entire month and finally just got a 31 hour incubation time! Both my poison dragon and swamp dragon are level 12 and I used the Epic Breeding Island.

  14. Can you guys add me? My gamecenter is skullsmash94 and I could really need some gems ill give you some gems if you give me gems

  15. Im Level 37 and I was wondering whether there’s an error in the game or if they changed something because until a few weeks ago the limited time dragons like the gemstone dragons showed up in the market only for the time while they were available and since a couple of weeks I’m seeing all of them. Does that mean I can breed them all? I don’t want to waste my time trying for a dragon I can’t breed anymore anyway…

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