Ultra Rare Dragons


Ultra rare dragons are dragons in DragonVale that is known to be ultra rare to breed. Not many will be able to breed these dragons because of their complex nature but we have the exact breeding guide that everyone uses to help you through the breeding process. Many of these ultra rare dragons are proven to take more than one or two tries. This includes the famous Rainbow Dragon, the Moon Dragon and the Sun dragon. We have also categorized other dragons that are proven to be extremely difficult to breed such as the Sandstorm dragon in this section.

As these dragons are ultra rare and some may even say very difficult to come by we have written the exact steps to breeding these ultra rare dragons such as the moon dragon and the sun dragon. Many players do not even know that certain steps are required to breed these rare dragons but we do that’s why we are here to help you breed these dragons.

Moon Dragon breeding guide

DragonVale Moon Dragon

The DragonVale Moon Dragon is one of the ultra rare dragons that are found in DragonVale. If you happen to have bred this beautiful Moon Dragon then you are in luck. The Moon Dragon has a glowing tail with the crescent of the moon. Some believe that the moon dragon is a mixture of water and plant but little do they know that the Moon dragon can only be placed on one habitat specifically made for the moon dragon, and that habitat is the Moon Habitat.

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Rainbow Dragon breeding guide

DragonVale Rainbow Dragon

The most rare dragon in DragonVale, the Rainbow dragon. This is the most rare dragon of them all in DragonVale! The Rainbow dragon is known to be difficult to breed but with the Rainbow dragon breeding guides from many of our writers and players it’s not difficult to get with the right technique. Players often find it difficult to breed the rainbow dragon and that’s because they are learning from players, bloggers, and sites that have never bred a rainbow dragon themselves. We’re glad to let you know that though some of us on the team have never successfully bred a rainbow dragon but many of the popular members have. Our popular member Lion writes “many of the dragonvale breeding guides, or rainbow dragon breeding guides are just remakes of my breeding guide, there’s nothing special about them because my guide has been available since the release of dragonvale”.

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Sandstorm Dragon breeding guide

DragonVale Sandstorm Dragon

Why is the sandstorm dragon in the ultra rare dragon section? It is simple. Although the sandstorm dragon is a normal dragon but it is one of the rarest to breed. Believe it or not but some have reported that they have bred a Rainbow Dragon, Sun Dragon, Moon Dragons and so forth but have never obtained a Sandstorm dragon. We have tested this and it does hold true. The sandstorm dragon is one of the most difficult normal dragons to breed and has been put in the ultra rare dragon section for that reason.

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Sun Dragon breeding guide

DragonVale Sun Dragon

The Sun dragon in DragonVale is the opposite of the Moon Dragon. It’s sunny glow and fiery design makes him absolutely amazing the most appealing dragon of all the dragons. The Sun dragon’s egg also has the design of the Sun on it and when highlighted it glows bright yellow like the Sun itself.

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  1. I got a moon with plant and storm 8t htry

    • I got a Blue Moon with Plant + Storm! 😀
      P.S. Plant and Storm is a very good combination because it lets you get Sun, Moon, or Blue Moon.

  2. i got a ironwood dragon 8 tries ahahah for a week

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    • I bet you are the ugliest person out of everyone one. All the games you play are probably stupid and you need to get a life. Have you even tried playing Dragonvale. By the way your grammar is horrible because Dragonvale is one word and even if you write it as too the word Vale should have a capital “V”. Sorry those who play DragonVale and made those mistakes.

  7. I am not the one who is calling people ugly and that they have no life

  8. Lets forget about Sharon we all know he is wrong so theres no point on being mean like him.
    DragonVale is an awesom game on the apple,samsung and lots more software.
    So lets talk about it 🙂
    I recently got the rainbow,both eclipses,leap year and lots more so good luck on breeding dragons 😀

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    You Are So Fat And Ugly That When You Enter The Sea The Whales Say ‘We Are Family!!!’
    From Anonymous (Who HATES SHARON)

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  13. I just uninstalled and reinstalled the game to try to get rid of the Christmas theme and I reset my whole game and lost the leap year dragon and blue moon dragon. GGRRR! And LOTS of level 10 dragons.

  14. Sharon your a piece of SHIT!!,!,

  15. come on people, if you don’t play Dragonvale,then you have no life exactly like Sharon so shut your fricking face!!!!!!!

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  17. I got sun dragon by breeding storm+air dragons in the epic breeding island!!!!

  18. I got i ranbow dragon by breeding a quake dragon and a blazing dragon

  19. Horray!!!!!

    😛 cant spell lol

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  21. Sharon is still a giant dosh pickle

    From jaiatron

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  24. I got the rarest Dragon and they come out with a more rare dragon.

  25. Who can help me get the apocalypse dragon p.s Game Center name is assassin101

  26. I got my Quake and Evergreen up to level 15 and bred them together and i now have 5 sun dragons and 3 moons but im still trying to breed a amber dragon. I got this off my friend how to breed the rainbow dragon is crystal and blue fire or lava and seweed

  27. lol i got the rainbow dragon from glacier and earth i have no idea y is that one of the combos for the rainbow dragon im just askin…..?

  28. Guysss add me in game center: ipadriders, i have all the dragons and got like 14K gems and 4 Billion coins

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  30. Ahem… Sharon is an idiot, I get that. But you doing this to him makes you no better than he is, and this website is to talk about DragonVale, it’s not a hater website.

    I have a rainbow dragon, but I bought it when i was young and stupid (I’m 11 now) but they produce money like heck!

  31. I’m so happy I got blue moon dragon when there was only one hour left to get it with fire and storm and when I re tried it I got sun 🙂 I think you get rainbow with seaweed and fire fly. I think when there’s only a few more hours to get a limited dragon the chances go higher because I got fire work today when there was 5 1/2 hours left when I’ve been trying for the whole month.And BTW Sharon I have a life unlike you coming on to this website and saying dragon vales for losers cuz it’s a fun game that everyone loves. Do you not like it because your Ipad/I phone cracked from your butters face when trying to download it?

  32. Sharon dragonvale is a fun game but I wouldn’t expect a twat like you to understand. And I love dragonvale is right fire and storm is a good combination for moon, sun, or blue moon @[email protected]

  33. I got sandstorm dragon first try with air and moss. It isn’t that hard reall

  34. I got rainbow first try by accident by using dawn and full moon

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