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Moon Dragon

The DragonVale Moon Dragon is one of the ultra rare dragons that are found in DragonVale. If you happen to have bred this beautiful Moon Dragon then you are in luck. The Moon Dragon has a glowing tail with the crescent of the moon. Some believe that the moon dragon is a mixture of water and plant but little do they know that the Moon dragon can only be placed on one habitat specifically made for the moon dragon, and that habitat is the Moon Habitat.

Although the moon dragon is a ultra rare dragon, our forum members, and many popular DragonVale players such as WBANGCA have confirmed that your device’s time is in direct affect of obtaining a Moon Dragon or a Sun Dragon. Please keep in mind that other players or sites may say otherwise but this is confirmed during the night on your clock there is a higher possibility of obtaining a Moon Dragon. It is also suggested by players such as WBANGCA that you set your device to a 12-hour clock oppose to a 24-hour clock.

DragonVale Moon Dragon

Moon Dragon Info

“The first mythical moon dragon was so enchanting that the first sun dragon created the world and stars for the two of them to share. But their magic was so strong that they had to separate themselves or risk destroying everything. Legend claims that they became the sun and moon and their descendants now live in our world.”

Incubation time: 48 hours

Buying Price: 2,000Gem
Selling Price: 2,000,000Cash

Moon Dragon breeding guide:

Fire Dragon + Storm Dragon

Crystal Dragon + Blue Fire Dragon

Flower Dragon + Storm Dragon

**GAMETEEP EXCLUSIVE NOTE: You must breed this egg during 7PM – 6:59AM on your DEVICE***

Moon Dragon earnings

Level 1 40Cash
Level 2 64Cash
Level 3 88Cash
Level 4 113Cash
Level 5 136Cash
Level 6 162Cash
Level 7 187Cash
Level 8 214Cash
Level 9 240Cash
Level 10 260Cash
Level 11 285Cash
Level 12 315Cash
Level 13 333Cash
Level 14 352Cash
Level 15 400Cash
Level 16 400Cash
Level 17 428Cash
Level 18 461Cash
Level 19 500Cash
Level 20 500Cash

  235 Responses to “DragonVale: Moon Dragon”

  1. Im level 14 and i bred a cold deagon lvl7 and lightning dragon lvl7 and i got a sun dragon

  2. try storm and fire

  3. I got a sun dragon from breeding lightning and iceberg dragon

  4. is that true?

  5. Goood thanks

  6. I'm hoping to add some friend with the game.

  7. I got a moon dragon from a lightning dragon and a mountain dragon at level 13

  8. i´m in level 26 but i cant breed a moon dragon and all my dragons are in level 10. some one there can help me to breed a moon ?

    if you can help me send a e-mail to [email protected]

  9. Bread crystal dragon lev 10 and bluefire dragon lev 10 and got moon waiting.for my baby moon dragon to hatch im so exited 🙂

  10. I breeding cold and storm and i got 48 hours in 2nd try, may be it’s sun dragon or moon dragon.. aaarg i’m so happy because it’s my first ultra dragon.. i need gems but i can’t get it instant in android, i must pay it.. so sad..

  11. I got moon first try with storm and bluefire dragon I was a bit disappointed because I wanted a rainbow dragon but meh better then 8hrs and stuff

  12. I bredd a lightning and a storm and got a moon fist time.

  13. I bred a hail and sonic in an attempt for an amethyst but resulted in moon… Maybe it’s just luck of the draw rather than specific breeding and the time in which it was bred…?

  14. Id like hail dragon and i have moon dragon!!!! Si tu storm dragon lv 10 and lightning dragon lv 10 for this ive try 5 times

  15. I have 2 divides and I breeder the firefly+storm and on one divide I the moon Dragon and on the other, the sun Dragon. No lie, sun with epic breeding island and moon with breeding cave.

  16. I got the moon dragon twice in a row breeding level ten crystal and lichen trying to get an emerald.

  17. I got a moon dragon and a sun dragon both from breading a lvl7 lightning dragon and lvl 7 cold dragon

  18. My friend has rare dragons at level 11 and 12 but I am unable to continue growing mine past level 10. Can anyone help me grow them past level 10?

    • You have to get a shrine for each type of dragon plant,earth,fire,ext. the once you have collected 50 of each type of the dragons and upgraded them all to level 10 then you can start upgrading them to level 15.

  19. Im thougth im got Moon dragon with a breed cystal and lichen! But im Got doublerainbow dragon insted

  20. Hey that’s really cool you got a double rainbow I need to try that combo!

  21. Um what’s the time to breed a moon dragon?

  22. I have tried to get a moon dragon for months but I keep getting the same thing! D:

    • I just got an epic double rainbow dragon!!!
      Also a seasonal and a sun and I’m only 8!
      I got the seasonal and double rainbow both
      from breeding poison and chrome.

  23. I want neighbourss ! Invite me : sumbeya

  24. Hey I’m from Germany wel I just bred quaqe and evergreen okey bye.

  25. I got it with forest and storm on the epic breeding island

  26. Tried breeeding fire +storm, but haven’t got it yet can anyone help me

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