Mar 092012

Most of our writers love design, graphics, and most importantly gaming. Draw Something by OMGPOP is an app that fills the creative minds and gets the creative juice flowing. What makes Draw Something such a great game is its simple design yet addictive gameplay. Not only do you get to put your creative skills to the test from drawing various images, but you also battle face opponents online. Maybe that was over exaggerated, you don’t face opponents. You work together with friends or other players online to solve and guess what the other person is drawing.


The gameplay of Draw Something is separated into two different elements, the Drawer [person drawings] and the guesser [person guessing the image]. When you enter the game you try to play as a team so the other person can easily guess your drawing and once they do, both of you receive coin bonuses for your effort.

As the person drawing, your job is to use your creative talent and select a word (out of three) for your partner to guess. Remember, this is a team game so the easier you make it for your partner the more money you will receive at the end. When you have selected your word, you can begin drawing on your iPhone or iPad using four different types of colors [you can purchase more]. Adjust your brush size at the bottom then put your creative skills to the test. When you are done your partner will start guessing. You might think this will take a while but you can immediately connect to another player and start another game!

The person guessing the drawing normally has the slightly tougher end of the bargain. Guessing other people’s drawing is not always easy and at most part, really creative artists can make it a lot tougher than it has to be. Regardless, you have helpers to help you blow up some letters and make it easier for you. You get a couple of neat bombs to do this, and you can use this once per round. If you want more then simply check out the shop for items that could help you solve the image puzzle.


Draw Something has a very simple canvas base graphic similar to that of Photoshop. The graphics is more dependent on the user drawing the artwork.

Final thoughts

“Addictive gameplay that will get the creative juice flowing“

Draw Something is just the app for people that want to get their creative and guessing minds going.  It combines both strategies with creativity allowing players to use their creative talent in an all-out match to win coins.

Draw Something Drawings BusDraw Something Drawings ColorsDraw Something Drawings MailboxDraw Something Drawings MugDraw Something Drawings Witch

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