Feb 192012

egg punch iconEgg Punch is an amazing fun app that simulates the world of golf on the course with an unbreakable egg. You start off by playing as an eye that shoots itself through the courses to obtain feathers and enters the hole. Soon you will find yourself decorating yourself to look absolutely amazing or using boosts to obtain those special feathers you oh-so-want. Regardless Egg punch will make players love his cute design or the tactical courses that they are playing. Although it may be simple to some at the beginning of the game but as they advance through stages, they will find themselves thinking more and more about how to obtain everything in just a few shots.

So will you like the game? Well it’s free at the moment in the appstore and it is also one of the top 10 apps. This app is probably a hit or miss for some people. Some players have reported that they love the game, especially children, while some may have trouble on the first try. Needless to the world of Egg Punch is no simple pinball shooter game but yet an extremely challenging app that will make sure that the players will use both physical and mental strengths to conquer this title

Sound and Music

Egg Punch has an extremely calm music, just like any golfer’s course so they focus on aiming for the best angle to reach the hole in one. They do have all the special effect sounds so that when you hit the wall, you know you hit the wall.

Time for the App Demo!

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