Jan 182013

Fish with Attitude just released another Limited edition fish for players to breed. The Robot fish is this week’s fish and it’s only available for 3 days!

Fish with Attitude Robot Fish baby

As much as we like seeing new fishes but players will probably feel disappointed with the recent time available to get these new limited fishes. The time span of 24 hours to 6 days simply don’t appeal to players and causes a rejection level for players making them lose interest in a game with limited edition content. Hopefully Fish with Attitude developers see this and improve on the availability of these limited fishes. At any rate lets start breeding

How to breed Robot Fish

The Robot Fish is a limited edition fish so if its not in your market please don’t try breeding for one.

To breed the Robot Fish, the developers have hinted to us that the combination is using an Adventure Fish and a Mad Scientist Fish. That means you need to use these two fishes in the breeding tank for a chance to get the Robot Fish, the rates for this fish is the same as any other limited fish so if you’ve been following along then just keep breeding until you get one.

Please keep in mind that which side you select the fish for breeding does not matter, it will not affect your chance to breed one of these fish and its completely up to your luck in your game! So good luck breeding!


  2 Responses to “Fish with Attitude: How to breed Robot Fish”

  1. i got robot fish on the first try
    adventure fish and mad scientist fish

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