Oct 262012

Celebrate Halloween in Fish with Attitude with the Witch Fish that represents a green witch with a hat in the sea. You’ll probably wonder if your lost sea (or tanks) actually celebrate Halloween but as you can see from the Jack-O-Lateran that it certainly does!

Fish with Attitude Witch Fish egg Baby

To be quite honest, the Witch Fish looks quite adorable when she is young but when you raise her to fulfill her destiny to becoming a witch it looks simply spooky. Since we all love adorable creatures here we bet 50% of the players will choose to evolve this fish because they have to and well the other 50% will try fiercely to avoid evolution.

Whatever the case, owning one of these limited edition Witch Fish will surely make your park more unique!

How to breed Witch Fish (Learn more)

Okay so the developers are not so descriptive in their description anymore to help you breed limited edition fishes but at least they made one pop-up describing the possible combination. And luckily we kept notes of that description to help you find the working combination for breeding this exclusive fish.

If you want to breed the Witch Fish, we have confirmed that you need to use a Shy Fish and a Tough Fish in your breeding tank for a chance to get the Witch Fish. The breeding time should be 6 hours and the hatching time for the egg is also 6 hours. The egg will have a witch hat over a green egg.

Learn more about the Witch Fish here

  24 Responses to “Fish with Attitude: How to breed Witch Fish”

  1. You have to do tough fish on the left and shy fish on the right

  2. It worked for me you put shy on right and tough on left I got it first try

  3. I got it first try with shy on left and tough on right so it really doesn’t matter the order you use

  4. I have te popstar fish.

  5. I did every thing but it still doesn't work I think I have karma

  6. I did that but it still didn't work tried it 81 time boom still doesn't work

  7. It works. Got both on my first try 🙂

  8. O.k now it work for doing it 123 time wow can you just believe that

  9. I used rare shy fish and it worked the first time

  10. I was trying to breed an evil to get a ghost fish but instead I got a witch fish.

  11. I think I have it, and it’s December! It wasn’t purposely done ☺

  12. has anyone gotten the jack o lantern for the witch fish? i’ve been trying for days but still can’t get it.. is it because it’s no longer halloween or something :/

  13. I tried that and I just got a witch egg by accident because I was trying to get a party fish but it is over for the limited edition witch fish soz if that didnt ake sense

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  15. I got the witch fish when I played fish with attitude it was my 3rd fish I got

  16. The breeding time is actually 8 hours not 6 and it only took me 135 coins to get her.

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