Fish with Attitude: Angel Fish


The Angel fish in Little aquarium is an ultra rare fish that little players will stumble upon unless they have extreme luck in breeding. This fish is the ultimate fish that breeders want to get but the possibilities of breeding one are extremely slim. If you happen to have one in your Fish with Attitude then know that this fish is ultra rare and you have manager to obtain one.

“An uplifting choir seems to follow this fish. Its halo shines with inner goodness, and its heart beats with truth and hope. This is a truly heavenly fish, and rarely seen” – Fish with Attitude: Angel Fish Description


Fish with Attitude Angel Fish Baby

Release Date: Original

Breeding Time: 30 hours

Egg Hatch Time: 30 hours
Buying Price: 1681pearl
Selling Price: 4050Fish with Attitude - Cash
Trait: Celestial
Level Requirement:

Fish with Attitude: Angel Fish Breeding guide

The Angel fish is an ultra rare fish. It’s breeding process for the angel fish was contributed to us it is to use a Fairy fish and a Unicorn fish [100% tested] for a chance to get the angel fish in your Fish with Attitude game. Keep in mind that fish on the right and fish on the left or levels generally do not matter and it is up to your luck in breeding this legendary fish.

Fish with Attitude: Angel Fish Evolution Guide

In Fish with Attitude, fishes evolve when you tap on your first feed. Each fish will have a set time that will finish it’s “growing” status in their profile after you have fed him once.

Fish with Attitude: Angel Fish Earnings [Per Minute]

You can raise your earnings per minute for your fish in little aquarium by tapping on their profile then training them. Once you pay for the training it will take a certain amount of time before the training is complete. Once it does your earnings will raise.

Training Earnings Cost
Level 1 7/Minute  25KFish with Attitude - Cash
Level 2 9/Minute 32KFish with Attitude - Cash
Level 3  10/Minute  40KFish with Attitude - Cash

Fish with Attitude: Angel Fish Evolution, Forms, Pictures, Eggs Chart

Baby Adult
Fish with Attitude - Angel Fish Egg  Fish with Attitude Angel Fish Baby  Fish with Attitude Angel Fish Adult
  • sebastian

    Go Angelfish!

    • Ying

      I know how cool

    • Awesome

      I am soooooooo happy, iz bred da ANGEL FISH!!!!!! I have been trying so many times! I used an ecstatic unicorn fish and a frowny fairy fish

  • Alex

    Rock star fish and pop star fish makes a fairy fish!

    • Addyassymoo

      I got a fairy fish as well, actually 2 fairy fish for each time I tried.

      • Emma

        Well maybe they weren’t ecstatic or happy

    • Coolfish037

      Actually it could make an angel too

    • kw

      And model fish and movie star fish make unicorn. Fairy+unicorn make angel.

      • lizzy

        Model fish and fashion designer make a unicorn fish also.

        • Indie

          I used that,

  • Addyassymoo

    I have just bred this fish…..after many many attempts. The egg is a white diamond and it takes 30 hours to breed and then 30 hours to hatch. I was sooooo very excited. Does anyone know if more than 10 tanks open ????

    • Kevin


      • Kaiden

        Yes you can have more than ten

        • Johnny Nguyen

          I got it on my 1st try I’m so happy

          • joe


        • FWAPro

          To be exact, you can get 15. There is a glitch to open all 15 tanks. I used it but forgot how to use it. Takes 24 hours to open all of them.

          • Alyssa

            It doesn’t work anymore

          • kw

            All tanks have to be full add new fish to last one it will say you need to by one click and the next one should open for free.

          • Sassy

            KW I can’t make it work. I have an iphone, does this work on an iPhone or just an iPad? Plz help!

          • Kathleen

            I’ve tried to open it too. I can’t. I have 9 full. Am I supposed to have all 15 full to get free one?

    • Betty Fitz

      I want more tanks!

      • Jordan

        JordanROCKS: Keep trying and you will get her it worked for me

    • Abbie

      I have the angel fish it’s a silver diamond shape I was compliantly AMazed!!!!!!
      And I hope I see how buetifull it is

      • Carrie Underwood

        WOW, guess what! it plays a harp and sings with music notes coming out of its mouth! (singing ) golden music notes!

    • Carrie Underwood

      ice cube. for better language 🙂

  • Paula

    Which two fish did you breed to get this fish??

    • ToxicPiglet


      • Mia

        maybe that did not work for her

  • Katie Brugmans

    Which fish did you use please?

  • Emily

    What fish did you use?

  • Audrey

    I got the queen fish by breeding president fish and pretty fish because that’s what it hinted at on the description… Did anyone else get it that way?

    • Abbie

      I did unicorn fish and fairy fish 1st sty 🙂

  • taylor

    i have an angel fish 2 days ago i used a werewolf and fairy it takes 30 hours and hatching times 30 hours

    • William

      Thanks i really wanted the ngel fish

  • Sriyaa

    I only have the nice fish, mean fish, crazy fish, brave fish, shy fish, flirty fish, and sleepy fish…… The ones in the store r all those and the tough fish and adventure fish and the angel fish….. Oh yeah, there is also a queen fish….. And i don’t have any pearls so how do I get the angel fish……. I’m not patient btw I can wait a couple days but that’s pretty much it -_- so someone plz tell me how to get the angel fish with the stuff I have! Thnx for reading!

    • Abbie

      You can do sleepy fish and crazy fish sriyaa I did it np

    • Mia

      I apologize but it is impossible to breed angel with those fish 🙁 but you must be patient

      I have waited 1 1/2 years to get an angel fish 😉

  • Grace

    How do you get the anglefish?

    • Sandra sands

      I don’t know

    • Tashi

      To get the anglefish I used fairy and unicorn and got it on my first try

  • Alex

    I have just bred the angel fish. Used Fairy fish and Unicorn fish. Takes 30 hour to breed and 30 hours to hatch and grow. The egg is a white diamond and it’s favorite toy is the fluffy cloud.

  • Roo

    How do u get fairy fish rockstar and popster didnt work for me instead I got moviestar on the first try then paparazzi then artist and then greedy!!!!! Help please!!

    • William

      Popstar is greedy and creative rockstar is flirty and creative

      • Suzanne

        Moviestar and rockstar

    • Mia

      realy? pop star and rock star worked for me on the first try.

      but some other combos are

      astronaut and model
      pop star and cowboy
      ninja and model
      movie star and ninja

      hope this helps 😉

  • Roo

    Angel fish is fairy and unicorn nothing else works I think so try to get fairy and unicorn… Hope this helps

    • William

      Maybe a diamond

      • Lovelyfish746

        It probably is a rare fish either way.Pat yourself on the back!

    • Abbie

      It is the queen fish and it never unlocks its 30000000 pearls to sell I sold it

      • Umyra

        How to breed fairy fish im 10 old can you help me please

    • Carrie Underwood

      william means a diamond, either a diamond fish, angel fish, or whatever
      does he know what he is talking about? !
      Specific DETAILS, william, you need a Specific Details class!

    • Mia

      i believe it is a ghost fish

  • William

    Im lv 4556

    • Mia

      Fun Fact: Did you know that there is no such thing?

  • William

    Fairy + unicorn

  • Suzanne

    I got this fish on my 3rd try

  • Darcy

    I tried fairy and unicorn and got a 16 hour breeding time. Anyone know if it’s a cowboy or a designer fish?

    • Jill

      Omg I did too!

    • Abbie

      It’s cowgirl fish a girl

    • Mia

      it’s a designer

  • someone

    i dont have a designer or model but when i try and get them i get horrible fishes like the shy or creative or crazy it drives me up the wall

  • Jazmyne

    If you want to get a popster fish you can doPop Star Fish – Breeding between Creative Fish & Greedy Fish / Wizard Fish & Salesman Fish and if that doesn’t work do hobo fish and I think movie star fish I hope this helps

  • Jazmyne

    When you get the model fish is the color if the egg purple with sparkles at the bottom I’m not sure write back if you guys know 🙂

    • Brady

      No you got designer fish

      • Devon730

        Stupid f*** get your facts straight

    • Truth❤

      Yer thats the model x

      • Carrie Underwood

        Truth, how did you do that heart? ! ::heart::
        Truth heart!

    • lizzy

      That is the wizard fish.

  • Nick

    After a few tries I got it, waited the 60 hours and when I went to hatch it, I got the gold pop up reading “rare angel fish” instead of just the normal pop up with “angel fish” my angel fish has a golden color to it. So I got an ultra rare, rare fish.. Lol

  • Tyler hansen

    Has any body got the toy fish yet??? If so can u tell me how to breed it??

  • Patricia

    Tyler Try
    Funny-Clown Fish
    Until You Get 7:59:59

  • Caleb

    Does anyone know how to breed the vampire fish please help also sometimes if you breed fish with three breeds you’ll get something very rare……

    • Mia

      Vampire =

      pirate and astronaut
      cowboy and astronaut
      ninja and rock star
      pirate and cowboy
      rock star and pirate
      ninja and cowboy
      ninja and astronaut

      hope this helps

  • Caleb

    Does anyone know how to make a ghost fish or a devil fish or gem fish please help me

    • Sophie

      Devil fish is werewolf and vampire, but I don’t know any others.

    • Mia

      Ghost =
      unicorn and werewolf
      fairy and werewolf
      fairy and vampire

      Devil =
      vampire and werewolf
      ghost and werewolf
      wizard and fairy

      Gem fishes——————————–

      Diamond = ghost and angel

      Ruby = ghost and devil

      hope this helps and good luck breeding 😉

  • Chawn D

    I’m breeding the Angel and Ghost fish and got 16hrs. I know for sure it isn’t the diamond fish which were my intentions but what could it be?

    • Megan

      How did you get the angels?! Not the rare one…

  • Joe T

    Does anybody know how to breed vampire fish? Ohh, and ruby? XxX Thxx x x

    • Mia

      Vampire =

      pirate and astronaut
      cowboy and astronaut
      ninja and rock star
      pirate and cowboy
      rock star and pirate
      ninja and cowboy
      ninja and astronaut


      ruby = ghost and devil

      hope this helps

  • Kate15858

    Ruby is Ghost and devil and vampire is astronaught and pirate. Hope this helps!

  • Eileen

    When I breeded Fairy and Unicorn, I got a Designer fish. Do they have to be in a specific order? Level? Thanks.

    • savvy

      what level are u on

  • WhitePearl

    It don’t work i tried fairy and unicorn loads of times any more suggestions…

  • Rem

    If you breed two fish that have 3 traits and one trait is creative it is very likely that you are going to get fairy unicorn or werewolf I tried it first time I got fairy then werewolf but I still do not have unicorn (I only tried it twice)

  • WhitePearl

    can anyone please tell me i’m desperate i only want to breed this fish so i can get the diamond fish.

    • Mia

      For diamond you need ghost and fairy 😉

  • WhitePearl

    I finally bred this fish!!! I bred unicorn and fairy.Basically they don’t have to be ecstatic and just keep breeding till you get one.Mine are just mating now and in 1 or 2 days they’ll make the egg!!! 😀

  • ShinyRuby

    Thanks WhitePearl your info really helped I got mine now!!! :p

  • Natalie

    Ohhhh!i am SO happy!i JUST bred it but it is hatching for 29 more hours and tomorrows Christmas so merry Christmas to all!

  • choclate chip

    It’s a christmas eve miracle!!! 🙂 LOL!

  • Amalia

    How cool I got rare fairy fish with austronurt and model

  • Ashley

    It does not work do not do it if you do wearwolf and shy I did I and on my first try and got an angel fish I cost I forgot it works !!!!!!!!!!$$$$$$!!!!!$$$$$


    • Truth❤

      That combo deffo doesnt work for me!

  • Truth❤

    To isla: hi! x

  • Truth❤

    To isla and everyone: i got my angel fish by breeding my unicorn and my fairy, rockstar and moviestar also works but its easier with fairy and unicorn. (leave a comment below if u have any other questions xx)

  • Lalala i cant hear u!!

    Wow!! That really really works, THANK U so much!! I have tried moviestar and rockstar right now and its 30hr!! Thanks: Truth❤!!! x

  • Truth❤

    Im glad x

  • Hdhadkabx

    I have tried many,many times to breed this fish but it doesn’t work

    • Kathleen

      Try making the fish ecstatic. It really worked for me.

  • Kathleen

    It totally works! You have to do it a few times BUT if the fish are ecstatic then it works even better. I have a rare unicorn fish and when I used it and the fairy fish I got a rare angel fish.

    • Carrie Underwood

      WHAT DOES THE RARE UNICORN DO????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      the plain does rainbow behind its back when it goes in to a arch . down. …… up….. down…… 🙂 😀

      • Kathleen

        The same thing.

  • Enes

    U helped me a lot

    • Kathleen


  • Christian Tobon

    I breed fairy fish and unicorn fish and the breeding time is 30hours. Does anyone know what it could be? XD

    • Kathleen

      Could be a diamond fish. Or another unicorn fish.

    • Mia


      its an angel fish!

  • Jasmine

    I could get her because I have the breeding guide!
    Or I could get devil fish

    • Jasmine

      And I could get ghost fish!

  • Izzie

    Ive got angel fish but how do use celestial trait to get another one with the same trait

  • Jasmine

    I have angel fish!!!

  • abigail

    I dont get t i do it but it doesnt work
    does it matterif their trained cause if not im confused

  • Kathleen

    No they don’t have to trained. It helps to have them ecstatic though.

  • Meghan

    The cheat only works if u have 6 3 star tanks

  • Anzi

    I have tried like 10 times to get an angel fish both of my unicorn & fairy are ecstatic and every time I tried I get a shitty fish and it cost 7500 coins is there any other combinations ? 🙁

  • Turboturtle

    I did vampire and werewolf and got 30hrs anyone have any idea what I GOT

    • Rylie

      It’s a devil fish.

  • Lauren

    I bred unicorn and fairy but it took them to breed 6 hours what is that?

    • Elliemaii

      Witch fish xox

  • madison

    does any one know how to get the Hobo fish I am only 9 years old

    • Mia

      i got it with dreamy and smart

      PS: im not much older than u lol

  • Nancy

    Just got the brocolli fish by breeding crimminal and galaxy fish

    • Kathleen

      Criminal fish or robber fish?

  • Lauren

    I got 20 hours with popstar and rockstar? Anyone know what i got?

    • Mia

      u hav got a fairy fish

    • Hannnah

      I got angel fish i dont know why but i got it!!!

  • Paige

    I got one on my second try by breeding fairy fish and unicorn fish

  • Ammar


  • Ammar


  • Ammar


  • Lol

    🙁 :(………….………………………..

  • kw

    Turning the irresistible, new homes for?And Desktop, also offer ?Ad-Lib.Sea mucha la, mandatory that this.Wont work without kw, of all any into the hype.Doll?s clothes In, inferior de la.,

  • Joenlly

    I got it on my third or fourth try the first try I put fairy first and unicorn second and the last try unicorn first and and fairy second and came up with 30 hours if that helps anyone.

  • tillia

    I got it by having one happy one ecstatic

  • jill

    i breed a unicorn and werewolf 30 hr breeding time… what is it!?!?!

  • kitty lover

    I got Angel on first try awsome

  • Indie

    I’VE got an Angel. Name is Sarahfa.

  • Joni Wall

    I breed ecstatic unicorn and fairy and my breeding time was 1day and 6 hours what is it the egg is soild white gem shaped