Fish with Attitude: Artist Fish


If you love arts or have an artistic side then this Artist Fish is a must have in your Fish with Attitude. Who knew that so many people have been creative and will always be creative in their own ways? Well for this Artist Fish, its creative comes from paint and brushes. This amazing artist fish will stop at nothing to paint his dreams and what he loves in the world of Aquarium.

This artist fish has a base trait of Creative and Smart so if you want to breed and become an artist of your aquarium you must breed the artist fish!

“This paint-spattered creative has a vision it’ll follow to the ends of the ocean. Nothing can stop them from putting brush to canvas and drawing their dreams” – Fish with Attitude: Artist Fish Description


Little aquarium creative traitLittle aquarium smart-trait
Fish with Attitude Artist Fish Adult

Release Date: Original

Breeding Time: 6 Hours

Egg Hatch Time: 6 Hours
Egg Color: Pink
Buying Price: 453pearl
Selling Price: Fish with Attitude - Cash
Trait: Creative, Smart
Level Requirement: 13

Fish with Attitude: Artist Fish Breeding guide

The Artist fish is two trait fish that requires two specific traits to be bred in your Fish with Attitude game. The traits for this fish is a Creative Trait and a Smart Trait. This Smarts you need any fish with the Creative Trait and the Smart trait to be successful at breeding the Artist Fish. The recommended combination for breeding the Artist Fish is Smart Fish and Creative Fish. Confirmed combination also includes Greedy Fish and Wizard Fish.

Fish with Attitude: Artist Fish Evolution Guide

In Fish with Attitude, fishes evolve when you tap on your first feed. Each fish will have a set time that will finish it’s “growing” status in their profile after you have fed him once.

Fish with Attitude: Artist Fish Earnings [Per Minute]

You can raise your earnings per minute for your fish in little aquarium by tapping on their profile then training them. Once you pay for the training it will take a certain amount of time before the training is complete. Once it does your earnings will raise.

Training Earnings Next Cost
Level 1 4/Minute
Level 2 5/Minute
Level 3 6/Minute

Fish with Attitude: Artist Fish Evolution, Forms, Pictures, Eggs Chart

Baby Adult
 Fish with Attitude Artist Fish Baby  Fish with Attitude Artist Fish Adult

  44 Responses to “Fish with Attitude: Artist Fish”

  1. I did what I needed to do but I still keep getting "creative fish" I don't know what I'm doing wrong >:o I've tried breeding them 2-3 times but I still get "creative fish"

  2. Try to swich the fish a round (creative then smart) or (smart the creative)

  3. I think I got the artist fish from breeding greedy fish and creative fish. (The greedy fish is on the left and the creative fish on the right)

  4. The egg is light pink with a squiggly blue stripe and a squiggly red stripe

  5. I can’t get it at all!

  6. I got it with the greedy fish and the creative fish! This page really helps!

  7. I got it using the crazy fish and the pop star fish

  8. What does artist’s fish egg look like.

  9. Pink

  10. So bad did not work I tried both ways

  11. What do I get if I breed a creative fish and a cool fish??? It has a three hour breeding time.

  12. OMG how do u get this fish!!! I tried all of these combinations and none worked!

  13. I breeded greedy and creative and got a ten hour breeding time does anyone know what it might be?

  14. I really think artist fish is beautiful when she grows up

  15. Okay, so I have tried breeding this fish so many times!!!!!! And still nothing!!!!! I have tried everything everyone has said from the comments but It seems like I get everything BUT the artist fish!!!! Does anyone have anymore suggestions for me? Really anything would help at this point.

  16. I am lost

  17. I breed him using cheerleader and nice fish weird right! He’s very cool when he’s in the tank he starts painting the decorations. Then it like washes of.

  18. Basically, you can “accidentally” get this fish by breeding any two fish when one has the trait creative, and one has the trait smart. However, your chances of breeding artist fish increase when you breed fish with fewer other traits in them.

  19. I think I got it. I bred salesman and creatives its still a egg but it looks kinda like the fish.

  20. I got it by breeding funny and clown

    Got it first try

  21. Who the hack is trait

  22. I got it with greedy andflirty for a reason

  23. And I wanna tell u something wierd I got asternot with funny and clown wired right

  24. It is the dancer and nerdy garenteed

  25. Salesman with popstar

  26. I think I got it with out even trying. is the egg light pink with red blue and white squiggle lines?

  27. yes it is

  28. I tried greedy and wizard and time is 2:59:59
    anyone knows which fish?

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