Fish with Attitude: Diamond Fish


The Diamond fish in Fish with Attitude is an amazing fish that definitely deserves to be any mobile Fish with Attitude player’s tank. This Diamond Fish is simply amazing, beautiful, and just gorgeous in every way. When you first see this Diamond Fish, you will fall in love with it’s light blue and sparkly design.

When you get this diamond fish into your tank, you will notice that this diamond fish will take about 36 hours for it to grow into it’s beautiful adult form. Once it does you know that this is going to be one precise fish swimming in your Fish with Attitude tank. Some players may think the diamond fish to be lacking some skin because everything it has around her are diamonds and only diamonds. This will certainly make female players love their Fish with Attitude tank when they have finally had a chance to get the diamond fish.

The diamond fish also has a special effect of turning itself white then splashing the area with white stars to show off her glamour and beauty.  However, this fish doesn’t seem to open her eyes in the tank, why? We do not know but this is one of the most beautiful fish and will definitely be a fitting pair for the Ruby Fish.

“This rare, radiant fish sparkles with an inner fire. Gentle and wise, this is a true ruler of the deep and certainly a girl’s best friend!” – Fish with Attitude: Diamond Fish Description

Fish with Attitude Gem Trait

Fish with Attitude Diamond Fish

Release Date: Unknown

Breeding Time: 36 Hours

Egg Hatch Time: 36 Hours
Buying Price: 1985pearl
Selling Price: 8050Fish with Attitude - Cash
Trait: Gem
Requirement: Angel Fish

Fish with Attitude: Diamond Fish Breeding guide

The Diamond fish is an ultra rare fish. To breed the Diamond fish you must use the Ghost Fish and the Angel Fish within your breeding process for a chance to get the Diamond Fish for your Fish with Attitude Game. When you breed them together, look for a 36 hours breeding time where you will get an Diamond Shape egg at the end of the breeding process which represents the Diamond Fish.

Fish with Attitude: Diamond Fish Evolution Guide

In Fish with Attitude, fishes evolve when you tap on your first feed. Each fish will have a set time that will finish it’s “growing” status in their profile after you have fed him once.

Fish with Attitude: Diamond Fish Earnings [Per Minute]

You can raise your earnings per minute for your fish in little aquarium by tapping on their profile then training them. Once you pay for the training it will take a certain amount of time before the training is complete. Once it does your earnings will raise.

Training Earnings Cost
Level 1 8/Minute Fish with Attitude - Cash
Level 2 9/Minute Fish with Attitude - Cash
Level 3 10/Minute Fish with Attitude - Cash
Level 4

Fish with Attitude: Diamond Fish Evolution, Forms, Pictures, Eggs Chart

Baby Adult
 Fish with Attitude - Diamond Fish Egg  Fish with Attitude Diamond Fish  Fish with Attitude Diamond Fish Adult

  93 Responses to “Fish with Attitude: Diamond Fish”

  1. I THINK I breeded it. I breeded astrounot with pirate and breeding time was 36 hours, hatching time was 36 hours,… And egg looked like a diamond but purple. IDK if it’s a diamond fish or ruby or a new fish?

  2. I haven’t tried yet as my ghost is still a baby but I guessed it would be the angel and ghost as I have been told to get the ruby fish it is devil and ghost… Can’t wait to try it and report back!

  3. Does anyone know how to get a diamond I’m desperate!

  4. So ruby fish successfully bred with a devil and ghost, an just hatched a diamond fish from ghost and angel 🙂 last one left: galaxy, anyone know how??

  5. Diamond and Ruby 🙂 Good luck!

  6. Ok you guys, I figured out that on this website you can get ultra rare shy,smart,cool and so on fish. It says to get an ultra rare one of these you need to breed the same fish but they have to be estatic. Can someone try this out and let me know if it’s true?

  7. Ok I just bred two fish and now the breeding time is 50 hours. What fish could it be?

  8. yeeeey!!! I got it!!!!My wife will love this fish!

  9. It’s a vampire fish dude I got it I have a vampire fish and fairy fish and my ghost fish is in a egg

  10. Just bred popstar with ninja 20 hours anyone no?

  11. fishys, u got a fairy fish

  12. I bred astronaut and rock star time is 36 hrs so we shall see 🙂

  13. I have found out how to open all 15 tanks for free.

  14. The cheat for free tanks below worked on ipad but not on iphone 🙁

  15. That cheat doesn't work for my iPad. Plz help

  16. I got a bluish purplish egg with stars on it. It is a normal shaped egg and I bred popstar and rock star. Any idea what fish it is?

  17. it is a asturnaut fish i thought it was a wizard fish at first i got the weirdist fish it is like half ghost fish half galaxy fish and half angel and half devil the weirdist fish right not playing around this is true very,very,very true i think i breeded it with angel and galaxy so weird ……

  18. do you put the ghost fish on the left or the right when breeding the diamond fish??????????

  19. I did pirate and cowboy

  20. How do you get the devil fish and when u r breeding a diamond fish do u put the ghost fish on the left or right help I need bad thanks

  21. ghost fish + angel fish = 36h waiting

  22. is there an easier way to get the angel fish when you unlock it

  23. please reply

  24. Someone told me the combination was werewolf and fairy

  25. I’ve watched the unlocking all tanks for free video and tried it in both an iPhone & iPad but it doesn’t work on either, gutted! Has anyone tried it recently?

  26. I’ve got it

  27. got what?

  28. I’m REALLY stuck I’ve tried ghost + angel about 20 times and I’ve tried it the other way around to!! SOMEONE help me this is the hardest fish yet to get! or it hatches me is a hobo, cowboy, pop star and pirate? HELPPPPPPPPPPPPP surley there must be some other sort of fish to breed this diamond fish because the combo ghost and angel DOES not work for ME!

  29. I GOT THE LUNAUR LION ON MY FIRST ATTEMPT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AND MY BROTHER HAS A GALAXY i think and the egg is a star

  30. I think I have successfully breeded it with the Ghost and Angel! It’s takes 36 hours. This is my 4th try!

  31. If you go to the story and click on the fish button, it tells you how long each fish takes to breed. Just click on the fish individually and u can see the breeding time.

  32. I meant STORE

  33. Ok does anybody know this egg is its a dimond shaped egg and purple

  34. How come this fish didn’t appear in my store?I am level 30 and I have fishes from the unicorn to the angle(also fairy vampire and wearwolf) the ruby appeared in my store last month but what about this one? How come?

  35. Arianna you got the fariy and if you have a unicorn you will get the angel

  36. I did astronaut and rock star and got 36hrs I’ll wait and see

  37. i have all of the magical trait fishes and the vampire fish is still in it’s egg to breed it you need to have a astronut and pirate

  38. Just tried Angel and Ghost for the first time and got 36 hours omg! crossing fingers~ (they were both happy)

  39. I breeded rock star fish and pirate fish and got a 36 hour breeding time any idea on what it is? I would be grateful if I got a answer thanks 🙂

  40. Yay I think I got a diamond fish. Egg is white and diamond shaped. I got it by breeding a rock start and a model fish and was wondering why it said 36 hrs to breed. :):):):)

  41. I am highly disappointed..I have waited days for my Diamond fish to finish hatching. I used 3 pearls to speed it up, and put it tank 11. After feeding it my game crashed. When I was able to get back into the game my baby diamond fish was gone, nor was it back in the breeding tank. Now I have to start all over….They really need to fix their crash issues. I also play Mermaid World and know a lot of people who have been having this same problem, disappearing mermaids…..Has this happened to anyone else of Fish with Attitude???????

  42. Its my 12 time that I breed angel and ghost and nothing…. plzzz help!!!

  43. I have tried numerous times to breed ruby and diamond fish but only get designer fish which takes 16 hrs to breed and another 16 hrs to hatch. I’m stubborn and refuse to ‘pay for’ pearls so it takes days to attempt to breed again. Any suggestions?

  44. I’m about to get my ghost fish, wish me luck on this fish!! :3

    • wish you the best of luck, cause for me its impossible, I gave up for now 😀

    • by the way I am so disappointed that windows 8 users are disadvantaged in this game…we have max 10 tanks, don’t have LE fish and there are lots of bugs such as tailless fish 🙁

  45. my werewolf and vampire fish are breeding now, breeding time 30hrs, hope it’ll be devil. who knows how the egg for devil should look like?
    Also I found a nice way to earn some money. if you have rare nice and rare flirty fish when you send them to breed it will cost you just 135 but they will give you either rare nice (sell for 2000) rare brave (sell for 3000) or rare flirty (sell for 5000). good luck and tell me if it works for you 😉

  46. Rockstar and Popstar is capable of breeding : Fairy fish (20hours), Angel fish (30hours), Galaxy fish (48 hours)
    But I got my diamond fish by breeding ghost fish and angel fish, got it on 2nd try

  47. hey all just letting you know, i have 2 diamond fish, but they do not have the long flowing tails, lol… not sure why, and yes theyre fully grown

  48. i breeded the vampire and fairy fish it is taking 36 hrs but im on level 28 and dont see a diamond fish in my fish store im hatching it tommorow ill tell u if its a diamond shape it costs 30 000 to breedthe fish i was just breeding fish by random if i get it i think it will be my lucy day

  49. i breeded the vampire and fairy fish it is taking 36 hrs but im on level 28 and dont see a diamond fish in my fish store im hatching it tommorow ill tell u if its a diamond shape it costs 30 000 to breed the fish i was just breeding fish by random if i get it i think it will be my lucy day

  50. i breeded vampire and fairy its taking 36 hrs and costs 30 000 but i dont see the diamond fish in my baby fish store im hatching the egg tomorrow so ill say what fish it is or if the egg is diamond shape

  51. I think i got the diamond fish… I breeded a fairy fish and a unicorn fish… The egg looks like the one in the photo.

  52. When does the diamond fish come in the store because I am on level 25

  53. level 34 here, she’s not in my store. HELP!

  54. if you do it might be in your store

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