Fish with Attitude: Dreamy Fish


The Dreamy fish is probably a fish that will make all your dreams come true. With the dreamy fish you will be able to make those dreams come true! The dreamy fish is a blue/light blue fish with purple hair making it a shy and brave fish at the same time. The traits of a dreamy fish is without a doubt shy and brave so if you want to breed a dreamy fish then ensure these traits are found in your breeding process.

” Content to float through life without a care, this fish is more focused on the fantastic world inside its head. What visions do you suppose it sees when it closes its eyes?” – Fish with Attitude: Dreamy Fish Description


Fish with Attitude Shy TraitFish with Attitude Brave Fish trait
Fish with Attitude Dreamy Fish Adult

Release Date: Original

Breeding Time: 1 Hour

Egg Hatch Time: 1 Hour
Egg Color: Purple/Pinkish
Buying Price: 103pearl
Selling Price: Fish with Attitude - Cash
Trait: Shy, Brave
Level Requirement:

Fish with Attitude: Dreamy Fish Breeding guide

The Dreamy fish is dual element fish. This means that the Dreamy fish requires two traits in your breeding process to obtain. If you want to breed the Dreamy fish then you must use a Brave Fish and Shy Fish within your breeding process for a chance to get the Dreamy fish for your tank. Alternatively you can find any fishes that add up to the two trait for a chance to obtain the Dreamy fish.

Fish with Attitude: Dreamy Fish Evolution Guide

In Fish with Attitude, fishes evolve when you tap on your first feed. Each fish will have a set time that will finish it’s “growing” status in their profile after you have fed him once.

Fish with Attitude: Dreamy Fish Earnings [Per Minute]

You can raise your earnings per minute for your fish in little aquarium by tapping on their profile then training them. Once you pay for the training it will take a certain amount of time before the training is complete. Once it does your earnings will raise.

Training Earnings Cost
Level 1 3/Minute
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5

Fish with Attitude: Dreamy Fish Evolution, Forms, Pictures, Eggs Chart

Baby Adult
 Fish with Attitude Dreamy Fish Baby  Fish with Attitude Dreamy Fish Adult
  • jessica

    hello, I’m having problems breeding a dreamy fish. Every time i breed a shy fish and brave fish it either breeds another shy fish or brave fish. Am i doing something wrong or is there another combination do.

    • Shannan234

      Another way is wizard and brave fish :))

  • roxy

    yeah Ive been having the same troubles aswell /:

  • Hannah D

    I’ve tried loads of times but i still can’t breed dreamy fish

  • Julia

    I was having trouble too but then I bred an Adventure fish with a Shy fish and it worked!

    • Lola gold

      Omg.. I tried that and I have a breeding time of 1 hr… I think I got it
      Thanks Sooo much

    • Gabriel

      I put that and its breeding for 3 hours! I hope it is though or a fish I don’t have

      • Mizuiro

        Did’nt work ;w;

  • Katkat

    What color is the egg?

    • Arianna

      Purple pinkish

  • Fishie12

    I use my happy shyand happy brave and got 2 dreamy

  • Paloma

    I got my dreamy fish,but.. What do you get a dreamy fish and a mean fish?

  • Lola gold

    Ughhh!!!! I’ve probably tried like 20 times and I just keep getting either the brave or shy fish… Why!? And my cousin has breed like 5of them, with diff combos and she won’t tell me how

    • O

      Same with my brother he won’t tell me how and he has 2 plz tell me another combanation Grrrrrrr to my brother

  • Lola gold

    The egg is like this weird yellow orange color… Did I do something wrong

    • Lola gold

      Aww it was a gossip fish or whatever it’s called…

  • Emma

    I tried breeding brave/shy then shy/brave but both were brave
    I scrolled down and looked at these comments and tried the adventure/shy and vice versa but I got a yellow egg! It is supposed to be a purpley pinky colour so I don’t know what I have done wrong!!! :'(

  • Hannah S

    the current contest is breeding dreamy fish, so yes they are decreasing peoples luck

  • Mimi

    Try Shy left Crazy right – the only 1 hour incubation time. It’s weird how as a brave and shy element fish, it can be created with the nice, mean and shy elements.

  • karren

    I have tried the shy and brave combo but been more successful with 2 dreamy fish. I have made about 4 so far and one being a rare dreamy fish. going to give the shy and crazy a try

  • karren

    Just done shy left rare crazy right and got an hour breeding time!!!! fingers crossed

  • Syd

    I breed a flirty fish and a shy fish but they were both exatic

  • Mia bates

    I Can not do it I bred a brave and a shy fish but just get either another shy or another brave and how do I gat adventures fish
    Solo annoying who agrees

    • Help me!!!

      I defo agree! 🙁

  • Arianna

    I got the dreamy fish by breeding brave and shy and no it’s not purple pinkish its just blue

  • Help me !!

    Halo idi have dreamy fish but ny little sister sold her. And every time I put a brave and a shy fish together I always get a fish that I want. Please tell me what fish to put together to get dreamy !!

  • Help me !!

    Help i did have dreamy fish but ny little sister sold her. And every time I put a brave and a shy fish together I always get a fish that I want. Please tell me what fish to put together to get dreamy !!

    • Shannan234

      A wizard and brave :))

  • Amberly

    Mine was yellow ish orange and it turned out the gossip fish not dreamy

  • Kehwuh

    I used an ecstatic shy and ecstatic brave and STILL have not gotten a dreamy fish 🙁 Help??

  • Kehwuh

    I used an ecstatic shy and ecstatic brave and STILL have not gotten a dreamy fish Help??

  • Fishy Cray cray


  • becca

    Brave left. Shy on right.
    it took ALOT of tries.
    1hour breed time = dreamy fish egg which is LIGHT blue in color