Fish with Attitude: Galaxy Fish


The Galaxy fish in Fish with Attitude is an ultra rare fish that was released on June 9th 2012. It is an amazing fish that represents the stars in the galaxy with its ultra unique design and look. Fish breeders around the world will be surprised when they see one of these Galaxy fish hatching in their tank and be really happy once its swimming.

The Galaxy fish is an ultra rare fish so it is difficult to breed and not many breeders have reported success at gaining this galaxy fish. If you have then let others know of your success!

“Breathtaking – never has there been a more majestic fish! But how can our tanks contain such a creature of space and stars? Only our phishicists may know for sure….” – Fish with Attitude: Galaxy Fish Description

Fish with Attitude Galactical Trait


Fish with Attitude Galaxy Fish Adult

Release Date: June 9th 2012

Breeding Time: 48 Hours

Egg Hatch Time: 48 Hours
Buying Price: 2379pearl
Selling Price: Fish with Attitude - Cash
Trait: Galactical
Level Requirement:

Fish with Attitude: Galaxy Fish Breeding guide

The Galaxy fish is an ultra rare fish. It’s breeding process is confirmed to be using a Ecstatic Ruby Fish and a Ecstatic Diamond Fish in your breeding tank for a chance to get the Galaxy Fish egg. Keep in mind that this is an super rare fish that not every player can get. It’s Galaxy Egg is a grey tinted rainbow type of star egg similar to the black star but is definitely not a black star.

The egg also has stars that shines around it to confirm it is the galaxy egg.

Special Thanks to Diane for submitting a player’s tipsHi

Thanks for all the great tips you’ve given me on this game, now I think I have one of my own.

I believe that in order too successfully breed the galaxy fish in fish with attitude not only do you need an ecstatic ruby and an ecstatic diamond fish you also need to own every other regular type of fish in the game (rare versions won’t count).

I tried to breed one unsuccessfully for months. I had every type of fish, but some were rare. As soon as I had every type in normal I got a 48 hour breed time the very next time I tried.

I am assuming this will turn out to be the galaxy!!!! Hope so. 🙂

Regards Di

Fish with Attitude: Galaxy Fish Evolution Guide

In Fish with Attitude, fishes evolve when you tap on your first feed. Each fish will have a set time that will finish it’s “growing” status in their profile after you have fed him once.

Fish with Attitude: Galaxy Fish Earnings [Per Minute]

You can raise your earnings per minute for your fish in little aquarium by tapping on their profile then training them. Once you pay for the training it will take a certain amount of time before the training is complete. Once it does your earnings will rise.

Training Earnings Cost
Level 1 8/Minute
Level 2  9/Minute
Level 3  10/Minute
Level 4  11/Minute

Fish with Attitude: Galaxy Fish Evolution, Forms, Pictures, Eggs Chart

Baby Adult Galaxy Fish Egg
 Fish with Attitude Galaxy Fish Baby  Fish with Attitude Galaxy Fish Adult  Fish with Attitude Galaexy Fish Egg

  186 Responses to “Fish with Attitude: Galaxy Fish”

  1. I know it!!!!!! Breed a werewolf fish with a pop star fish . It takes 20 hours to lay and 31
    Hours to hatch. You unlock it at 456 lv and it costs 45632 pearls in store.i am lv 689 and have unlocked every fish!

    • Baily, have you got the ghost, ruby, diamond, angel and devil fishes? You say you unlocked them all, does that mean u have bred them all too? If so can you please share some tips or combinations that you used to get them?
      Many thanks for any help 🙂

      • Katy I bred every fish I even have a galaxy fish ruby diamond unicorn devil ghost angel and many other cool fish even valentine fish lunar lion fish and mardi gras fish isn’t it awesome.

    • omg so jelly gurl,

    • Ya I don’t think this is right. I have tried so many times and still can’t it

    • Actually I was able to get a galaxy fish once I got and astronaut fish. It appeared in the store along with the unicorn, werewolf, and vampire fish.

    • Galaxy fish = 2379 pearls in store
      in Vietnamese we say “m chém gió vãi cả cứt ” =))

    • You unlock the galaxy fish at lv 13 but aren’t able to get it until lv 23

    • I tried ur combinations, but it did not work!

      • If you want galaxy I tried about 30 something time and finally get that galaxy fish it was hard but worth it now i have my galaxy fish and its grown plus it is a rare galaxy fish if the ruby and diamond doesn’t work that means the diamond and ruby fish need to be estatic or else I don’t think you can get the galaxy fish if your ruby and diamond fish isn’t estatic.

        • That’s so awesome I got evry single fish and devil fish

        • There is a trick to getting a Galaxy Fish..Yes you need an extatic Ruby and Diamond….for the I-Phone when it is loading half way through the star in the shell will sparkel..This is the only time you can breed a Galaxy Fish…so keep load the game until you see it sparkel…then breed your extatic Rudy and Diamond…

    • No you have not

    • Wow. You are lucky.

    • I want the galaxy ♥ and its so cool getin

      • sry forgot to finish
        getin the uni right now and just got my fairy!
        model designer uni

        popstar rock star fairy

    • i want galaxy! i don’t have the suggested fish. any other combos ? !
      plz this would help ♥ thx
      i need GALAXY NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      —– plz

  2. I unlocked the galaxy fish when I got an astrounot fish do im thinking maybe astrounot with ghost? Or astrounot with pirate?

  3. Wow I breeder an astrounot with a pirate and the breeding time took 36 hours?? What is this new fish :S

  4. Breeding a galaxy fish is no easy task. A 36 hour timer will get vampire, same goes for diamond, 30 hour timers for angel, ghost and devil fish, so I think you need a 50 hour timer to get a galaxy fish. So don’t give up everyone!

  5. Please help…I have an egg hatching that is a black star…Could some one please tell me what the fish is…Thank you…:)

  6. I have been able to breed every fish except a galaxy fish. Has anyone else bred one or have any suggestions on how to breed one??? Any ideas would be great.

  7. How do you get the newer ones, Devil and Ghost? need a specific level?

  8. Would really like some help with breeding the diamond and ruby fish does anyone know? Please

  9. I bred my ghost fish with werewolf and fairy the first time then vampire and unicorn the second time

  10. I just bred some fish that have 48 hour breed time, have not seen anything this long before, fingers crossed its a galaxy!!! That is the only fish left to breed. Really hope some more fish become available and more tanks open.

  11. I recently bread Werewolf Fish and Unicorn Fish. The breading time was 30 hours and the egg hatch time is also taking 30 hours. The egg is in shape of a black star. Does anyone know what this may be.? Thanks

  12. As above, black star is a ghost fish. I don’t mean to be rude but it’s been answered so perhaps read through the comments next time. I’m thinking maybe breeding a celestial fish, likely angel, with a gem fish. I don’t have a gem fish yet so if anyone does and perhaps wants to try and give results?

    • I have all fish except for the Galaxy. Both my gem fish are still growing to be adults but what would you suggest together?

      • FYI, I have just bred my Ruby and Diamond fish together and have got a 48 hour timer so I’m assuming this is the Galaxy. It was only on my third attempt so I may have got lucky or perhaps it’s not too hard to get.

  13. I just got some egg I breeders it with funny and creative fish and the egg is pinkish white and has one blue and one red squiggally strokes and it takes 5 hours for it to hatch. Does any one know what it is??????

  14. I have had an ecstatic diamond and ruby fish for two weeks and I have been breeding them for the whole time and still no galaxy!! Can anybody help me? It’s the only fish I don’t have

  15. Keep trying is all I can say! Good luck and don’t give up.

  16. Does anyone know if there are any other fish to unlock after galaxy?!

  17. You know Baily, to make you more well famouse, you could say to people that you have all this fish which you do as you said and everyone would come to you for help

  18. Just bred my galaxy fish right now, tried diamond and ruby and got my galaxy, so pretty! Add me on facebook so we can be neighbors in the game, facebook dot com slash aniellemd <3

  19. I breed ninja and superstar fish.. And I got a black diamond egg..!? Can some one tell me what fish it is?

  20. its werewolf

  21. Diamond

  22. You have to have a Fary and a angel at ext act mode

  23. I got it!!! Bred Ruby Fish and Diamond fish both ecstatic! It’s egg is the star on the loading screen with the pretty,secret agent,and evil fishes. It takes 48 hours to breed and 48 hours to hatch!

  24. I’m breeding movie star and rock star and it is taking 20 hours!! What could this be?! PLEASE HELP!! Thanks!

  25. I just got done breeding the galaxy fish it has a long breeding time 48 houres. The egg is a black shining star much like the one in the entering screen but a bit smaller. I used diamond and ruby fish. There were not happy they were normal this could prove for people you don’t need a 100% tank and there toys. Anyway as soon as I can figure out to use this website I can post some pictures I got of the egg.

  26. I got super star fish with the galxy fiss with the killer fish and ninga fish.

  27. wow ppl. i have 4 galaxy fish i used ecstatic diamond and ecstatic ruby and it worked every time. it cost alot to breed and a while to breed/hatch but it was worth it. hope this helps some of you.

  28. ive got four galaxy fish. ecstatic ruby and diamond good luck breeders.

    • Ecstatic Ruby and Diamond…been breeding them for months and no luck. Did you have any rare fish? Someone suggested putting rare fish in storage, but that seems too drastic.

  29. i got a galaxy fish soo happy cause i got it before my kids did well my daughter got it for me on my ipad

  30. Ghost fish=unicorn fish+werewolf fish
    Devil fish=werewolf fish+vampire fish
    Angel fish= unicorn fish+fairy fish
    Ruby fish=devil fish+angel fish
    Diamond fish=angel fish+ghost fish
    Galaxy fish=ecstatic diamond fish+ruby fish

  31. Have anyone got rare galagy fish becouse i just did :O i have rare galagy fish (estatic diamond+ruby) its more colory then black one O_o in my eye its not thatt cool then black one but sill nice becouse Rare galaxy fish and its rare to get even when not rare galagy fish O_o

  32. I just bread a rare galaxy fish!!!!! It is soo cool looking. Looks like th e regular galaxy but with more colors..

  33. I got all of the fish even got the red paparazzi except the galaxy

  34. Ninja fish+popstar fish=red paparazzi.

  35. I have found out how to open all 15 tanks for free.

  36. can you get fish that arent in your shop?

  37. It’s a ghost fish

  38. Hatched my galaxy fish today and it was a rare one! That’s the first rare fish I’ve got in this game! Now onto the christmas fish…

  39. I’ve heard that if you breed the galaxy fish and see the egg with sparkels floating it’s a normal galaxy fish,
    (Same as shown above in the picture) and if you breed the galaxy fish and has no sparkles it’s a ultra rare fish…
    Here’s the link:
    This takes you to a website

  40. The magical , celestial and gem fish are the easiest things to breed the other fish I have had real trouble with !

  41. Help me please!!! I dont have galaxy fish and I dont Know who breeding… is not ruby and diamond… I am sure… but who??

  42. I have to breed ruby ang galaxy fish to have all types off fish !!!!!

  43. I got galexy I reed her and rare dimond to get. Rare galexy
    The first 2(rare fish I had was rare fairy rare unicorn normal unicorn and normal fairy
    My fab is galexy but if she did not exist it would be rare dimond

  44. I can not breed the designer fish for anything. I have tried nerd and creative – nothing, dancer+ smart, shy+ artist and all have come with nothing… Please help!!

  45. I was able to breed a galaxy fish with an ecstatic diamond and an ecstatic ruby fish in the 4th tank while having all the other types of fishes. I had some rare ones also not all your fish need to be regular. Hope it is helpfull

    • The ones that you had that were rare fish, did you have the regular one also? Someone said you have to have ALL the regular fish before you can get the Galaxy fish, and I wonder if this is true… I had gone about replacing all my regular fish with rare ones, so now I’m afraid I will have to start over getting all the regular ones…

  46. How to breed galaxy and werewolf ?

  47. Hey I got my galaxy fish today I am on level 58 if you want information just post a comment.

    • Did you have ALL the other fish (not the rare versions, but the normal ones?) I have been on a mission to replace my regular fish with the rare versions thinking I didn’t need them, and now I can’t get the Galaxy fish for anything. Have tried numerous times. I never did get the regular Unicorn though, only the rare one… Just wondering if that is the problem.

  48. I bred a fairy and a werewolf. I got a black star egg. Took me 30 hrs to lay and 30 hrs to hatch.

  49. Got it at level 18

  50. I did breed it like a thousand times and I did not get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. I have a 30 hour breed time with a fairy and unicorn fish. What am I going to get?

  52. I bred a movie star fish and a pop star and I used 14 pearls to finish breeding and my egg is a rainbow diamond egg does anyone know what fish it is??? Please help its taking 30 hours

  53. I’ve just bred the pop star fish and the movie star and I’ve got this diamond rainbow egg does any one know what it is?????? Pleeeese help

  54. Finally got this fish! Will answer questions!

    • I am at level 61 and I am trying to breed galaxy fish for the last 3 monthes what am I doing wrong my ruby and diamond fish are ecstatic and both are on 3 star tanks and have all other fish, please help I need advis!

      • Mine weren’t ecstatic. Just keep trying!

      • Did you ever get galaxy? I have been trying to breed galaxy for 2 months and I have one of each type of fish and both diamond and ruby are ecstatic. Is it true that none of the fish can be rare? I have some rare fish in my collection…

    • Do you have to the normal version of all this fish, or can you have some rare versions without the normal ones? Thanks 🙂

  55. il pesce galazy si fa pop star + cool = GALAXY

  56. Wow, look at all this babble and 12 year old ‘guesswork’ that it takes to still not get a straight answer.

    Don’t suppose the developers will chime in and confirm/deny this nonsense.

    Having all the other fish first? Fine. But if you have even ONE rare version the ruby+diamond breed won’t work? That’s the cheapest thing ever. At least 75% of my fish are rare!

    I’m playing the Android version so I can’t get all the ridiculous xtras the iPhone version has so maybe I won’t have to deal with that “won’t work if you have a rare version” crap.

  57. Has anyone gotten the galaxy fish without the breeding fish being estatic?

  58. I am breeding ecstatic ruby and ecstatic diamond and got 48 hours I’m SO excited because this was my third try but technically my FIRST because the other two times I tried they were not ecstatic but does anyone know if I got rare one or normal because to tell the truth I actually want the normal one more than rare 🙂

  59. blue-purple egg is galaxy
    GRAY BLACK star is GHOST!
    any other questions?

  60. What fish do you use in order from left to right?

  61. Hey guys I just layed the egg and it was a normal one but I’m glad cause the rare one is too colourful for me

    And yes I got my galaxy with ECSTATIC RUBY AND ECSTATIC DIAMOND if they are not ecstatic then it won’t work. Well at least it didn’t work for me

  62. Sorry user kaitlin , I don’t remember which side I put each fish on I THINK and only THINK that diamond was on the left and ruby was on the right and remember they have to be ecstatic 🙂

  63. Hi guys I got the normal one thank goodness now taking questions 🙂

    • I have been trying for months to breed galaxy. I keep trying ecstatic ruby and ecstatic diamond and am not succesful. Any suggestions?Thx

  64. I bred escalator ruby and escalating diamond and got 43 hours. Does any one know what it is?????

  65. I know how to get medusa fish i have it al dimond ruby galixy phenoix and mermaid unicorn fairy werewolf fairy vampire ghoust devil and angel.

  66. Also I do have medusa

  67. I got it with rare disigner but it has to be ecstatic and the other fish is ecstatic rare vampire for no reason I swear it works

  68. And im level 722

    • umm i am curious about your platform….. im on windows 8 and at level 33 i believe so im curious as to how many levels there are, at this point i have all 10 tanks that im allowed and 3 breeding tanks, and apparently i cant get the limited edition, so i only have a few to go, so im trying to understand how to obtain the fish i cant seem to get, i am trying your method and ill let you know how it goes, first round gave me a 6 hr fish

  69. well, i am pretty much done with this game…. i have awesome tanks, i had tons of rare fish, i ended up with incomplete magic and gem fish, they had no tails…. just heads…. i saw here that ppl were saying you had to have every fish to get the galaxy…. well i play on pc so i have no storage tanks, so i sold all my rares and redid all the original fish….. AND IVE GOTTEN……..NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(……I CANT EVEN GET CLOSE TO A 48 HOUR BREED TIME, AND NOW…. ITS BECOME MORE OF AN IRRITATION SO IM DONE WITH THIS GAME….. and yes both my ruby and diamonds are estatic…. and ive been breeding 2 pairs for over a week non stop……. so good luck, im very dissappointed in this game and lack of game support

  70. Everyone please answer me the next person who comments I’m level 42 on android so I don’t get what Apple gets witch I have been emailing them about it complaining but anyway I just need galaxy I have been trying for 4 months nothing both ruby and diamond are ecstatic but I have 7 rare fish and I replaced the old ones with them now I’m just starting to hear that you need all just regulars please someone find out and tell me if that’s legit or not cause I don’t want to get rid of the rares I have I like them

    • justin, not sure if you read my post above yours, but i only have 10 tanks and i had prob close to 50 fish of which all were are but maybe 5….. i also havd incomplete fish, my vamps, fairy, diamond, ghost,all without tails….. hell my diamonds are basically just heads….. i did what ppl were saying and sold all my rares, bred every fish reg…..i have been breeding the same ruby, diamond estatic pairs.( i have 2 pairs) for almost close to 2 weeks straight and never get higher then a 16 hour time, and thats been rare , most are 6 hours…….. in the end, i am deleteing this app from my comp because i am done….. theres no more fun in it for me, and yea i have the ultra rare angel and her rare version that were easy as hell to breed……. so im not sure if its a glitch, but ive moved on….. FISH TYCOON IS SIMLIAR AND IF YOU LOOK IT UP YOU CAN GET IT FOT FREE ON MY PLAY CITY…. HOPE THIS HELPS

      • Yea but your playing on the computer I am playing on a kindle and I want someone to confirm they got a galaxy without all normal fish that’s not on a Apple device cause on any other device if you just have a rare it doesn’t say owned in the shop only on Apple I know it says rare owned because my mom plays on iPhone but if I have to have all normal fish then I’m just not going to be the galaxy and I know there is only is 10 tanks they only update the Apple version

  71. I, too, cannot breed the galaxy fish and have been trying for 2+ months. I also have some rare fish but am starting to replace them. I am playing on a samsung galaxy tab… Anyone have any tips???

  72. Everyone read this comment after 4 months I have finally got galaxy and I can tell the world you can get him without having all normal fish I have about 10 rare fish and I don’t have the normal version’s of them so you can get him with rare as well I just think you do need all fish it just doesn’t matter if it’s rare or not

  73. I have every type of normal fish in 10 tanks (android) and still cannot breed a galaxy fish…sooo frustrating. It’s been months! I should probably give up….

  74. Will devil and ruby work cause diamond and ruby aren’t working. -_-

  75. It’s working breed diamond first and try 4 5 or,6 times it works

  76. I got my galaxy fish on my 2nd try!

  77. Ok I see no 2014 replies. I got all the regular fish. I kept my rare. They just want you
    to have all the fish before galaxy. My problem is the app was updated and they added Genie, Cyclobs, Griffin, and Reaper. Those are just as imposibble to get as Galaxy! I’m on level 54 and still cannot get galaxy. Oh when they added the fish they added more fish tanks because I only had 3 left. So now I have 28 possible tanks and it’s even harder to get 3 stars! Every time you try to change the last fish it’s never what you need causing another frustration of losing all those pearls in 40 clips a piece. Yep the game has slowed to a snails pace – maybe time to move to another game where you can achieve something once in awhile!

  78. why is it so hard to get galaxy fish?!

  79. I finally had a 48 hrs but when I went back to check it’s disappeared 🙁 I tried again and it became a 2 hrs

    I AM HAPPY!!!!

  81. Proof of galaxy FISH!!!!!!!

  82. More proof!!!

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