Fish with Attitude: Rock Star Fish


Well this is another music fish for your Little aquarium but make no mistake, it’s not a normal music fish. It’s a Rock Star fish! The best of the best for any music lovers and will certainly be a blast at most concerts – even underwater. If you love rock music and quite possibly rock bands then this is definitely a fish you don’t want to miss in your Fish with Attitude!

“Rock on! This fish lives to blast its magnificent music from the center stage. It’ll never go anywhere without its guitar and a school of groupies!” – Fish with Attitude: Rock Star Fish Description


Little aquarium creative traitFish with Attitude Brave Fish traitFish with Attitude Nice Symbol
Fish with Attitude Rock Star Fish Adult

Release Date: Original

Breeding Time: 6 Hours

Egg Hatch Time: 6 Hours
Buying Price: 453pearl
Selling Price: Fish with Attitude - Cash
Trait: Creative, Nice, Brave
Level Requirement: 13

Fish with Attitude: Rock Star  Fish Breeding guide

The Rock Star fish is three trait fish that requires three specific traits to be bred in your Fish with Attitude game. The traits for this fish is a Brave TraitCreative Trait and a Nice Trait. This means you need any fish with the Brave TraitCreative Trait and a Nice Trait to be successful at breeding the Rock  Star Fish.

Recommended is Flirty Fish and Creative Fish. 

Fish with Attitude: Rock  Star Fish Evolution Guide

In Fish with Attitude, fishes evolve when you tap on your first feed. Each fish will have a set time that will finish it’s “growing” status in their profile after you have fed him once.

Fish with Attitude: Rock Star  Fish Earnings [Per Minute]

You can raise your earnings per minute for your fish in little aquarium by tapping on their profile then training them. Once you pay for the training it will take a certain amount of time before the training is complete. Once it does your earnings will raise.

Training Earnings Next Cost
Level 1 4/Minute
Level 2 5/Minute
Level 3 6/Minute

Fish with Attitude: Rock Star  Fish Evolution, Forms, Pictures, Eggs Chart

Baby Adult
 Fish with Attitude Rock Star Fish Baby  Fish with Attitude Rock Star Fish Adult

  47 Responses to “Fish with Attitude: Rock Star Fish”

  1. Flirty and creative gave me a mean fish

  2. Wizard and Salesman gave me this.

  3. You must try again and again.

  4. I breeder the wizard and salesman but got a popstar fish I keep breeding wizard and salesman but all I get is popstar? Any suggestions?

    • I need help getting popstar, were those fish both ectastic or happy? And which order did you put the fish? Left for one fish or another?

      • You need a greedy fish and a creative fish to get a pop star fish. Got it on my fourth try, so don’t get frustrated if you don’t get it the first try. Just keep trying.

        • Yer, i got my rock star on my fourth go by breeding the wizard and the salesman. Your more likely to get the rockstar if you breed the salesman and wizard than flirty and creative, but thats just my opinion. I know its really frustrating if you dont get it for ages but trust me it really is worth it in the end. x

    • I got mine on my fourth go but it is frustrating.

    • Adventure and Dancer?

  5. I have found out how to open all 15 tanks for free.

  6. Hippy fish and smart fish gave me the rock star

  7. A cheerleader and a nice fish gave me this.Got it on my 4th try…

  8. UGH! I keep getting a stupid nice fish!!

  9. i goit it on my first go maybe u might be lucky like me

  10. Lol u were lucky!!

  11. I want this fish but I always try but I don’t get it
    It’s like my 7th time

  12. Be chill. I got it on my second try. It’s all about luck, and patience.

  13. My friend got i by (probaby) breeding clown and brave. Im not sure cos she wont tell me. Hope it help xx

  14. Try breeding ur cheerleader and ur adventure x

  15. I got it Very simple just mix flirty fish and creative fish

  16. I got rockstar by breeding excited flirty fish and normal popstar fish hope this works

  17. i got it by breeding movie star fish and cool fish

  18. Try cheerleader and nice fish

  19. Flirty and cheerleader works i got a rare one

  20. Cheerleader and pretty fish worked first time x

  21. YOU ARE ALL SO DUM…..but not in a bad way sorry…’s not flirty and creative (tried 1000 times) and its not wizard and salesman , it’s….it’s ….. NICE AND CHEERLEADER! (Never tried because of 20 hours breeding werewolf) I figered it out its nice brave creative right….nice is nice…brave creative is cheerleader….so please try…and gameteep,I thought its clever turns out..I AM….sorry all of you and gameteep your all great but please check it out….. I’m going to right now if my 20 hour breed is done (eye roll) anyway thanks xxx

  22. Please try anyway hope it works………sorry,sorry,sorry for being a mean fish it’s just that I got so angry by breeding flirty and creative….XOXOXOX hope you enjoyxxx see ya xxxxxx

  23. |-)
    Sleeping because of 20 hours …..

  24. |-)

  25. Dear Jessicka , it doesn’t work ( I knew it )
    And who do you think you are telling everyone what to do , you idiot !
    Oh I forgot , you spelled ( DUMB ) wrong !

  26. How old are you anyway?
    6 ?

  27. Doesn’t work tried more than 9 times

  28. That doesn’t work but thanks I got dancer and secret agent on this

  29. Nice and Cheerleader fish did it for me works on the first try…. nice on the left and cheerleader on the right…. gud luck 🙂

  30. You can also use a pop star fish and party fish.

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