Fish with Attitude: Shooting Star Fish


The Shooting Star fish in Fish with Attitude is a Galaxy fish that was released on March 18 2014 as part of its new update.

“Go far with the Shooting Star Fish as you make a wish on the night.” – Fish with Attitude: Shooting Star Fish Description


Fish with Attitude Shooting Star Fish

Release Date: March 18 2014

Breeding Time: 48 Hours

Egg Hatch Time: 48 Hours
Buying Price: 1217pearl
Selling Price: 4050Fish with Attitude - Cash
Trait: Galaxy

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Fish with Attitude: Shooting Star Fish Breeding guide

There is currently no tested combinations. Please comment below if there is a confirmed combination.

The Shooting Star fish is an ultra rare fish. To breed the Shooting Star Fish you must use the Ghost Fish and the Reaper Fish for a chance to get the Shooting Star Fish.

When you breed these two fish together look for a 48 hours breeding process which will represent the Shooting Star Fish. When the egg comes it should be a Red Square Shooting Star type of egg, which also takes 48 hours to hatch.

Fish with Attitude: Shooting Star Fish Evolution Guide

In Fish with Attitude, fishes evolve when you tap on your first feed. Each fish will have a set time that will finish it’s “growing” status in their profile after you have fed him once.

Fish with Attitude: Shooting Star Fish Earnings [Per Minute]

You can raise your earnings per minute for your fish in little aquarium by tapping on their profile then training them. Once you pay for the training it will take a certain amount of time before the training is complete. Once it does your earnings will raise.

Training Earnings Cost
Level 1 6/Minute Fish with Attitude - Cash
Level 2 7/Minute Fish with Attitude - Cash
Level 3 8/Minute Fish with Attitude - Cash

Fish with Attitude: Shooting Star Fish Evolution, Forms, Pictures, Eggs Chart

Baby Adult
  • Odinberglin

    Does anyone know the combination to get this fish?

  • fishie_18890

    New fishes are hard to get and mostly you will end up with Werewolf/ Fairy or some other fishie. But keep trying… these are confirmed combinations.
    Genie – Astronaut+Designer
    Cyclops – Wizard+Designer
    Griffin – Wizard+Designer
    Reaper – Genie+Griffin
    Invisible – Ghost+Reaper
    Dragon – Devil+Reaper
    Black Hole – Ruby+Dragon
    Shooting Star – Diamond+Invisible

  • Tyler

    Just a guess maybe Fairy and Galaxy!?!?!?!?

  • Jack

    I got one by breeding diamond + invisible

  • José Ojeda

    Whats The combination for hadis Zeus and afrodita

  • man

    All of the comments have been cleared. What are the breeding combos for shooting star and black hole?

  • man

    Ok, the combo for shooting star is diamond and invisible. Took several tries, but i got it.