Fish with Attitude: Vampire Fish


The Vampire fish in Fish with Attitude is an ultra rare fish that was released on June 8th 2012 along with their line of new “Magical” trait fishes. The Vampire Fish is a blood sucking fish that you probably won’t want to get too close to. The Vampire Fish has a purple color design with many sharp teeth to help make holes in any flesh it might come by.

“It vants your blood! Dark and mysterious, this fish loves candlelight, brooding, and love triangles. Can’t stand werewolves, though. I wonder why…” – Fish with Attitude: Vampire Fish Description
Fish with Attitude - Magical TraitFish with Attitude Vampire Fish BabyRelease Date: June 8th 2012

Breeding Time: 36 Hours

Egg Hatch Time: 36 Hours
Buying Price: 1985pearl
Selling Price: 8050Fish with Attitude - Cash
Trait: Magical
Level Requirement:

Fish with Attitude: Vampire Fish Breeding guide

The Vampire fish is an ultra rare fish. It’s breeding process is contributed by Noah, the recommended combination for breeding the Vampire Fish in Fish with Attitude is Pirate fish and Astronaut fish.

Fish with Attitude: Vampire Fish Evolution Guide

In Fish with Attitude, fishes evolve when you tap on your first feed. Each fish will have a set time that will finish it’s “growing” status in their profile after you have fed him once.

Fish with Attitude: Vampire Fish Earnings [Per Minute]

You can raise your earnings per minute for your fish in little aquarium by tapping on their profile then training them. Once you pay for the training it will take a certain amount of time before the training is complete. Once it does your earnings will rise.

Training Earnings Cost
Level 1 8/Minute  52K
Level 2  9/Minute 67K
Level 3  10/Minute  82K
 Level 4  11/Minute

Fish with Attitude: Vampire Fish Evolution, Forms, Pictures, Eggs Chart

Baby Adult
 Fish with Attitude Vampire Fish Baby  Fish with Attitude Vampire Fish Adult

  93 Responses to “Fish with Attitude: Vampire Fish”

  1. I think this is what I'm currently hatching, I used the combination above and it has taken 36 hours breeding time and is going to take 36 hours hatching time. The egg is diamond shaped and bright purple sparkly colour (same purple as the fish in the picture)

  2. I breed a cowboy and a astronaut breeding and hatching time was 36 hours.

  3. My sister just got 36 hours with ninja and rockstar she was breeding random lol

  4. Pirate and cowboy also get the vampire fish!!

  5. I got mine by breeding the rockstar and the pirate fish. 🙂

  6. I just bred one, and it disliked itself. Time for round two!

  7. I tried the astraunaut fish and the pirate fish and it gave me a nice fish. I just layed an egg which I used the cowboy and the pirate I think and I have sort of a purple ish but there are other colours too. Anyone know if I am getting another fairy fish? I already have one and she seems to be popping up with quite a few of my breeding attempts.

  8. I just mated pirate and astonaout and I got 36 hours one of your fishes has to be happy

  9. Lol. How can a fish dislike itself.

  10. I breed nija and cowboy and got vampire

  11. I used a moviestar and an astronaut to get it?

  12. Also works with Ninja fish and rock star fish… Egg is a dark purple diamond shape

  13. Mine disliked itself too….

  14. How do i unlock the ancient coffin toy? Anyone know?

  15. The egg is a purple box. Takes 36 hours breed/hatch.

  16. My vampire fish doesnt like its self wat do i do?

  17. Ive gotten two vampire fish and both dislike each other… Which is highly irritating since they take soo long to breed. Any thoughts since others are having this issue that they will patch it?

  18. What does a galaxy fish and a movie star fish make ??????????????????????????

  19. I got it with a ninja and pirate

  20. I just bred the movie star and astronuat fish and the egg is black with white fur in the middle can somebody tell what that fish is thx

  21. I used the combination above and toke about 3-4 try's and got it

  22. GETTinG it omgee solo excited 3 tries got werewolf 8 tries toy fish 2 tries

  23. I GOT IT ON THE FIRST TRY!!!!!!!!!! with the astronaut fish and the pirate fish.

    P.S. the egg is NOT a box, its a diamond, because, it says one of its favorite(s) is DIAMONDS and its purple, because, well…the fish is purple!

  24. I have a vampire fish without the tail :))

  25. why does my adult vampire fish not have the tail ? :((

  26. i have a 40hr breeding time 🙁

  27. nvmd just got 36 yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  28. i got mine today

  29. Ty a lot for the person who wrote the ninja fish and rockstar one I got vamp 🙂

  30. Ty a lot for the person who wrote the ninja fish and rockstar one I got vamp 🙂

    • I need the vamp cos I got werewolf and unicorn my cowboy likes vamp but my unicorn and werewolf don’t like vamp so what should I do

  31. You got to breed it a few time to get the vampire fish I got mine

  32. I got the Vampire fish from breeding Ninja and Astronaut Fish. Wasn’t even trying, first time around, just lucky!

  33. Hey you guys I am trying to get this fish but first I have to get pirate and astro fish

  34. I am breeding model and movie star, 20 hours! Anyone know what is it? I hope not a fairy,notafairy, Ihopeitisnotafairyihopeitisnotafairyihopeitisnotafairy!

  35. omg, I get it on my first try!! Soon getting a werewolf fish too!

    • But most of the time vampire doesn’t like werewolf. I can’t get it coz I’ve got trouble getting a ninja fish….

  36. I bred pirate and model and it is taking 20 hours, what is it!? Don’t be a fairydontbeafairydontbeafairydontbeafairydontbeafairy!

  37. I think it might be the were wolf or tye fairy thats the combination i used anyway, any advice on the galaxy?

  38. I did a pirate and rockstar and got a vampire on the first try

  39. I think I getting vampire fish cause it was 36 hrs and I breed rockstar and ninja

  40. I gust got vampire fish he looks scary

  41. I breed a rockstar and ninja and the egg is dark purple square is that a vampire fish but the breeding time is only 20h weird right?

  42. Bred movie star with rockstar, got 20 hours. What is it??

  43. I got my werewolf fish AND vampire on my first try! I must have a lucky astronaut fish or something

  44. I’m getting one

  45. tomorrow at 1:00 am my astronaut fish will be fully grown and I’ll finally be able to breed the vampire fish!

  46. If the breeding time is 20h it’s a fairy fish

  47. how do you breed him

  48. what fish do you get when the egg that is layed has a see through swuare or diamond around it?

  49. How can i get my vampire fish back that i deleted by accident ?

  50. I really want to breed a vampire!!!!!!!! But I don’t know which combination to use. Please help!!!!! 🙂

  51. Model fish and pirate fish and it layed a black egg with a white tie looking thing? Anyone know what it is?

  52. How do you get ninja fish??? I need it to breed vampire. I have movie star so would ninja amd movie star work? It did for my BFF. PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO GET NINJA!! It’s driving me crazy!

  53. how do you make austronaut!! Please reply ASAP coz I can’t get it and its driving me crazy!! Lol like crazy fish.

    Ps: Harry potter rocks!!!

    • Please???? Is it shy and smart?? My friend just said no coz apparently that’s secret agent fish. AHHHHHHHH I need ninja fish soooooo bad. My friend just got creative when she was trying to get clown. Any ideas on how she can get clown? Thx to everyone who replies. If anyone replies 🙁

    • Well to become an astronaut you would have to go to college and major in astronomy then you attend NASA and you would have to pay some fees to go in for the training then you become an astronaut. TA DA!

  54. clown, eh? try nice and creative.

  55. Bred first time got a 6 hr wait for pirate fish, second time got 10 hr for astronaut! I’m currently waiting for the 10 hours to pass…. god plz, third Time the charm??!!?!

  56. I got unicorn fish on my first try, and skittles(that’s what i named her) likes the vamp fish so…here goes nothing :/

  57. SHOOT! i was digging the fish, and i accidentely sold it! S.O.B! : (. …………………

  58. : ( .

  59. 🙁 . ……….

  60. I used rock star and pirate to get vampire. 🙂

  61. Try fairy and werewolf that make u vapmire


  63. Ahh!! I got the vampire on the first try using the rare ninja and rockstar and my friend deleted it accidentally!!

  64. I got a 36 hrs breeding time with Astronaut and Cowboy but I’m not sure what it is

  65. i try to breed the pirate and the astronaut it faild i will going to use all of the comments

  66. You need to update your info. The breeding time is 20 hours. Not 36.

  67. i used rare rock star and rare cowboy, breeding time is 36 hours, it’s a vamp right?? 🙂

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