Fish with Attitude: Werewolf Fish


The Werewolf fish in Little aquarium is an ultra rare fish that was released on June 8th 2012 along with their line of new “Magical” trait fishes. The Werewolf Fish is definitely one of the fishes you don’t normally see in Fish with Attitude and it’s beautiful light-hearted designs but the werewolf fish is definitely the most unique!

“AwooOOOooo! This fella loves flannel, full moons, and pretty – but clumsy – girls. Absolutely hates vampires for some reason, though. Especially if they’re shirtless.” – Fish with Attitude: Werewolf Fish Description

Fish with Attitude - Magical Trait


Fish with Attitude Werewolf Fish Baby

Release Date: June 8th 2012

Breeding Time: 20 Hours

Egg Hatch Time: 20 Hours
Buying Price: 1217pearl
Selling Price: Fish with Attitude - Cash
Trait: Magical
Level Requirement:

Fish with Attitude: Werewolf Fish Breeding guide

The Werewolf fish is an ultra rare fish. Players have reported that breeding Astronaut Fish with Model fish will give you a chance at breeding the Werewolf Fish in Fish with Attitude.

Fish with Attitude: Werewolf Fish Evolution Guide

In Fish with Attitude, fishes evolve when you tap on your first feed. Each fish will have a set time that will finish it’s “growing” status in their profile after you have fed him once.

Fish with Attitude: Werewolf Fish Earnings [Per Minute]

You can raise your earnings per minute for your fish in little aquarium by tapping on their profile then training them. Once you pay for the training it will take a certain amount of time before the training is complete. Once it does your earnings will rise.

Training Earnings Cost
Level 1 6/Minute
Level 2  7/Minute
Level 3  8/Minute

Fish with Attitude: Werewolf Fish Evolution, Forms, Pictures, Eggs Chart

Baby Adult
 Fish with Attitude Werewolf Fish Baby  Fish with Attitude Werewolf Fish Adult
    • cameron

      i bred the model with ninga and got the fairy and the werewolf amd if u breed those you get the dimond fish i was so happy. hope this help others

    • veronica

      I’ve tried model and astronaut about 7 times and I keep getting fairy fish. I’ve got a whole school of ’em now. Just can’t get a werewolf! any suggestions?

      • Fishadvice_fishquestions

        I did it once and I got it… Or at least I think

      • josh

        I’ve gotten fairy fish & werewolf with the same combo of popstar and ninja.
        1st attempt got me a werewolf (black diamond egg), 2nd attempt with popstar & ninja gave me fairy (pinkish purple diamond egg).
        Same combo gave me both. It’s just random luck.

        • josh

          POPSTAR was on left & NINJA was on right when I picked them for the breed both times. I’m not sure if that matters because I got one of each but in case you’re curious.

      • Gin B

        Me too

      • Gabby

        You get a werewolf by breeding rock star and movie star together I get werewolf all the time with this combo

      • someone

        you need model and ninga

    • Suu Suu

      i tried the combination about 4 times and i keep ending up with the fairy fish 🙁

      • Peggy

        Me too I need some suggestions please help

        • someone

          you need model and ninga

      • someone

        you need model and ninga

    • Nedra

      I bred the astronauts fish with the model fish and the 20 hour notification came up, 10 hours into the breeding time i go back to check the progress and my tank is empty!!! I am upset!!!

    • Nyema

      You might get a fairy I did

      • cameron

        i did lol 🙂

        • Riio De Janiiero

          Me too, I got fairy 3 times..

          • Peace luver

            I got it 16 freakin times! I am tired of this! Any suggestions?

  • Katie

    I used the combination above and the breeding time is 19 and something hours. Is that right ?

    • Will

      I did mivie star and pop star. It said 20 hours. Does anybody know what it is?

      • Mooimafish

        It’s the unicorn fish

        • Jen

          No it’s not, unicorn fish is model and designer fish. Unless you have tried it, get your facts before you reply.

          • Christian Tobon

            I tried and I got unicorn fish

          • mali


  • Austin

    Hey guys I bred rockstar and popstar and got 20 hours any idea what I got

    • Katie Brugmans

      I got the fairy fish with that combo

      • Austin

        Me to

      • Kris

        Same here I tryed over and over and got nothing but Fairy )( >:T

      • kencana

        i no combo

    • Alex

      Me as well, some people say they got the werewolf but I got a fairy

    • Dani

      Fairy fish

    • Harry’s_Curls

      Fairy fish, I got fairy fish with that (:

      • Susan

        Fairy fish

    • Eliana

      Angle fish !!!!!:() well done

    • Katie Brugmans

      What color is the egg? Werewolf, unicorn and fairy all take 20 hours… Let us know if you get something different 🙂

    • Austin


      • cameron

        that does work at Amelie ,austin

        • Kk

          Also I did model and ninja and I got fairy on my first try

  • Keisha

    I breed my astronaut and model fish and it has taken 20 hours for breeding and growing I have a diamond egg with a slash threw it can anyone tell me what it is please HELP!!

    • Kk

      Wearwolf or vampire

  • Alex

    I just bred a pop star fish and the movie star fish anyone know what i should expect?

    • cameron

      you posted this on my bday but i bred those and got the same thing thank you. 🙂

  • Lilian

    I bred a cowboy and a celebrity fish which is taking 20hrs..don’t know what I’m going to get out of it!

    • Zachary

      you are going to get starfish if your on level 31

  • Lilian

    I bred a celebrity and a cowboy fish and got the werewolf!

  • Michael

    I’m trying to breed a galaxy fish but don’t no how 2

    • Alex

      Try cool and popstar, my friend said she got it like that but I’ve never tried it. I can’t guarantee that this will work.

  • Scott

    To breed galaxy do werewolf pop star

  • Scott

    For the galaxy fish do werewolf and pop star thats what I got

    • Katharine

      Thanks!!! After ur comment… I got werewolf!!
      The popstar and pirate worked!

    • JSC

      thank you this combo worked , the one above only gave me fairy fish

      • Kk

        Me 2

  • Kris

    Mhm I breed Austronaut and model together and on my first try I got 20 hours
    They just laced the eye and it’s defenatly a magicl egw But IDK if it’s a Werewolf or not
    The eggs colour is white but It has a gasoline tint to it (meaning the rainbow shine on it) so Yeah

    • Kris

      Damn auto correct, my apologies for my spelling

      • Kris

        It turns out it was a Fairy, I tryed again and I got Another Fairy

  • Jesse

    Got it!!!! First try! 😀

    • Jesse

      false alarm, it was a fairy….however I just got a diamond eggs which is black that has a white stripe going across it diagonally…..pretty sure it might be it….also the combo I used was a model and ninja!!!!

  • Yolanda

    I got the werewolf fish on my first try using the model fish and the ninja fish!

  • Lauria Fave

    Someone, please tell me how to get the popstar. Please. : (

  • mariana

    the egg have a diamond shape and its gray in the left part white in the middle and black in the right, hope it helps!!

  • Scott

    Guys I did ninja then rockstar and it’s takin 35 hours! Any idea?

  • Valeria L.

    I think I got it on 2nd try i put astronaut and model = 20hours ^_^ first try I got clown fish. Hope this is it!

  • Tiffany

    I got werewolf on first try of model and astronaut. Good luck

  • Suzanne

    Got this with designer and rockstar

  • Nyema

    I breeded a popstar and a cowboy fish to get a fairy fish the egg is a clear diamond thing

  • Maya Rose

    Got this with rock star and popstar while trying for angelfish!!!

  • Cfer7

    I’m breeding a model fish and a pirate fish, it’s taking 20 hours and I haven’t layed the egg yet, please help!

  • Ellie Goulding

    I got it! It so cute! Who here just saw my concert? Me and Ke$ha play this all the time!

  • Ke$ha

    I got the galaxy fish! I didn’t do diamond and ruby. I did fairy and rock star!

  • Amber

    You have to click the model fish on the left and the astronaut on the left and that’s how I got the werewolf and i did it the other way round and got the fairy!

    • Amalia

      How do you get austronurt

  • Peace luver

    I got 20hrs with cowboy and Movistar fish

  • Amalia

    My egg is a. Lite shade of purple and black ? Not sure what it is ?
    Can engine tell me

  • Amalia

    It’s rare fairy fish

  • Sunysunysuny

    I used astronaut and model but I always get fairy. It’s already my 6th time getting it..

  • Minny sweetheart

    I am so excited! I just got it with the first try!

  • Hoda

    I bred the pirate and movie star and it’s 20 hour breeding,still waiting with 12 hours left any one have any idea which fish is this?

  • Xox

    I bred a rockstar and a model fish breeding time is 20hrs anyone know what it could be?

    • Hoda

      Maybe a fairy.

  • Hoda

    I am breeding model and movie starand the breeding time is 20 hours annyone know what is it!? O hope that it isn’t a fairy , dontbeafairydontbeafsirydontbeafsirydontbeafairy!

    • Hoda

      It turns out to be a unicorn!

  • Sharon

    I put model fish and rockstar fish together and it’s 20 hrs does anyone know

    • Aiden

      It unicorn

  • Aiden

    Hey to breed angle fish breed unicorn and fairy

  • Aiden

    It takes 30h

  • Hoda

    Breeding model and pirate, 20 hours, am I getting this little wolf? Pleasebeawolfpleasebeaworlpleasebeawolfpleasebeawolfpleasebeawolfpleasebeawolf!

  • Linnuz

    I got this with ninja and model … SERIOUSLY. IT WASN’T FAIRY AT ALL

  • Liv

    I just bred a postar and a model and got 20 hours can somebody help me I don’t know what it is

  • Acent

    Try movie star and rock star it will work

    • Acent

      Just try movie star on left rock star on right , it sok 100%

  • Christian Tobon

    I bred pirate fish and popstar fish and the breeding time is 20 hours and the egg is taking 20 hours the egg is diamond and black is it werewolf fish

  • Jack

    I got werewolf with astronaut and pop star

  • josh

    I’ve used popstar & ninja and gotten a werewolf on my 1st try (brownish black diamond egg)
    I tried popstar & ninja again and got fairy on 2nd try (pinkish purple diamond egg)
    The SAME COMBO made BOTH. Its a combo of luck, fish being ecstatic & repeated attempts.

    I can confirm this to be truth. I’m not ‘guessing’ at what I’m going to get like the majority of people commenting here. Or can’t remember the breed combo they used.

    I got the werewolf on Thursday evening and the fairy today. No B.S.

  • rosi

    I got it by breeding pop star and cowboy

  • meme

    Astronaut Fish with Model fish = Fairy Fish not Werewolf Fish
    why i get it = =^

  • Sidney’s

    I bred movie star and asrounot 20 hours anyone know what it will be?

  • Peggy

    hey I breed the model and designer and got a 10 hour time what am I going to get

  • Madison

    I got the fairy fish with the breeding up top 60 hours

  • Peggy

    I random breed unicorn and werewolf what will I get

  • noname4u


  • Andrew

    First try again after getting unicorn first lucky!! Thank you for the combo!!!

  • dominic farace

    Im currently breeding a model and astronaut and have a 20 hr breeding time, anyone no what it is? Is it werewolf

  • Ammar

    Model and pirate got me werewolf

  • Alyssa

    I bred astronaut and popstar to get my werewolf

  • jennifer ledger

    Just wondering…wouldn’t it be the vampire fish that hates shirtless were wolfs? Not the other way around? Lol just saw that and was wondering…:) Jesus loves you!!

  • hi

    I bred pop star and fairy 6 hrs any ideas???? =D

  • hi

    U people suck

  • MileyCurys

    I got Werewolf fish on my first try. ^_^

  • Meak

    I bred a astronaut and model fist time got a fairy n just bred them again n got a warewolf yayyyy

  • bulbmin1234

    i bred with astronaut and salesman but i got nerdy

  • Brittany Keller

    For werewolf fish. First try at breeding for me was the wizard fish and designer fish and they were not estatic they were just missing the fish they like. I don’t know if that’s excited or what it’s called but they were not estatic and no they don’t have to be. I find its easier when they’re not. Cuz when they are. I get the rare version of the fish I just used to breed.