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Galaxy Life, Pocket Adventures is a great story adventure builder that will amaze players with its cartoon-style space building adventure. We’ve tackled many builder app games and found that Galaxy Life: Pocket Adventure to have an quite interesting focus that  players will find compelling. At the start of the game you will notice there is a very interesting story or intro that tells you about space creatures and what happened on their planet.

Galaxy Life is perhaps the first app with such an captivating story introduction that immensely drives you into wanting to know more about these space creatures. One may think that a builder app game is probably going to be just building and collecting but rest assured that you will be amazed with the battle system added to this tiny app.

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 Gameteep Rating: 4 Stars

Galaxy Life Pocket Adventures icon

App Name: Galaxy Life
Seller: Digital Chocolate

Genre: Defense/Builder
Gameteep Rating: 4/5

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.1 or later.

Rated Version: 1.2.7

Galaxy Life: Pocket Adventures Gameplay

Galaxy Life plays similar to park, island building app games where they allow you to build and collect special items that help grows your park – or planet in this case. You won’t get adorable creatures or dinosaurs in this app game yet an shop full of resources to defend and attack different planets.

In the shop you will see cool artillery and resources like Turrents, Bunkers, and compact houses that help protect and earn your planet precious money to grow your army. You build these on your planet and as your planet expands, so does your inventory of collectible resources.

Like all builder app games, you will need to clear out bushes, trees and multiple objects that block your way of expanding. Keep in mind that as you build so will your population and that will mean you will need to get more workers to build more precise buildings in a shorter time span.

Perhaps one of the neatest thing in Galaxy Life: Pocket Adventures is that you are able to visit, spy, and attack other planets. These battles will include your friends or non-friends in the game, so don’t worry about getting bored or playing alone. There is also a social element to this app game that allows for players to message one another through the system which is quite an intriguing aspect for starting your Space wars in Galaxy Life.

Galaxy Life: Pocket Adventures Graphics

The actual gameplay graphics are very casual, when you begin the intro you will notice it has quite an interesting introduction with a comic-style drawings.

Other notable graphics related aspects about this app game is that there is astounding animation that makes the entire game flow like a story.  Galaxy Life feel as if everything is connected, this includes moving from one Planet to another to even telling your workers to chop down those bush and trees. All the graphics are animated to help bring realism to the player’s game.

Galaxy Life: Pocket Adventures Sounds

The music will make players curious about what to do next. The sound effects on these special space creatures are very fun to hear when tapping on them.

Galaxy Life: Pocket Adventures Round-up 

Galaxy Life: Pocket Adventures is one of those app games you can’t put down when you start playing. It takes aspects from both defense battle type games and builder app games to bring you an amazing new adventure for your mobile device. It’s hard to find an app game that gives you an objective other than collect cool stuff but Galaxy Life: Pocket Adventures does that. It allows you to build your army and village while also adding a battle system.

Perhaps, one of the most sought after elements to any builder collectible game is a battle system or something special you can do with your already built park. Galaxy Life: Pocket Adventure focuses on this allowing you to both build and fight battles against other planets, and even online!

If you love games where you can interact with one other, including battle then Galaxy Life: Pocket Adventures is definitely a game you don’t want to leave out of your app library. It gives you the best of both worlds, building cool stuff and intensive battles to bring an entirely new adventure for you in space. You can even discover new planets with different environments  that just makes your game even more amazing as you wonder what else there is to discover in your game’s galaxy.

Bottom line: If you love space building and battles then this is a must have app game in your library!

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