May 152012

Ice Age Village Icon Ice Age Village is here with a brand new update for Ice Age Village fans! Ice Age Village is released with Ice Age Village 1.0.1 Update that has been optimized for the new iPad’s retina display but that’s not all! You also get brand new content from the developers including new animals, buildings and decorations. Know that you will also get scrat mini-games where you get more chances to win some amazing stuff for your ice age village. Whats added as a bonus is 15 new quests for you to develop your ice age village to become the best animal village ever! Check out the developer’s release notes below.

What’s New in Version 1.0.1

Download the first Ice Age Village update now!

– Now optimized for the new iPad’s Retina display
– Scrat Mini-Game (more chances to win great prizes)

New Content
– 15 new quests
– New animal
– New decoration
– New fun building

Multiple Bug Fixes

  5 Responses to “Ice Age Village 1.0.1 Update”

  1. Since i opdated my ipad2 the image i to large. Hos do i fix it?

  2. I updated my iPad 2 and now the images are to large for the screen,everything is scrambles and I cannot play the mini scrat game,are there any fixes due for this

  3. I updated to iPad 2 also..images are too big now to play

  4. Need more land as not enough for all the animals,fun stuff,and decrations

  5. Currently i cannot access to my ice age game since i have update ios to 5. When we try to acces, the application kept close. I have played for quite long and will be so dissapointed if i cannot access it again. Pls neeed your respond soon

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