Jul 202013

Batgirl was recently released into Injustice: Gods Among Us for the Apple iOS, and some players are experiencing a problem with obtaining her. You may get the notice that you are not connected to the internet when in fact you are. This has caused an uproar for some Injustice mobile players because they are unable to obtain Batgirl for their game.


Injustice Gods Among Us – Batgirl

Batgirl was released into the Batgirl Challenge Mode, and could be obtained for free when you complete all 5 of the challenges put forth in the game. After you have completed the Challenge Mode, you can then access her in the shop to purchase even more cards for her to upgrade the card.

Batgirl Connection Problem Fix

Are you running into a connection problem with getting Batgirl for Injustice: Gods Among Us for iPhone, iPod Touch, or the iPad? Well you are not the only one. This is a glitch for version 1.5 and the solution to fixing this problem is quite easy.

establish your Internet connection and restart the application

To fix the internet connection problem you need to go into your Settings then International set them accordingly.

  • COUNTRY needs to be UNITED STATES (US)
  • LANGUAGE needs to be ENGLISH

Once you do this re-launch the Injustice app then try to get Batgirl. This should solve the internet connection problem giving you Batgirl in the game! Enjoy!

  • Shayan

    Thank you so much!
    I have a US apple id but my region was set on UK! i had problem with some apps but this tip solved theme easily.

  • Danny


  • Ken

    OMG I was finding this solution for a long time. thx for the tips. Love u man

  • Aza

    Cuando ya cambie el campo y el idioma tengo que borrar el juego y volverlo a descargar? No se me borrara lo que tengo?
    ( perdonen mi ignorancia )

    • RF

      Hola, yo lo acabo de intentar y no borra el progreso.

      • Chapo

        A mi tampocose me corrige el problema ya e intentado eso muchas veces no saben otra solucion

  • Aan

    thank you very much!! 🙂

  • RF

    You’re awesome! I have tried so many things, you’re a life saver!

  • james curtis

    fackin americans cant even do a normal game…100000000 glitches in every your fackin games….losers….what about others idiots? how bout europe asia and etc? hate u fackin americans…can only kill people for nothing and declare war for so so….idiots

    • The guy laughing

      Butt hurt to the max lol

    • Batman

      How about proper grammar. Yeah, how stupid is America now, bitch.

  • Luna

    Hehe, thank you so much for the solution

  • nestor

    I am sorry, i could not solve the problem with this solution, any ideas? Lo siento, pero esto no me sirvio, ya gane todos los modos desafio y no recibi ninguna de las recompensas. Alguna idea?

    • Joshua

      Me pasa lo mismo :/ ya lo completé todo y cuando cambié el idioma y país sigue sin servir.

  • JP

    Not working for me….

  • Marco (from Italy)

    Thanks for the solution! I had almost completed the challenge (few matches of the last on) and I was wondering if at the end I was ever able to get batgirl…
    Just a question… I have not tried to set back to Italian the device… Do you think I can do it now or it is better to complete the last challenge and get batgirl before reverting to italian?

  • Marco

    Thanks a lot for the solution! I had almost completed the challenge, just few matches left, and I was wondering if I would ever be able to get Batgirl.

    Actually I left in English/US, but do you think I can revert to original (Italian/Italy) now or it is better to complete the challenge first, and only after having batgirl change back the language and country?
    Thanks again

  • MuLi

    How re-launch? Do we need to delete the apps and install it again?

  • Arlekus

    Thanks dude! that resolves the problem!!!!!

  • xxx

    You’re my hero!

  • Doremi

    Are there more challenges after batgirl? Or is that it until the next update? Also does anyone else get this large yellow square icon where the challenge credit icon supposed to be during the reward phase of the match?! It’s such an obvious glitch.

  • Ivan

    It still doesn’t work..I do not even c batgirl in the shop -_-

  • ML

    it’s not working for my ipad. so what should I do now? pls help~

  • Arthur

    Thanks! Really helped!

  • Eric

    Thank you. What happens if I change it back after getting Batgirl?

  • Juan

    Didn’t worked. 🙁

  • Zuan

    Thank you. U are my savior..

  • Marco

    New update… And the new challenge is not even present… Hmmm… Any solution?

  • Jaleel

    I had batgirl then deleted the game and installed it again but no batgirl! I don’t even see her in the character at all. Does anyone know how to buy her?

  • Paul

    I fixed the problem and I’ve got Zod but unfortunately I just saw this today ands batgirl is no longer available, does anyone know how to get her now?

  • Kenneth

    This really worksssssss,”,,,, thanks for all!

  • e-Pad

    My settings is blank when I go to iPad settings -> Injustice… should there be something? And yes, I’ve got the same problem with the internet connection when it comes to challenges. With Batgirl and with Zod.. so irritating

    Am from Europe

  • Ghostjoker

    I have a same probleme with zod why how can we ontenir Zod ?

  • Frank

    They release a worlwide game and you need to change your settings for local preferences? Incredible. Next time release the game US only then. I had the same issue with Zod and lost it because of this.

  • Madeske

    Where can you Find THE settings of THE game ? I’m from belgium And i have only options there can i not Change the internet only my sound And other stuff. So where can i Find de settings for THE internet ?

  • fefefefe

    when i go to injustic in my ipad settings there is nothing i can change there just nothing
    plzzz help me i’m from europe

    • Andrei Cotos

      I’m from Europe too! Just go to: Settings/General/International/ select United States instead of your country then reset the game!

  • Aaron morel

    That didn’t do enything, mine was already set to US English but it still won’t work.

  • Andrei Cotos

    It works, I just claimed my rewards at last challenge, Red Son deathstroke 🙂 oleee!! 🙂

  • Aaron morel

    How do I fix my connection problems, i really need red son deathsroke. Plz help.

  • RandomDude

    For those people who this fix didn’t work for. I had the same problem for green lantern and I fixed it by doing all of the above, after you do all this go back into your game. And click challenge it should say that there is still no internet connection, click back and go right back into challenge again. It should work now. Hope it helps 🙂