Dec 142013

Injustice Gods Among Us mobile players gets a brand new challenge for Apple iOS and for Android. iOS players gets Martian Manhunter challenge added into their game while Android players gets a different challenge that players from iOS devices have already gotten before.

Injustice Martian Manhunter Batgirl

How Challenge Mode Works

For new Android players, this is the first time you’ve received a challenge mode and this is your chance to get exclusive limited edition characters in the game. Challenge Modes are the only way to obtain some of the coolest characters and once you miss the opportunity it’ll take a long while before being able to see these characters back again – if ever.

iOS players have not had any characters return since the challenge mode began, so given the opportunity now with the first Challenge Mode, Android players should definitely complete the challenge ASAP.

Martian Manhunter Challenge (Apple iOS)

Injustice Gods Among Us – Martian Manhunter

For a limited time, until Mon December 30 5AM, the Martian Manhunter Challenge is available for players to obtain in the game. This is only available for iOS (Apple devices) players. The challenge requires you to complete the Martian Manhunter Challenge like all challenges and once you’ve completed them he will be unlocked into your shop for purchase. And you get a free card.

Batgirl Challenge (Android Players)

Injustice Gods Among Us – Batgirl

Android players get their first challenge ever! Batgirl Challenge is now available for Android players to complete and it’s definitely a must complete for anyone looking to collect every card and character in the game. If you’re wondering, Apple iOS players never had Batgirl return yet so if you miss this opportunity, it may be months before having Batgirl return.

Beat all of Batgirl’s challenge to unlock her and get a FREE Batgirl card in the game. If you do not beat the Batgirl challenge you will NOT be able to see her in the shop AFTER the event.


  5 Responses to “Injustice: Gods Among Us – Martian Manhunter & Batgirl Challenge Released!”

  1. I have the game but the Martian Manhunter challenge won’t appear. I’ve been waiting for days, and the challenge will be over soon. Help?

  2. My friend said that if a challenge was to hard I could wind the date back for more time. It worked for a couple of challenges then I got Martian manhunter. I heard that batgirl was back in, so I went on to do it but the Martian manhunter challenge froze on seven days and now I can’t do anything at all

  3. How do I get unlimited power credits?

  4. I have batgirl and zod ,and i just playing when suddenly my phone restarted ….i dont know why!
    I have more than 50% battery ..
    When i back in game i start from begining …. i get zod challenge again but batgirl…not
    Now i have Zod ,deathstroke and raven from challenge but i want batgirl back again..
    i never have challenge for Martian..but i dont care i want batgirl again..
    PLZZ help

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