Jun 262014

Available until Monday July 14. 8:00AM is a brand new challenge for Injustice: Gods Among Us mobile players. Get the brand new character Killer Frost (Regime) through this challenge that is only available for a limited time. The challenge is currently only available for iOS and not found on Android.

Injustice Gods Among Us Regime Killer Frost Challenge Revealed


For Android Players

It is expected that the challenge will arrive with the new update but there has been no confirmation on the release of the multiplayer feature as well as this brand new challenge for Android users. The new challenge is also not found on the official Injustice Facebook Page but only in-game for iOS devices.

Here is the update information found for iOS players and Android players could potentially be expecting something similar.

New Injustice update information

Tell the truth — to reach your full potential, you just need to be CHALLENGED. Injustice will provide. We have NEW Challenges ready to test your skills in the upcoming weeks.

  • Killer Frost
  • Luchadore Bane
  • Arkham Origins Deathstroke
  • Red Son Batman

Newly revised Bonus Missions, for when you just can’t get enough Injustice. With 12 new missions and the ability to skip one Bonus Mission each day, you’re basically Batman.

Are you good at this game? Good. We consider your prowess a challenge befitting a worthy opponent. We’ve balanced our Online Multiplayer to further challenge our elite players. Now is the time to show us what you’re made of, and we’ll reward you accordingly.

That’s Right! This update contains other stuff, like extra gear cards, ET CETERA!

  10 Responses to “Injustice: Gods Among Us Regime Killer Frost Challenge Revealed”

  1. So excited for the AO Deathstroke!!

  2. yay finally new caracters and new challenges

  3. finally red son batman with lucador bane and arkham origins deathstorke.
    arkham origins deatstroke and arkham origins batman together will make a great team with lucador bane.

  4. When is luchador bane coming to challenge mode

  5. Hey ppl plz help me out . I just got a red son batman , and now when I checked shop the red son batman and normal batman are for 50% sale. I’m confused . Should I get red son batman cuz I already have a red son batman card and it would be promoted to elite 1 or should I buy normal batman and I Dnt have a normal batman card .plz help me


  6. I envy you guys for havin’ IOS, I have Android and it’s such a mess. I bought one booster and that give me an special move for Deathstroke AO, but we (androids users) didn’t even know about his existence.
    The last challenge that we got is Batman Red Son (I get it, yay!).

  7. AO death stroke is boss and looks like the arrows deathstroke I hope they make one of them if anyone wants info I have information on all four charectors and killer frost is the ultimate challenge coz she is glitched to work in silver only challenges only

  8. luchador bane is next after AO Deathstroke

  9. Well the frost is bugged it will not allow me to preview anything and showed on my challenge today messed up my game

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