Injustice: Gods Among Us – 600 Wonder Woman


600 Wonder Woman in Injustice: Gods Among Us, the mobile version, is a card and character you can obtain in the game. You can only obtain this card by completing the challenge when it’s available.

Each character has their own special bonus that adds bonuses to your deck while in play. They also have their own unique attacks and requires special support cards to improve their Health, Attack, or Energy consumption. Find more information about the stats of 600 Wonder Woman in the game below……..

Character: 600 Wonder Woman

Release Date IOS: Released!
Release Date Android: Released!
Injustice Gods Among Us 600 Wonder Woman
Price:  201,000 Injustice Gods Among Us Power Credit

  •  NOTE: Only available through Challenge Mode.
Bonus: Amazonian Fury: ALL FEMALE characters on Wonder Woman’s team receive +30% DAMAGE and POWER Generation.
Attacks* —1 (Requires level 1)—

  • Shield Toss: Wonder Woman uses her shield as a projectile, taking her opponent unawares

—2 (Requires level 5)—

  • Aegis Wrath: Wonder Woman combines shield and sword strikes to crush her opponent. UNBLOCKABLE BLEEDING damage over 8 seconds.

—3 (Requires level 20)—

  • Justice Javelin: Wonder Woman calls in allies to help annihilate her opposition. UNBLOCKABLE
Support Cards HEALTH: Daughter of Zeus – +10% Health for Red Son Wonder Woman.
ATTACK: Strength of Demeter – +10% Damage for Red Son Wonder Woman.
ENERGY: Amazonian Origin – +10% Energy Regeneration for Red Son Wonder Woman
Character Rating
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Rating: 4.4/5 (115 votes cast)

*As you level your attacks, the strength of the attacks will grow. Players are able to level their attacks 10 times before it maxes out.

*Any bonuses from the character affecting another character should affect all cards with the character’s name. It does not matter if it is  Arkham Origins or Insurgency or Normal unless stated.

Damage & Stats

Injustice Gods Among Us 600 Wonder Woman Card

We are no longer documenting stats and damages due to adjustments to the stats through updates which eventually renders the stats different oppose to previous versions.

 600 Wonder Woman Video

Injustice: Gods Among Us – 600 Wonder Woman, 4.4 out of 5 based on 115 ratings

  24 Responses to “Injustice: Gods Among Us – 600 Wonder Woman”

  1. Cannot wait to get her and pair up with RWW and RSWW. Then Regime WW’s passive will be AMAZING!

  2. best WW in-game art.(regime looks constipated)

  3. how do I get this Wonder Woman, I only can get Darkseid…

  4. WHERE IS ARES?! Lol, I want him 🙁

  5. I’m not gonna lie… I’m really upset that one of the challenges to obtain WW600 requires a Red Son character. I recently started playing a month ago and have just gotten to the point where I can actually defeat the challenges. However, I am no where near the point in the game where I can afford the Red Son pack. This new challenge could really help me get to that point, but it seems really discriminating against newer characters who are trying to build up a good force. Is there a feasible way to obtain a Red Son character at this point without grinding the batman bonus non stop for the next week and a half (which, I’m sorry but would make me not want to play anymore)?

    • Me too. I’m new here, and I have just played for 2 months or so. The Darkseid challenge is much easier, and I have obtained the card easily without much difficulty. I hope that we have new challenges soon. Oh, and also, I hate Red Sons that are not on my team. *Duh!

      • Well the only way now to get a character that requires a red son cheaper is to buy a challenge pack and pray its rs deathstroke. I don’t need any of these new characters though. I have luchador bane elite VII. I saved up for ages and he’s well worth it. Best character in the game.

    • Yea. Same problem here! I’ve just beaten the 5th challenge with that stupid harley-quin but can’t fight the guys in the 4th challenge due to my lack of redson-characters. i will not buy the red-son pack just for this challenge! They really messed something up here!

    • Even I started playing recently, I bought 2 gold packs, one of which gave me a red son solomon grundy, now I hv ww 600 in elite 5 along with superman regime elite 5 and wonderwoman regime elite 3

  6. for IOS, it released today on March 27th, sh*t require Red Son card on 4th challenge

  7. Awesome passive! Team of Wonder Woman regime, Batman, Wonder Woman 600: Wonder Woman Regime elite 5, level 40, + 10% dmg card, deals 70.000+ damage with Justice Javelin, and she gains power at an awesome rate 🙂

  8. Best Team is Batman, RSWW, and the new WW.

  9. So does Wonderwoman 600 also get the Amazonian Fury boosts, or just her female teammates?

  10. Wonder wonder 600 is awesome.

  11. I don’t understand how I could have missed this challenge, I’ve most recently completed the Darkseid challenge, but I’d gotten that challenge before as well. Whenever I had played online I figured that was just from a booster pack.

  12. Is it possible to receive her from a Challenge booster pack?

  13. I just skip the red son part by payIng credIts I’m trying to get the second 600 wonder woman.

  14. I cannot tell you how pissed i am that you cant get her through the gold pack… Im so mad I missed this challenge. I had the perfect combo. I was gonna have her, the cartoon Harley Quinn which gives 20% dmg and power, and RSWW (or the RWW because of her blocking thing). But it sucks that WW600 is the only one I need and I cant get it. Does anyone know jf shes gonna come back?

  15. how do you promote her if you got her from a challenge booster pack? it won’t let me

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