Injustice: Gods Among Us – Black Adam (Regime)


Black Adam (Regime) in Injustice: Gods Among Us, the mobile version, is a card and character you can obtain in the game. It can be purchased in the market using “Power Credits” which is the name of the premium currency in the game. You can find the price of purchasing this card in the game in your market or our documentation below.

Each character has their own special bonus that adds bonuses to your deck while in play. They also have their own unique attacks and requires special support cards to improve their Health, Attack, or Energy consumption. Find more information about the stats of Black Adam (Regime) in the game below.

Character: Black Adam (Regime)

Injustice Gods Among Us - Regime Black Adam
Price:  133,000Injustice Gods Among Us Power Credit
Bonus: Lightning Shield:
When Black Adam (Regime) tags in, he gains a shield that will damage the opponent if Black Adam is hit. Lasts for 3 hits.
Attacks* —1 (Requires level 1)—

  • Electric Burst: Black Adam (Regime) unleashes a burst of raw electricity to shock his opponent.

—2 (Requires level 5)—

  • Black Magic: Ancient magic are unleashed by Black Adam, striking his foe. BRAINS OPPONENT’S POWER.

—3 (Requires level 20)—

  • Teth-Adam: Black Adam (Regime) calls upon his ancient power to deliver a lighting infused beatdown. UNBLOCKABLE.
Support Cards HEALTH: Isis – +10% Health for Black Adam (Regime).
ATTACK: Shazam – +10% Damage for Black Adam (Regime).
ENERGY: Khandaq – +10% Energy Regeneration for Black Adam (Regime)
Character Rating
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Rating: 3.6/5 (77 votes cast)

*As you level your attacks, the strength of the attacks will grow. Players are able to level their attacks 10 times before it maxes out.
*Any bonuses from the character affecting another character should affect all cards with the character’s name. It does not matter if it is  Regime or Insurgency or Normal unless stated.

Max Attack Damage (At Level 20)

The max attack damage of your skills is based on your card rank. Each card can be upgraded if you have an extra card in the deck. Simply enter your card menu and tap the promote button.

The amount of upgrade and rank  can go beyond what has been documented in this section. We’ve just documented up to rank ELITE II. The all skills are documented at 10 bar upgrades, all stats are from a level 20 character at the time of this writing on April 7th 2013 for mobile devices.

 Attack & Ranks Electric Brust Black Magic Teth-Adam DAMAGE HEALTH
Elite I
  • MIN DAMAGE: 1,551
  • MAX DAMAGE: 3,103
  • MIN DAMAGE: 1,163
  • MAX DAMAGE: 2,327
DAMAGE: 11,639  4,703  5,940
Elite II
  • MIN DAMAGE: 2,069
  • MAX DAMAGE: 4,138
  • MIN DAMAGE: 1,551
  • MAX DAMAGE: 3,103
DAMAGE: 15,518  6,270 7,920
Elite III
  • MIN DAMAGE: 3,103
  • MAX DAMAGE: 6,207
  • MIN DAMAGE: 2,327
  • MAX DAMAGE: 4,655
 DAMAGE: 23,277  9,405 11,880
Elite IV
  • MIN DAMAGE: 3,621
  • MAX DAMAGE: 7,242
  • MIN DAMAGE: 2,715
  • MAX DAMAGE: 5,431
 DAMAGE: 27,158  10,973 14,256
Elite V
  • MIN DAMAGE: 4,138
  • MAX DAMAGE: 8,276
  • MIN DAMAGE: 3,103
  • MAX DAMAGE: 6,207
 DAMAGE: 31,036 12,540 15,840
Injustice: Gods Among Us – Black Adam (Regime), 3.6 out of 5 based on 77 ratings

  20 Responses to “Injustice: Gods Among Us – Black Adam (Regime)”

  1. Black Adam regime suck bad. I got elite 1 (6345hit–10395heart). I thought he is better and I was wrong. My bane and the joker (insurgency) are better than him. Bane is elite 2. Too powerful. The joker insurgency is pretty good. Need more strength and heart.

    I use them and can’t beat doomsday over 2300hit n 2400 heart on level 6 battle 38

    Rest of my players are ok but not strong as 3 boys..


    • TROLL!shame on u

    • Black adam regime is awesome I have him, level 48 (elite 4) he’s attack is 14k and he’s health is 25k, plus he’s gear score is 200, he’s unbeatable haha, iv finished the game with him, deathstroke red son level 48 (elite2) and green lantern regime level 50 (elite7) and both of their gear score is 200 too, as I said I nailed the game, I’m just dominating the online now haha

  2. Black Adams regimes SUCK

  3. is black adams 1st move stronger than his 2nd move.and black adam regime doesnt suck.its either ur a troll or u dont know how to use him.thank u.

  4. Well he is the lowest of all the gold characters

  5. i got him at elite 4

  6. I got him at elite 5

  7. Do anyone know how to activate his lightning shield? It sounds pretty awesome but I never get it….

  8. black adam regime is a good card his ability is what annoys me when facing him cuz if he blocks a special move the opponent recieves about 1/3 or 2/3 damage depending on how strong the hit is plus his special attacks are exremely strong he spans his electric burst like it nothing he seems to be more of a special attacker than physical although he is the last gold card he isnt the weakes he can defintley be a problem if ypu promote him and use him right in battles make sure he isnt first on your team youll see how good he is

  9. Good gold starter but his second special is barely even worthy for a bronze character.

    • It is worthy for a bronze and a silver it is not a very good attack damage wise but its cool and it power drains so yeah and black Adam regime is my favorite person in injustice cause he’s cool and has a very good 1 and 3 attack

  10. Black Adam is a glass cannon. Pretty good during the middle battles, but he just can’t take a punch well enough to be good during the last few battles. His first and last powers deal a brutal of damage. The second power is somewhat useful for the power drain, to keep Black Adam from taking a big attack that might take him out. His passive seems most useful at breaking combos and allowing you to get your attacks in. Overall he is one of the weaker characters, but you tend to get him early when he is most useful. Also it is kind of fun to unleash his super move doing 43,287 points of damage at Elite V. Shazam!

  11. Where is new 25 black Adam!

  12. Couldnt you get a free Regime Black Adam from completing a battle in the game battle 5

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