Injustice: Gods Among Us – List of Cards/Characters


This page documents the list of cards/characters in the app game Injustice: Gods Among Us for mobile devices like the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. Find below the list of character cards plus their stats and other unlockables in the game. This section will not contain normal/general support cards or upgrade cards.

We will only document special support or upgrade cards as well as any limited edition cards the developers may release into the game.

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  1. Who character coming up next!

  2. Can you guy give us free character please!

  3. How can unlock 52 black Adam

  4. Got 61 characters all level 40 but far from all maxed out.
    Still looking for prison superman, arkham harley quinn and… That silver card raven i saw just once during a challenge.
    At the time i write this boss solomon grundy and containment doomsday are not released yet.

    Anyone has 63 or 64 characters?? Anyone has that silver raven? It s not even listed here.

  5. whats about the extra cards??? How can i get those? Nd how to promote my cards?

  6. I played injustice and is is really good but I don,t have strong guy.

  7. HELLO EVERYBODY! Now that I’ve gotten your attention, can someone please explain to me catwoman batman returns special as I don’t quite understand what it means. Thank you. Regards, Irish wrist watch

    • Yeah I was wondering why that was to??

    • It basically means when your opponent is suffering from damage over time, everyone on the team does 100% more damage

    • If you have a character like Scorpion that does bleeding and burning, the power of the attack will double. Bleeding damage, burning damage will double and mental damage will double. So team her up with Scorpion, and whoever else does over-time damage

    • DAMAGE-OVER-TIME attacks deal +100% DAMAGE for Catwoman and her teammates.

      i think it refers to the damage that the characters receive when they are poisoned, burned or bleeding… in those situations i think her passive takes effect.

    • With Catwoman lets say you use her first special (Cat Claws) it “does damage over time” this means that her BASIC ATTACK WILL DO EXRTA DAMAGE because they are suffering from damage over time.

  8. Everyone what does catwoman batman returns special do I am so confused the description doesn’t make sense

    • Certain characters have specials that cause you to continue to lose power for a certain period of time (scorpion, catwoman, etc.). This is called “damage over time”. Batman Returns Catwoman’s special effectively doubles the health loss during the damage over time period.

    • It means the opponent suffering damage over time takes 100% more damage from catwoman and her team. Well, based on other catwoman cards.

    • she just jumps up and scratches them

    • BB Catwoman’s passive means that the characters on her team that deal damage over time, such as scorpion, martian manhunter, joker, etc. will now do twice the damage with these damage over time effects. An example would be catwoman’s special 1, where she causes a bleed on the target after damage is dealt. This bleed will be doubled. It is not like the previous catwomen passives where the characters do extra damage to a target that is taking damage over time. The damage over time itself is doing extra damage. Damage over time effects include: poison, bleed, mental damage, burning, and possibly more to come. They are similar to the challenge in single player “Radiation” where you constantly lose health, but are from a specific character’s ability.

  9. Can you added power girl, super girl, poison ivy, beast boy and killer Croc

  10. Please add more character please!!

  11. How can unlock green lantern red son ??

  12. please add brainiac, super boy, Killer croc, blue beetle, and Bane the dark knight rises

  13. If you don’t mind

  14. another team is HQ insurgency anime HQ and harley Quinn arham pared together make a 35 percent damage increase or you could add batman for a 60 percent damage increase i just add HQ arham for the heath boost


  16. So. I see you haven’t added another Batman character. Pity. Batman is incredibly strong, fast, and handsome. Not that I am related to him in any way…

  17. I reported the new Challenges

    Red Son Green Lantern
    Original Raven
    Red Son Batman
    Cyborg Superman

  18. Rate my team plz i have insurgency bats elite 4 arham harley elite 4 and boss solomon grundy right now im on battle 42 on batman fight i cant get past it do you think ill be able to get to the next battle?

  19. What is the next challenge card!!!

  20. Add ame comi skin!!

  21. I did not finish my challenge.any one knows how i will get back to that challenge? Please

  22. Who is the best character to use against black Adam and wonder women??

  23. My characters on iOS are At lev 50 is that the cap on leveling up or is there something I am not doing right ?

  24. When is the Injustice multiplayer update coming out for the kindle hdx??

  25. Need more challenge..!!

  26. i want a new green lantern or flash

    its been reeely long since elseworld flash

  27. I have every single character ranked up to 7 and all of them lvl 40 no I did not cheat and yes I have raven and Martian man hunter and prison superman I have them all don’t believe me I can post pics

  28. Just wanted to make a little survey guys. Who do you think is the strongest character? I would say batman AO but superman RS is not that bad. Thanks

    • Darkseid is the strongest, but is slow, so i prefer Batman Arkham Origins, but Doomsday with a good team is the best, for example with Animated Harley Quinn and Regime Green Lantern… 😉

    • Batgirl is the best to me

    • I think darkseid is the strongest overall his first move and last moves are incredible his second move not so much but his base states are really good his like a 1 elite after just having one of him… But out of the original cards for sell i would have to say regime superman his health is okay but his strength is pretty good and hes the only character with two unblockable moves.

    • Darkseid has better stats than batman arkham origins

    • Shazam is the best.i mean he starts of with 950atk and 1250def.To add on his special ability is really good(more like wicked). once the supermove is used it the match he does three times more dammage on the opponent, takes half the the damage inflicted on him.
      tike man os stell superman he performs special attacks withought using any power. even withought this he naturelly is better than superman. so admit it

  29. all characters and all support cards

  30. nothing

  31. I’m really hoping for Ares as the next challenge character he is my favorite of all time

  32. Cristian
    Why isn’t shazam on the market. Is he a challenge character???

    • i dont know but regime was on challenge mode…….. i think

      • shazam is a rare card. to make him rare he must be in the booster pacs not the shop.
        and also regime shazam is not yet released for ios or android yet

  33. Dark side is stronger than any caricter and Thay should relly change th dates on When then
    The next calleng comes out thanks follow rilos2002 on insta

    • darkseid is naturaly the strongest character but actually shazam is.
      shazam miked up with his super ability he will be unstopable

  34. I want blue beatle to be added

  35. Next challenge either Sub-Zero or Zattana

  36. Finally, I have Finished this game on IOS, With Old Friends Charachters.

  37. challenged …….
    1)killer frost
    2)luchadore bane
    3)Arkham origins Deathstroke
    4)Red sun Batman
    injoy guys

    • All of you ppl are discussing about the new characters while us androiders are still suffering. No updates nor challenges. I think “INJUSTICE” is a very accurate description indeed.

  38. New 2.1 Update out!!!
    Revised and new Bonus Missions, and one bonus mission can be skipped per day, balanced online multiplayer, extra gear cards and the best part?

    NEW CHALLENGES WITH NEW CARDS!!!! Upcoming challenges include:
    Luchadore Bane
    Red Son Batman
    Arkham Origins Deathstroke

    And a special new character: Killer Frost

  39. next challenges: killer frost regime luchador bane red son batman arkham origins batman

  40. Do u know when and how often the challenges are

  41. hey i have AO batman lvl 40, darkseid lvl 26, and lvl 38 scorpion i cant get past the superman boss its keep gltching showing the lock icon on the next battles and ive defeated that boss like 4 times please help.

    ps. when r u guys gonna change the google play update to the ios version im soooooo ultra pissed please update it

  42. Are you going to post the videos for the new characters?

  43. It would be nice if sub-zero, dead shot and scarecrow comes on challenge.

  44. And dark knight rises bane.

  45. Hey guys . If u want an easy way to get the character you want from the booster pack . Here u go :

    First : download IFUNBOX on your pc

    Then connect ur IOS device

    Once that is all your iFunbox
    1)Click on iFunbox Classic on the leftmost side of the window

    2)Go to User Applications and double click on Injustice app

    3)Ctrl+click on both Document and Library folders and click on Copy To PC button and select a spot for you to save the folders on your PC

    4)Then safely remove your device from iFunbox. You can leave the device plugged in if you want. Close iFunbox window

    5)Buy a booster pack. If the character/s you want don’t appear, close the game completely and just open iFunbox again and it will detect your device and you can just copy and paste your backup folders into the Injustice game again. Try again until you get your desired character/s

    ENJOY !!

    • I’m sorry pal but people like you who cheat and use these type of things should be banned from playing or at least banned from playing online as all it does is spoil the game for people who actually play the and earn the money to buy a pack and get Bane and Black Adam 50 times until you finally get Green Arrow or Shazam lol but unfortunately most people do as I noticed a lot of people got Shazam level 7 elite the day after the update which is a shame as all these guys do is spoil the feeling you get when you finally win the character you want and also spoil it for the rest of us non cheaters

  46. I m at 72 characters in my collection right now (we are in the middle of the killer frost challenge). Still missing arkham harley queen and green lantern siniestro (i just need to buy that one though, spending my money in booster packs)

    From what i understood, the next challenges will be luchador baine, red son batman and…..? I forgot.

  47. How do I play past challenges on android

  48. Which guys are coiming next on ios ?

  49. Kinda new here, i got 4 gold characters. WW, lobo, bane and TT cyborg. Which should i keep and which should i stop using? Thanks

  50. Hey guys kinda new here, i have 4 gold cards. RWW, lobo, bane and TT cyborg. Which should i keep using and which one should i eliminate? Thanks

  51. Im guessing its against the rules to have thr god of war dude on injustice but tjat would be awrsome

  52. Who’s next

  53. how to get shazam for free

  54. hey guys guess what…. im not sure if anyone knew this before but i just got SHAZAM from the 75k gold pack.

  55. Here are the challenges upcoming in order
    Ao Deathstroke
    Luchadore Bane

  56. The character they should put is blackest night superman or cyborg superman

  57. Please make arkam origins joker

  58. I already had some Characters and suddenly Just Desapeared
    My lost Characters were:

    Darkseid level 50 e IV
    Scorpio level 50 e VII
    G Arrow Arrow level 50 e V
    W Woman 600 level 47 e IV
    Animated Harley Quiin e II
    N 52 N wing e II
    M Manhunter e II
    T Titans Cyborg e I
    Green L Sinestro e II
    Elseworld flash e I
    Containment Doomsday e I
    Man of Steel G Zod
    Man of Steel Superman
    Arkham Origins Batman
    Boss Solomon Grundy e I
    Batman’s Return Catwoman e III
    Kripto Lex Luthor e I
    John Stewart Green Lantern e VI
    What can I do for recover them?

  59. You will have to play much more

  60. who will be the next challenge after bane the luchador??

  61. How can I get Batman Beyond??? :/

  62. Can anyone please tell me how does the character ranks upgrade???

  63. Hey this is a good one why dont you add deadshot cause you guys added scorpion why don’t you add dead shot he is really cool and smart to for the game and then more people will play it really do it

  64. You guys should add deadahot

  65. Please you guys can you add deadshot

  66. Hey You should put deadshot he is awesome and smart am i right

  67. They need to update this website,because i have knightfall bane u get him in the starter pack sometimes

  68. Who is the character for the next challenge

  69. Next challenge should be ares or earth two flash!

  70. when is injustice new challenge after Luchador Bane? Let,s me Know please……

  71. I want next challenge batgirl, Shazan,

  72. I uhh.. Have Shazam, Luchador Bane, AO Deathstroke, Hawkgirl, Red Son Batman, 3 won, 2 bought.. yes I was rich.. all I want is another Shazam

  73. 1) Dead Shot
    2) New 52 Black Adam
    3) Bane Arkaham Origins
    4) Tim Drake

  74. Please

  75. I just played against someone with Ares. How did he get Ares?

  76. Where I can find deathstroke akhram origin . The challenge is over . Iam not finding ao deathstroke in challenge mode pack . Desperately I want it

  77. So Ares is coming next I guess I just got a bloody sword out of a gear pack and it has ares abilities


  79. Whats the best team possible? i must use shazam,darkseid,batman arkham,red son superman or any body else?what the stongest team possible

  80. Some people ask some pretty STUPID questions on here..

  81. What is the next challenge After red son green lantern…..let me know please……

  82. When it’s going to be finished the online challenge for IOS (Iphone)

  83. can anyone tell me if these r good teams or not and give some advice? i would really appreciate it if u did.
    teamA: raven(prime), arrow green arrow and doomsday
    teamB: WW600, anime harley and raven(prime)

  84. Need to add Ares and Cassandra Cain Batgirl.

  85. I have Arkham Harley Quinn and Prison Superman

  86. And Lobo

  87. Need to add Reverse Flash

  88. Need shazam

  89. need Ares and Regime superman

  90. A white lantern would be awsome

  91. Would love to see Christopher reeve superman and Adam west batman. Maybe Ryan Reynolds green lantern. Need more villans too.

  92. I lost my the flash Metahuman, Martian Manhunter blackest night, red lantern Hal Jordan, and reverse flash and my Arkham knight the Arkham knight should be at level 36, not level 3!!!

    • How can I get reverse flash and metahuman flash

      • Reverse Flash is possible in the Most Wanted Pack. I’ve only seen MHF in the MHF pack and occasionally gettable in MP if you are in the 3% or higher.

    • I got pissed off when they reduced damage on Red Lantern Hal Jordan’s Special 2, my anvil did almost 9000 damage. And my Arkham Knight is lvl 50 elite VII now so I don’t wanna kill the game for that. And RL Hal should be stronger at lvl 47 elite III. And they should consider my Reverse Flash ideas above

  93. Please update list

  94. Need Killer Frost

  95. I have ideas for Reverse Flash, make him his own character.
    Reverse Flash
    Reverse Flash (Zoom)
    Reverse Flash (Blackest Night)
    Reverse Flash (Brightest Day)
    Support Cards:
    Health: Speed Equation
    Damage: Faster Than The Flash
    Energy: Negative Speed Force
    Special 1(All Reverse Flash Characters)
    Blink Of An Eye: Reverse Flash delivers multiple devastating blows faster than imaginable(chance to stun)
    Special 2:
    Reverse Flash: Out Of Time (from the game)
    Zoom: Stolen Speed: Zoom gives a demonstration of power making his opponent seem like a rag doll
    Blackest Night: Undead Speedster: Reverse Flash toys with his opponent before putting him to the ground with a powerful slam
    Brightest Day: White Light: Reverse Flash takes advantage of being resurrected to wreak havoc on his helpless victim
    Super Move(All):
    Shift Into Reverse: Reverse Flash shows his opponent what real speed looks like as he carries opponent around slamming them into debris and buildings along the way.
    Reverse Flash: Cellular Regeneration(from game)
    Zoom: Stolen Speed: Zoom has a chance to slow his opponent three times during a match and take the speed moving temporarily faster
    Blackest Night: Black Lantern: Resurrects with 50% health once per match
    Brightest Day: The Entity: Resurrects one of knocked out teammates, unless knocked out first, once per match
    Gear Card:
    Equation –> Speed Equation
    20% speed boost (ends at 40% when fully maxed out)
    (Reverse Flash) Unblockable and Stun chance 20% on Special 2 (ends at 60% when fully maxed out)
    (Evolved) Heal self 40% on Super Move activation (ends at 50% when fully maxed out)

  96. Martian Manhunter is the boss.

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