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This page documents the list of cards/characters in the app game Injustice: Gods Among Us for mobile devices like the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. Find below the list of character cards plus their stats and other unlockables in the game. This section will not contain normal/general support cards or upgrade cards.

We will only document special support or upgrade cards as well as any limited edition cards the developers may release into the game.

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  354 Responses to “Injustice: Gods Among Us – List of Cards/Characters”

  1. Does anyone know how to get back on to your account after you log out? I logged out by accident and I don’t remember my username. I would hate to restart all my progress again.

    • usually all sites have a password reset option at the sign in. click it type in your E-mail and it should sent a reset password link to it.

  2. How do i get cat woman’s cat scratch to do 200% damage??! max is always 160

  3. How do any of you know what the new characters will be for the challenge mode?
    Can anybody give a clear answer as to weather or not you can get characters you missed during challange mode?

    Is there a way to get the Characters that ios version says you can only unlock in consol version?

    Also saw a Raven dressed in black during Martian manhunter challenge.

    Some poeple left comments saying they have a Red son Bat man and various other Red son characters. Are they only in consol version?

    In the IOS version, I skipped a notice of i think a notice for something new for the game but i accidentally skipped it. It had the joker i think holding his hand out with a Red christmas box with green ribbon on it. could someone please let me know what it was.

    -thanks in advance to anyone who helps anwser questions.

    • Hi there.the next challenge is john steward green lantern after for red son characters,red son batman and red son green lantern will come in the next update. If u still dont know, go to hencixgaming for injustice

      • Where r u getting this info from? Hencixgaming doesn’t exsist

        • Yes He dose and skype all me if you need eny player i will show you how to hack no jailbreak just ifun box

      • Hi Ian. .

        You are damn right, the challenge for John Stewart Green Lantern (Gold) just launched. Now on my 5th challenges for normal mode. Can’t hardly wait for the new Green Lantern for my collection.
        Most excited, can’t hardly wait for the red sons’s characters. They are awesome and powerful. All my current 4 red son’s characters are max 40 elite V.

      • After john stewart green lantern ? Who comes next ?


        • It’s zod man if you need more info text me on [email protected]

        • 1. batgirl resale
          2. container doomsday
          3. 600 wonder woman
          4. darkseid
          5. boss solomon grundy

        • they are resetting the challenge stages bt adding new ones. if you read the update information they leave hints like boss grundy, conatinment sit doomsday ect. i have the ultimate edition for console and we still never got killerfrost of shazam, or ares for thhis game so we wont run out with all the charecter skins

        • Batgirl again due to high demand

        • yes i do no d next challenge card it is batgirl

      • Hencixgaming is a youtube channel

    • unfortunately you are not able to pick up characters that you missed in previous challenge modes

    • This game is awesome!
      I manage to get John Stewart thanks to Lobo!
      Who will be the next Character after John Stewart?

  4. Is it possible to trade characters in this game? I have all characters to the max level including marsian man hunter but I don’t have raven and aquaman cuz I missed both challenges. I would like to trade.. Just mention any characters you want if you have raven and aquaman

  5. My game kept crashing so I had to reload. Got a saved profile that was modified. It only had 3 bronze characters to start but had 1 billion in power credits. Spent the next 30 minutes (and 50 million) buying gold booster packs to see how difficult it was to get rare cards. For anyone interested in how difficult it is, here are my results including common cards. Listed by card then quantity I got:

    Bain – 48
    Batman – 50
    Batman Beyond – 6
    Batman Insurgency – 24
    Black Adam – 60
    Doomsday – 52
    Harley Quinn Arkham – 4
    Lobo – 42
    Solomon Grundy Red Son – 18
    Superman – 31
    Superman Prison – 3
    Superman Red Son – 5
    Superman Regime – 25
    Joker Insurgency – 53
    Wonder Woman Red Son – 20
    Wonder Woman Regime – 46

    That’s it. I did not get ANY of the challenge cards or the limited offer cards. Will try another 50 mil and see what happens.

    • Hey what do you guys think of mos superman and general zod i have levelled them up to 37 and saving up to upgrade to rank 1

    • How did you get 1bill coins?

    • now that scorpion is here, does anyone have advice for completing expert challenge mode? my very best cards at the moment are tier 1 prison superman lvl 38 and tier 1 bane lvl 39. other than my gold cards, all of my others are lvl 20 exactly. i really want to tier scorpion up for free, so any advice will be appreciated thanks

      • Greenlantern (40) with superman (5), coz loads your energy quicker, more special attacks possible with laser eyez, i even beat scorpio in hardest level

      • I have 13 Gold characters at Elite V. My strongest is Red Son Superman, is attach is 25,000+.

    • I saw a non regime raven? I faced a team of that random match thing and faced her. I’ve brought at least twenty to thirty gold booster packs, legit. Batman was common. I have batman beyond, prison sperman, bane knight fall, arkham Harley elite one. Banes not hard, batman beyond and superman prison were pretty extreme.

    • I had no faith in getting beyond batman but finally got him no joke soo happy

  6. Also i have a save on my ipad where i have good cards and one on my iphone where i have terrible ones, does anyone know how to get the ipad save on the iphone?

    • You need to access the app files on the ipad which you cannot do in itunes. I use a program called iExplorer. download that, install it, run it and then go to Files- Apps, then injustice, then the documents folder. In here is the PlayerSave.bin which is your save game. Right click and export the file to your pc. Disconnect your ipad and connect your iphone. open to the same location and overwrite the Playersave.bin with the ipad one.
      I’ve had to do this a few times to fix my corrupt game that doesn’t load anymore

  7. Scorpion is out today

  8. Scorpion now!!!

  9. Any body have Raven sliver?how?

  10. How unlock Raven silver card ?!?!??plz!!!

    • Easy. It’s a secret. You fight batman boss with lobo gold, doomsday silver, and flash bronze and it says ” secret challenge comppleted” and she’s unlocked in shop and you get reward of one of her.

    • This won’t ever work. Although I’d love to have a normal Raven card

  11. The next challenge is mortal combat scorpion

  12. how unlock Raven Silver card?

  13. does anyone have an email and password so I can get batman beyond? my email is [email protected]

  14. I must’ve bought over 50 gold booster packs and I’ve only got one Prison Superman. I want a Arkham Harley Quinn or a Batman Beyond. The odds of getting any of those three are terrible!

    • I got batman beyond on my first try then i bought 2 more gold packs and i got superman and black adam. I wanted arkahm harley quinn so bad.

  15. Developer please redo all the challenges. I miss few of the characters.

  16. I can help you get all the characters. Including all characters of previous challenges. My email is [email protected]

  17. They should put in subzero

  18. You got lucky Dan. I tried this over 5 times now. Here’s what I found:

    (Arranged by increasing rarity)
    Black Adam
    The Joker
    Batman Insurgency
    Wonder Woman
    Superman Regime
    Solomon Grundy Red Son
    Wonder Woman Red Son
    Superman Red Son
    Harley Quinn Arkham
    Superman Prison
    Batman Beyond

    Batman Beyond is clearly the rarest. I tried the whole using modded save file thing 5 times and every time Harley Arkham would max out elite first prison superman second and batman beyond last. Approximately, the drop chance for Batman Beyond is 1/350. That is, you buy 350 cards, you get 1 batman beyond.

    • I have seen Red Son Deathstroke in the packs. Neither you nor Dan reported and RS DS. I I-funbox it, so I don’t have any, but when i was going for RS Superman, I definitely saw some Deathstrokes…
      That being said, now that i want one, I haven’t come across any in a long time.

  19. while playing the recent challenges, I’ve noticed a silver character that i had not seen anywhere before, does anyone have any data on the silver raven character?

  20. what is next to the battle 43 in mobile?,,,”ZOD Level 40 Elite V” 3rd skill deals 95, 772 damaged, with Ursa, 2 opponents KO, accompany with Bronze Lex Luthor and Batman Normal.

  21. i completed the challenge scorpion is soo weak

  22. then i bought the gold booster pack i got wonder woman regime

  23. how to get so many coins in one day to get all of this gold boosters pack

    • If you want to keep playing consistently, there is a cheat you can use to have your energy bar constantly replenished. When your team is low on energy, go to settings on your iphone/ipod/ipad and go to general, then to date and time. Switch off “Set Automatically” and change the day to a few days in the future, i.e if it is currently the 24th of January, change it to the 28th. After you have done this, go back into the game and your team’s energy should be fully charged. Then just go back into your settings and click on the “Set Automatically” button. This should help you play longer and gain more coins. I use this and I can buy one gold booster pack a day practically from playing the same stage over and over, gaining me the most coins. Hope it helps :)

    • Play battle 36 and bonus battle 3.

  24. This game just screw’d me over cause they make it harder for their entertainment

  25. how do you trade? is it even possible on iphone?

  26. Hey guys l got scorpion but my best gold cards are batman (insurgency) superman(regime) but can’t decide my 3rd character l have gold bane gold wonder boobies gold scorpion and gold black Adam

    • Wonder Woman regime is accepted by all the best players as the most OP card in the game. Definitely her (the only other good one is scorpion but he has awful health).

  27. I just completed the Scorpio nightmare mode. I now have Elite V Scorpio.

  28. Does anyone know what challenges after zod ? (android)

  29. What is the next challenge on Android

  30. I have all character cards including a never before seen aquaman. He is not in regime and is a ghost card. A ghost card is consider as a gold card.

    • need wateverchallenge cards u can throw me started game very late missed a lot of characters lol please help

  31. When will you do poison ivy or killer croc challenges

  32. I thought that after Scorpian challenge ended, that john steward would come out

  33. Oh and also please reply to me if you have no 75 gold booster cause it’s been 1 month and no booster and add me on Simpsons tapped out username lightening kik

  34. Hey when is the new challenges because I have a kindle fire and I’m just wondering and d make itaquaman

  35. I ve regime superman elite 1. His second attack s teachin only 105% can anyone suggest how to increase it???

  36. I ve regime superman elite 1. His second attack s reachin only 105% can anyone suggest how to increase it???

  37. Is there gonna be another challenge mode? It’s been nearly 4 days already.

    • I know l thought once Scorpion finished John Stewart would come out also you can see the John Stewart photo on next special character (on google) and he’s bonus is

      Emergency barrier (when green lantern drops to 40% health him and his teammates get a shield (permanent) for less damage.

    • The new challenge just launched, John Stewart Green Lantern (Gold). Hell yeah!

    • It started today it is John Stewart green lantern on iOS and red son deathstroke on android

    • Gold green lantern!!!!!!!!

  38. I think the next character on a update should be robin,power girl and Nuclear man

  39. Why doesn’t anyone chat now?

  40. I just got the new challenge !!!!! John Stewart green lantern !!!!!

  41. John Stewart is now available

  42. new challenge has John Stewart Gold GL card

  43. Starting today is red son deathstroke on android. Is this silver raven works also on android devices ?

  44. Black Adam elite 3 super attack to full it does 30k

  45. Which of all superman cards is the strongest?i hve redson superman

  46. Why is Marvel not in this game? This game would be really good if they were in the game.

  47. Is there any way to get limited time characters that expired?

  48. when it is better to buy the support cards when the character is at lvel 1 or at level 40?

  49. Does the Samsung GX3 not get,

    Newly Added
    •Injustice: Gods Among Us – John Stewart Green Lantern – [Limited/Challenge Mode - Jan 23 - Feb 10 ] [IOS]
    •Injustice: Gods Among Us – Mortal Kombat Scorpion – [Limited/Challenge Mode - Dec 31 - Jan 20 ]
    •Injustice: Gods Among Us – Martian Manhunter – [Limited/Challenge Mode - Dec 12 - Dec 30 ]
    •Injustice: Gods Among Us – Elseworld The Flash – [Limited/Challenge Mode - Nov 27 - Dec 9 ]

    •Injustice: Gods Among Us – Hawkgirl – [Limited/Challenge Mode - Nov 8 - Nov 18]
    •Injustice: Gods Among Us – Blackest Night Batman – [Limited/Challenge Mode - Oct 24 - Nov 5]
    •Injustice: Gods Among Us – Aquaman (Regime) – [Limited/Challenge Mode - Oct 10 - Oct 21]
    •Injustice: Gods Among Us – Batman (Arkham Origins) [Batman Arkham Origins]
    •Injustice: Gods Among Us – Raven (Regime) – [Limited/Challenge Mode -September 27 - Oct 9]
    •Injustice: Gods Among Us – The Killing Joke, The Joker [Alliance Points Required]

    •Injustice: Gods Among Us – Batgirl – [Limited/Challenge Mode]

    Are they not on the android phones?????

  50. Will there be redson batman ??

  51. Which character will be available for challenge after green lantern ??

  52. hey guy, i have both the ios and ps4 versons of the game, as i dont play the ps3 anymore, i need couple unlockable for my ipad for this game can any one give me there as i need the golden boster pack and the 2 silver buster packs
    WBID uesername and password plz

  53. Any assistance to get BB and others is deeply appreciated…

  54. Dude, read the comments. After john stew is red son batman then red son green lantern.

  55. hi guy

    can anyone give me WBID so i can unlock my iOS game ….please.


  56. Hey I wondered who will be next

  57. I really want to have The Arrow for Gold card. I hope developer consider my wish.

  58. the next challenge character will be SHAZAM

  59. in iOS, the new challenge is Batgirl (same as last year’s). some people are complaining but I started the game in November so I’m happy I can get her.

  60. Batgirl challenge again? Why??

  61. Y dont u guys try to create an online pvp or multiplayer match?

  62. Anyone know what is next???????

  63. I have saved up 1500000

    And am stuck between getting batgirl and batman
    Superman / zod man of steel or superman man of steel

  64. New update available! I found the batman arkham origin in my store and batgirl challange repeated. However the MOS still exist. They said that there will be a boss Grundy challange.

  65. Does anyone know who the other characters after batgirl will be?

  66. I just wanted to say that there was this cool glitch during the scorpion challenge that allowed me to do the first tier again and still upgrade scorpion. The weird part was that i still had scorpion even after the glitch happened.

  67. Guys, who have unlock Bane Knighfall? I’m missing this character in my collection. Mind to sharing your access with me? Thank you.

  68. Guys, who have unlock Bane Knighfall? I’m missing this character in my collection. Mind sharing your access with me? Thank you.

  69. i once got knight fall bane from a challenge silver pack i was super lucky

  70. ok guys here is the new challnge chracters after shazam will be regime shazam i have no idea when these chracters will be released but i do know is shazam sucks he has 4500 heath 2000 damage and the worst part is shazam regime and shazam share same stats i hope they do update these to chracter and which ever one will be gold or silver its just an emmbersment to see a gold or silver card with elite 5 bronze stats and im tiping fast so my spellings bad and another thing boss gundy isnt gonna suck even tho his damge is 550 the reson they did that is because his damge is amzing at elite 5 lvl 40 i mean i can get past bonus battle six with ease and wonderwoman with be sweet and containment suit doomsday

    • and another thing i am trying to beat this game without hacks im on last page with 3 missions done wish me luck oh and another thing hawgirl regime is coming 2 you probably already found out because hexcingamings channel go check out his videos
      hes good at what he does

  71. I was playing the raven challenge. I was almost done with it but then it just disappeared. When I go to shop it says complete the challenge and get raven. But the challenge is gone. Dies anyone know why

  72. Please someone find a way to help me obtain Arkahm Harley Quinn, i spent so much credits trying to get her. if there is anyway i can get her for sure please comment

  73. i have almost beat the enttire game with arham harley rsds and prison superman elite 3 harley and my flash regime is elite 5 i am on the last page i have stuck with those 4 or usually i swap out rsds for a fast power regnaratr one which is the only one in the game regime green lantern hes pretty weak so i let them kill hi first but i try to do a little damage on them and get my arham harley and my flashes power up prison superman is pretty weak bu i might elite him to 5 maybe but i know for sure i am going to elite 5 harley her final moves dmage stat right now shes level 40 and elite 3 so she does 30301 damage i wanna se how much shes does for her fianl move at elite 5 shes pretty strong but her heath is pretty low i guess thats why they made her first attack preety good and he second good 2 but i love her final move i always save her for last and i know my spelling is a bit off its because im tiping so fast

  74. Darkseid is already out in android. I really want Hawkgirl, Elseworld, and Aquaman

  75. The journey of Darkseid have begin on IOS! Hell yeah!!!

  76. Nightmare mode is incredibly difficult …I give up.

  77. Beating Nightmare 1,3 in Android is impossible, with no health/damage boost alliance point cards… damn I barely won Nightmare 5 with Elite V Doomsday, WWRegime, and Black Adam Regime

  78. The only Challenge I completely finished is Martian Manhunter’s. Nightmare difficulty is too damn difficult, and I have only won some battles through credits.

  79. Won the damn Nightmare mode in Android for 600 WW. Used WWR, 600 WW, and Harley Quinn Arkham all Elite V.

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