Injustice: Gods Among Us – Containment Doomsday


Containment Doomsday in Injustice: Gods Among Us, the mobile version, is a card and character you can obtain in the game. You can only obtain this card by completing the challenge when it’s available.

Each character has their own special bonus that adds bonuses to your deck while in play. They also have their own unique attacks and requires special support cards to improve their Health, Attack, or Energy consumption. Find more information about the stats of Containment Doomsday in the game below……..

Character: Containment Doomsday

Release Date IOS: TBA
Release Date Android: TBA
  Injustice Gods Among Us Containment Doomsday Menu
Price: 182,000 Injustice Gods Among Us Power Credit

  •  NOTE: Only available through Challenge Mode.
Bonus: Evolutionary Rebirth: Three times per match, and in the face of certain defeat, Doomsday will immediately regenerate 50% of his TOTAL HEALTH and POWER while receiving a 10% DAMAGE INCREASE.
Attacks* —1 (Requires level 1)—

  • Ultimate Liftoff: Doomsday delivers a brutal, upwards shoulder attack.

—2 (Requires level 5)—

  • Countless Deaths: doomsday unloads a suite of attacks upon his opponent

—3 (Requires level 20)—

  • Mass Destruction: Doomsday’s strength is unopposed as he delivers annihilation to his foes. UNBLOCKABLE.
Support Cards HEALTH: Kryptonian Origin – +10% Health for Doomsday.
ATTACK: Death of Superman – +10% Damage for Doomsday.
ENERGY: Fast Regeneration – +10% Energy Regeneration for Doomsday
Character Rating
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Rating: 4.2/5 (200 votes cast)

*As you level your attacks, the strength of the attacks will grow. Players are able to level their attacks 10 times before it maxes out.

*Any bonuses from the character affecting another character should affect all cards with the character’s name. It does not matter if it is  Arkham Origins or Insurgency or Normal unless stated.

Damage & Stats

Injustice Gods Among Us Containment Doomsday Card

We are no longer documenting stats and damages due to adjustments to the stats through updates which eventually renders the stats different oppose to previous versions.

 Containment Doomsday Video


Injustice: Gods Among Us – Containment Doomsday, 4.2 out of 5 based on 200 ratings

  41 Responses to “Injustice: Gods Among Us – Containment Doomsday”

  1. WOOKIE JESUS!!!!!!

  2. This is waaaayy better than normal doomsday’s ability and that makes up for his low stats.

    • how is it way better though? true it’s overpowered but it’s not that much better then regular doomsday’s passive because doomsday HEALS everytime he deals a knockout while containment suit gets to come back and come stronger and if containment had slightly higher stats or same as regular doomsday he’d be way too overpowered so he had to be nerfed somehow

    • Sorry the normal ones way better then this dude

    • yeah, his card is literally priced off of the passive

  3. He looks awesome! I can’t wait for the challenge. Say, does anybody know what date he is coming to injustice? I really need that dude.

  4. Wtf, he’s a zombie that won’t die…

  5. This Doomsday is the weakest gold character ever when he should be the strongest!!!!!

    • his ability makes him strong its all well to say he sucks until u vs him I vs one almost daily and he is the most feared card

  6. this guy is next after wonder woman 600 i think, because superman, joker and green lantern are on sale, and his challenge requires them.

    • Actually Supes is the only one required that’s on sale, Luthor and Flash are the other two. Maybe they’re needed for Mob Boss Grundy?

  7. No we need lex, flash & supes for the challange

  8. He was easy defeating though I thought it was a bug ’cause he revived a lot

  9. Wow, it must be my birthday. And the birthday of everyone else who’s been using Darkseid to turn their bronzes into powerhouses.

    1. “Only bronze characters.” Well, thanks to Darkseid, I’ve got three of ’em at or near 40-V.

    2. “Must have Lex Luthor on your team.” Oh darn — if only I didn’t use Flash / Lex / Darkseid as my powerhouse combo now!

    3. “Only bronze and silver characters.” I actually went all-silver just so my bronzes could rest. 🙂

    4. “Must have Flash on your team.” Heh. See #2.

    5. “Must have Superman on your team.” This is actually the only one that took a bit longer, because I kind of let my only Superman (Prison) languish a bit. What can I say? He’s just not my favorite character. So, Flash / Darkseid / Prison Superman it is.

  10. If it helps, here are his actual stats at LEVEL 10 (no upgrade) with MAXIMUM SUPERPOWERS and ALL SUPPORT ENHANCEMENTS:

    DAMAGE 2,215
    HEALTH 1,966

    1 – Ultimate Liftoff – 730 to 1,461
    2 – Countless Deaths – 2,192 to 4,385
    3 – Mass Destruction – not unlocked yet (he’s level 10! pay attention)

    PASSIVE ABILITY: When he hits 0 health for whatever reason, he goes back to 50% health and gains a 10% damage boost for a few seconds. He can do this three times. That’s right, he’s like Solomon Grundy on hypersteroids. Do NOT underestimate this passive; it’s arguably the best one in the game.

    SIDE NOTE: His level 2 does less damage than normal Doomsday, but it chains across 3 or 4 hits (still trying to time it, it happens FAST) so it seems like it should be good for hitting multiple opponents.

  11. Just got him today easily one of my favorite cards. Only lvl 8 no elite and he already is taking out wonder woman silver cards. His passive is awesome

  12. Just got him, can’t believe he has Arkham Harley Stats and his price is about 220,000. Well it must have been the Evolutionary Rebirth that got him expensive…

  13. dam he is strong, with his passive his total health sky rockets to 250% of his base, way better than grundy

    • Grundy can’t even touch him

    • 150% cuz its +50% 3 times so u bsically have 150/100*600=900+600=1500 health over all. and then lets do his damage. 30%/100*700+210+700=910 damage
      base stats at 1500 health and 910 damage, unless its a dead zone

      • boss grundys gonna tear up everyone i watched a video he was elite 7 had 60k heath 23 thousand damage and when he was at half heath did 4000 damage per hit stronger then a red son but he actually could be defeated because his passive sucks the more heath you lose the more damage you get eh its a terrible passive but when other players face him they could get scared at the fact he gets more damage

    • shut up grundy way betetr then containment doomnsday (in heath) when he gets to a low level of hp heal him with some gear and he keeps his 10 times damage or whatever damage your damage is at hes way better then doomsday when hes fully elited his heavy attacks do 10000 a hit its almost ridiclous how much he can do

  14. Got him. He is OP. U can kill 20++ lvl gold cards with him just lvl 10.

  15. Ok, I did the math, his stats are basically:

    Damage: 784
    Health: 1500

    Plus, splitting the 1500 into 4 lives allows him to absorb the most powerful attacks.

    Also, he basically gets 4.5 free bars of power, vs 2 free bars on Arkham Origins Batman. Incredible!!

    Also, I will note that his passive and low health stat considered, he has about the same health+passive as silver Grundy, if there was an equivalent-passive gold Grundy.

  16. The passive is very useful for fighting someone who rely on using 3rd skill.

  17. Containment doomsday is awesome when he get strong.

  18. I like teaming up Containment Doomsday with the prime Doomsday, as if like he gets out of the suit, aside from their awesome passives

  19. Containment doomsday is passives awesome!

  20. His bonus make’s up for his Heath and damage.

  21. Since he starts off with 100% health like everyone else he starts off with base health of 700 and regenerates 50% of that(350) 3 times…so by my calculations he should have 700+(350*3) health which is 1750…I’m not sure how you guys get 1500…

  22. Doomsday is number 1

  23. Ain’t this guy an sob to fight?

    • yes, I really feel like I got cheated when I kept whomping him, only to have him keep coming back stronger. I think he needs to be turned down in fairness. Maybe he could be a bit weaker when he comes back instead of stronger?

      • I used 3 Special 3’s to kill him and every time he revived. I thought he was immune to dying from specials, so it was a long grind to finish off his last life. I immediately researched this and found out he’s like Grundy on crack. I gotta get my hands on this card!

        • Best way to kill him is spam him with stuns (I have static, so i would stun him and beat the sh*t out of the douche XD)

  24. Horrible stats, has to reach level 26 for 4k damage and 5k HP, but his passive is really useful, more than doubling his HP and giving a considerable boost in damage. It also makes it easier to defeat stronger opponents because energy is instantly restored

  25. Hes an incredibly bs thing to fight in challenges. Like no doubt just pure unadulterated bullsh*t

  26. I got doomsday containment

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