Injustice: Gods Among Us – Red Son Superman


Red Son Superman in Injustice: Gods Among Us is a card and character you can obtain in the game. You can only obtain this card by buying the Red Son and Gold booster packs.

Each character has their own special bonus that adds bonuses to your deck while in play. They also have their own unique attacks and requires special support cards to improve their Health, Attack, or Energy consumption. Find more information about the stats of Red Son Superman in the game below.

Character: Red Son Superman

Injustice Gods Among Us – Red Son Superman
Price:  Booster Pack 400,000Injustice Gods Among Us Power CreditNOTE Must be from the Red Son or Gold Booster Packs
Bonus:  Red Son Strength:Superman and his team gain a 25% Damage Boost to basic attacks for each Red Son character on his team.
Attacks —1 (Requires level 1)—

  • Flying Punch: Red Son Superman throws out one of his most classic moves to utterly crush his opponent.

—2 (Requires level 5)—

  • Man of Steel: Superman unleashes a powerful attack which masterfully combines his heat vision, incredible strength and lighting speed.

—3 (Requires level 20)—

  • Kryptonian Smash: Bang! Zoom! Red Son Superman’s unrivaled might is revealed as he devastes his opponent. UNBLOCKABLE.
Support Cards HEALTH: Lois Lane – +10% Health for Red Son Superman.
ATTACK: Son of Krypton – +10% Damage for Red Son Superman.
ENERGY: Fortress of Solitude – +10% Energy Regeneration for Red Son Superman
Character Rating
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Rating: 4.3/5 (217 votes cast)

*As you level your attacks, the strength of the attacks will grow. Players are able to level their attacks 10 times before it maxes out.

*Any bonuses from the character affecting another character should affect all cards with the character’s name. It does not matter if it is  Regime or Insurgency or Normal unless stated.

Max Attack Damage (At Level 20)

The max attack damage of your skills is based on your card rank. Each card can be upgraded if you have an extra card in the deck. Simply enter your card menu and tap the promote button.

The amount of upgrade and rank  can go beyond what has been documented in this section. We’ve just documented up to rank ELITE II. The all skills are documented at 10 bar upgrades, all stats are from a level 20 character at the time of this writing on April 7th 2013 for mobile devices.

 Attack & Ranks Flying Punch (Maxed) Man of Steel (Maxed) Kryptonian Smash (Maxed) DAMAGE HEALTH
  • MIN DAMAGE: 1,379
  • MAX DAMAGE: 2,758
  • MIN DAMAGE: 4,138
  • MAX DAMAGE: 8,276
DAMAGE: 10,345  4,180 5,808
Elite I
  • MIN DAMAGE: 2,069
  • MAX DAMAGE: 4,138
  • MIN DAMAGE: 6,207
  • MAX DAMAGE:  12,414
DAMAGE: 15,518  6,270 8,712
Elite II
  • MIN DAMAGE: 2,758
  • MAX DAMAGE: 5,517
  • MIN DAMAGE: 8,276
  • MAX DAMAGE: 16,552
DAMAGE: 20,691  8,380 11,616
Elite III
  • MIN DAMAGE: 4,138
  • MAX DAMAGE: 8,276
  • MIN DAMAGE: 12,414
  • MAX DAMAGE: 24,829
 DAMAGE: 31,036  12,540 17,424
Elite IV
  • MIN DAMAGE: 4,827
  • MAX DAMAGE: 9,655
  • MIN DAMAGE: 14,483
  • MAX DAMAGE: 28,967
 DAMAGE: 36,209  14,630 20,909
Elite V
  • MIN DAMAGE: 5,517
  • MAX DAMAGE: 11,035
  • MIN DAMAGE: 16,552
  • MAX DAMAGE: 33,105
 DAMAGE: 41,382  16,720 23,232


Son Red Superman Video

Injustice: Gods Among Us – Red Son Superman, 4.3 out of 5 based on 217 ratings

  64 Responses to “Injustice: Gods Among Us – Red Son Superman”

  1. PLEASE NOTE: You can also get the red son characters by buying GOLD Booster packs. I just bought a Gold Booster Pack and received a Red Son Superman and I must say, he is a badass!

  2. OK so in IOS, how do I upgrade RED SON characters to Elite? They are not available individually…. Do i buy the pack again? What happens once I buy the RED SON pack? Is it still available again, or do the characters show up in the “shop” for purchase..? I do not want to buy the pack if I can;t upgrade the characters to Elite..?

    • You have to buy another red son or gold pack if you want to improve red son characters. They are not available in shop.

    • you can if you buy a red son booster pack 5 times. its quite a hard work to do so if you go to settings and change the time , 2 hours later your energy will be restored.

      • I don’t know but this happened to me when l changed my time for injustice energy restoration but after you quit changing the clock for energy all your injustice characters never make energy again that’s right all my gold characters my silver and my bronze dead. spread it the only way to get the energy back without changing the clock is to use you energy pills please SPREAD THIS

        • Before you change back to real time, set it forward two hours, open Injustice, and then change it to real time. It will solve the problem.

        • I think I know the problem you are facing, Richard. You have to understand the mechanics/technicality behind the method. It’s hard to explain, but basically, you are time stamped when you use energy, so don’t go back to that same time and try to play. Basically, it remembers you played at what time, so you cannot go back to that instant and expect to have full energy. I haven’t explored it much, but I hope you got the idea and find that helpful :).

        • Similar problem occurred with me
          But I must say that the characters are not dead permanently.
          Just think of clock changing like you are borrowing energy from future.
          So to sum it up if before going to sleep you want to replenish the energy just set the clock two hours after and in morning the energy will be replenished again.
          Hope I helped.

  3. For me the red son pack is worth £17.49, why?

  4. Now , we can buy red son pack only 300.000 (y) 🙂

  5. Red son pack costs only 300,000 now

  6. I am awesome

  7. How does red son superman com

    • How does red son superman compare to the normal superman as regards on powers

      • Alone, the attack power of Red Son Superman is about the same or maybe a little better than the other supermen, but that isn’t the reason for having Red Son Superman. Red Son Superman’s true power is in his passive power, which is +15% attack power for each Red Son character in a fight. So, alone with two non-Red Son characters only yields +15% attack power for the three, which is equal to the Bronze Lex Luthor’s passive power. But put him with Red Son Wonder Woman and Red Son Solomon Grundy, then you’ll have +45% attack power, +45% maximum health, and +45% power generation for all three, making a “Dream Team”.

        • Ok mr know it all

        • Yea it’s actually 25% more damage

        • I agree but, to upgrade or promote these red son characters would mean you have to buy the red son pack everytime which would cost 2 million credits calculating from iOS IJ each pack cost 400,000. I have darkseid level 2 and death stroke bronze level 5. When they are on the same team death stroke’s level 3 max does 30,000+ damage and my 3rd teammate is black Adam level 4 and his max does 25,000+ damage so you guys do the math. Oh and btw, batman Arc is the best character

      • Another fact that makes Red Son Superman very desirable is that his 2nd-level special attack “Man of Steel” is a 3-tiered attack that can span enemies. If he is leveled and promoted highly enough, this attack can take down two or possibly all three enemies at once, making this Superman very sought after compared to the other 3 Supermen. Sure, the Regime Superman’s 2nd-level attack is unblockable, but so what? He can only take out one enemy at a time, while this Red Son Superman can clear all three in one shot.

  8. So I get that you can only get the red son superman by buying the red son pack or the gold booster pack, but if you buy the gold booster pack isn’t it just luck that you might get it?

  9. Yes

  10. I have red son pack leveled up to elite 4 and my red son superman do 20 thousand damage and my red son Solomon Grundy does 16 thousand damage and my red son Wonder Woman does 15 thousand damage but she’s on elite 3 so my characters are way stronger than what u are telling us right now

  11. Who else says that they should add Cyborg Superman?

  12. red son superman’ability is suck…25%boots for basic attacks (not for power attacks)for each red son on his team.And,his last attack on 2nd power attack misses sometimes.

  13. Red son pack now only cost 200K

  14. Reason packs are only 150,000 now.
    Look now at your injustice, it’s true 62%off.

  15. Red son costs 400k on mine. Why is that?

  16. Does any one want to give me red son superman i will give you prison superman for a trade just send me a message and we can exchange person

  17. can someone gimme red son superman ill trade you anything for it

  18. And which is better red son or prison superman

  19. how do you trade?

  20. can someone help me, i cant decide, red son pack or man of steel pack? i have a solomon grundy lvl 39 elite II getting it from gold booster packs. please help me which is worth of buying.

  21. I have a red son superman i wnt to know which super man is d strongest of all d superman cards?

    • Red Son superman is the strongest same HP and Damage as Arkham Origin Batman, all other characters fall after these two.

  22. Can anybody tell me when it is better to buy the support cards, when the character is at level 1 or at level 30?

    • lvl 1 or lvl 30 don’t change nothing, if you buy at lvl1… each lvl the hero grows, it will grow normal + the 10% of grow

  23. here is a strategey u can use if you have ao bats maxed red son superman maxed and batgirl maxed and there all elite v use superman last attack and there will be one less enemy to worry about i have beaten bonus battle 5 with this team and im on last page and have 3 missions marked off

  24. All the Superman in the game are disappointing. Somehow I think all the Batman are better.

  25. Red Son Superman

    Level: 40
    Rank: Elite V
    Damage: 23,956 (+Support Enhancement)
    Health: 44,141 (+Support Enhancement)

    FLYING PUNCH (10) [1,000 coins each]
    Min: 7,905
    Max: 15,810

    MAN OF STEEL (10) [4,000 coins each]
    Min: 23,716
    Max: 47,432

    KRYPTONIAN SMASH (10) [5,000 coins each]
    Dam: 59,291

  26. My team is redson super man redson wonder woman and batman should I replace batman with doomsday?

  27. Who thinks that his 2nd move( Man of steel) is one of the 5 the best special moves, I mean the 2nd special moves?

  28. What do you think about fastest man alive, Jay? This the second move for the Elseworld. Flash.

  29. Can I defeat Batman Arkham Origin Boss with red son superman elite V, red son ww elite V, red son solomon elite V?

  30. Can I get superman red son

  31. I want to get red son superman

  32. Red son superman

  33. I want to get superman red son now on injustice

  34. All the redsons look stupid cept for wonderW and death the redsons are not so helpfull since its very hard to elite them up.i have a superman redson elite 3 but cant beat DEATH STOKE AND BATMAN’S HP AND DAMAGE.THE BEST CHARACTER IS NIGHT WING NEW 52.CAN HANDLE ANYTHING.HE EATS REDSONS BRAINS CUZ OF HIS POWER DRAIN AND 2ND POWER.BOOM!!

  35. its gonna take ages to elite him

  36. When i changed the time on my phone and went to injustice, i am not able to play online so if anyone else has bad this problem please tell me.

  37. And tell me how to fix this problem

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