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Wonder Woman (Regime) in Injustice: Gods Among Us, the mobile version, is a card and character you can obtain in the game. It can be purchased in the market using “Power Credits” which is the name of the premium currency in the game. You can find the price of purchasing this card in the game in your market or our documentation below.

Each character has their own special bonus that adds bonuses to your deck while in play. They also have their own unique attacks and requires special support cards to improve their Health, Attack, or Energy consumption. Find more information about the stats of Wonder Woman (Regime) in the game below.

Character: Wonder Woman (Regime)

Injustice Gods Among Us - Regime Wonder Woman
Price:  182,000Injustice Gods Among Us Power Credit
Bonus: Shield of the Gods:
Successfully BLOCKING any attack generates 5% POWER for Wonder Woman.
Attacks* —1 (Requires level 1)—

  • Shield Toss: Wonder Woman (Regime) uses her shield as a projectile, taking her opponent unawares.

—2 (Requires level 5)—

  • Shield Bash: Like a thundering battering ram, Wonder Woman slams into her opponent.

—3 (Requires level 20)—

  • Justice Javelin: Wonder Woman (Regime) calls in allies to help annihilate her opposition. UNBLOCKABLE.
Support Cards HEALTH: Daughter of Zeus – +10% Health for Wonder Woman (Regime).
ATTACK: Strength of Demeter – +10% Damage for Wonder Woman (Regime).
ENERGY: Amazonian Origin – +10% Energy Regeneration for Wonder Woman (Regime)
Character Rating
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Rating: 4.3/5 (99 votes cast)

*As you level your attacks, the strength of the attacks will grow. Players are able to level their attacks 10 times before it maxes out.

*Any bonuses from the character affecting another character should affect all cards with the character’s name. It does not matter if it is  Regime or Insurgency or Normal unless stated.

Max Attack Damage (At Level 20)

The max attack damage of your skills is based on your card rank. Each card can be upgraded if you have an extra card in the deck. Simply enter your card menu and tap the promote button.

The amount of upgrade and rank  can go beyond what has been documented in this section. We’ve just documented up to rank ELITE II. The all skills are documented at 10 bar upgrades, all stats are from a level 20 character at the time of this writing on April 7th 2013 for mobile devices.

 Attack & Ranks Shield Toss (Maxed) Shield Bash (Maxed) Justice Javelin (Maxed) DAMAGE HEALTH
  • MIN DAMAGE: 1,034
  • MAX DAMAGE: 2,069
  • MIN DAMAGE: 3,103
  • MAX DAMAGE: 6,207
DAMAGE:7,759  3,135 5,544
Elite I
  • MIN DAMAGE: 1,551
  • MAX DAMAGE: 3,103
  • MIN DAMAGE: 4,655
  • MAX DAMAGE: 9,311
DAMAGE: 11,639  4,703  8,316
Elite II
  • MIN DAMAGE: 2,069
  • MAX DAMAGE: 4,138
  • MIN DAMAGE: 6,207
  • MAX DAMAGE: 12,414
DAMAGE: 15,518  6,270 11,088
Elite III
  • MIN DAMAGE: 3,103
  • MAX DAMAGE: 6,207
  • MIN DAMAGE: 9,310
  • MAX DAMAGE: 18,621
 DAMAGE: 23,277  9,405 16,632
Elite IV
  • MIN DAMAGE: 3,621
  • MAX DAMAGE: 7,242
  • MIN DAMAGE: 10,863
  • MAX DAMAGE: 21,726
 DAMAGE: 27,158  10,973 19,958
Elite V
  • MIN DAMAGE: 4,138
  • MAX DAMAGE: 8,276
  • MIN DAMAGE:  12,414
  • MAX DAMAGE: 24,829
 DAMAGE: 31,036  12,540 22,176
Injustice: Gods Among Us – Wonder Woman (Regime), 4.3 out of 5 based on 99 ratings

  54 Responses to “Injustice: Gods Among Us – Wonder Woman (Regime)”

  1. wonder woman is one of the best mid level characters in the I device game. The more you block the more damage she does in her special attacks. In her basic special attack I have hit for more than 1500 damage and in her second tier special attack I have done nearly 8000 total damage. Also because her second tier special attack has 4 stages it is possible to wipe out 2-3 of the enemy using one special attack. With 3 wonderwomans you could get quite high in the game before you needed gold characters like batman.

    • I should mention this is the first wonderwoman not the gold tiered. Her ability works differently

    • my ww regime stats: current level is 40; rank: ELITE_V; damage 17,490; health: 40,656; shield toss: min 5,771 max 11,453; shield bash: min 17,315 max 34,630; justice javelin: 43,287.
      most powerful characters: all red sons elite level v. can win straight without losing from start to final battle.

  2. Perhaps you can help me with this. I feel like an idiot. I bought the bronze booster pack and received a special “Upgrade” card for Wonder Woman. On the card information screen it says I should go to the back of Wonder woman’s card to apply this upgrade. Well I bought Wonderwoman but have no clue how to apply this card. I am really ignorant about this so if you could help that would be awesome.

    • The special Upgrade is for one of the 3 different special ability moves that she has. In order to apply it, you click the collection button to get to your characters, then click wonder woman, then click through all three of her abilities. If it says upgrade, that is the one that the Upgrade applied to.
      Also, you may not be able to apply the upgrade if it is for the 3rd special ability because it requires level 20 to get.

    • IOS version:

      (1) Tap on the Character Card
      (2) Tap on the ability / skill you wish to upgrade
      (3) Tap on upgrade

      If you have an upgrade card for the ability / skill, it will be free, else you will need to pay $$$ for them.

  3. Whats the highest elite rank you can obtain in this game?

  4. Anyone knows how the “Successfully BLOCKING any attack generates 5% POWER for Wonderwoman” works?

    • Just block an attack and you gain power to use your speacial abilities. Cuz with other characters blocking doesnt give them power. 🙂

      • hey i just got regime wonder woman and whenever i block an attack it does NOT give the extra 5% please help.

  5. what does the “extra cards ” do after you have reached level V on a character.
    I have extra cards that i don’t know how to use

  6. How do I get batman beyond and superman prison without the console version of the game? Booster packs?…..thanks…..

  7. I have her she amazing my one is a level 29 and her tier 3 attack does 9686 damage. Today I
    Just got batman in the gold booster pack ( I am not a Gemer). He’s level seven and I can wait to get tier 3 attack the dark night. I’m tomorrow I’m going to vs the ultimate boss, super man prison. Wish me luck PEACE

  8. would you say silver WW is better than gold? im trying to decide which one to use

  9. gold WW is the best character ever that i know in injustice

  10. my wonder woman regime now in Level 40, but the Experience become zero, not gain any experience. anyone have the same issue.? please help

  11. Is there something special you have to do to get the Elite rank, or do the Elite ranks just come randomly?

  12. Hye.. I already have my regime wonder women, now already level 39, after that i bought silver wonderwomen for me to promote my regime WW to elite 1. But i dont see any promote button… What should i do to promote my regime WW to elite 1? Please help me…

  13. I dont understand how wonder woman’s shield of the god works. I block but nothing happens. But when the computer blocks. They get a W icon. I believe that means they successfully block? But when i do nothing happens.

    • The Silver WW gets the W, ehich means it adds damage to your next special attack. The gold (regime) WW gains POWER (energy for special attacks) when she successfully block, so no W insignia.

  14. which would you recommend regime WW or lobo

    • Ww 😀 her ability to gain power when blocking is pretty good as compared to the lobos no draining abilty as they dont have much power drainers when reaching higher stages ww is definetly worth it 🙂

  15. Is Gold Wonder Woman better or Gold Red Son Deathstroke? Please help, using the ios version.

  16. wonder woman deals more damage than superman,although her initial damage is 750 while superman has 800.

  17. ~Anything with an asterisk (*) will be updated in the replies to this original post as it comes available.

    Wonder Woman (Regime)

    Level: 40
    Rank: Elite II*
    Damage: 8,745* (+Support Enhancement)
    Health: 20,328* (+Support Enhancement)

    SHIELD TOSS (10)
    Min: 2,885*
    Max: 5,771*

    SHIELD BASH (7*)
    Min: 7,870*
    Max: 15,740*

    Dam: 21,643*

  18. Ok hello everyone I need help I just bought doomsday a few days ago he seems pretty good and he’s level 27 now i got him cause the health he gets after a knock out it was hard to choose though cause I heard regime Wonder Woman was good as well does any one know which one i should use I plan to rank my whole team up to elite V but I don’t know which to use thank you!!

    • Doomsday definitely. Cuz of his special ability of health he can take out an entire team himself, and keep gaining the health he loses

  19. She’s an insane good tank

  20. guys plz help me
    I just got a regime wonder woman.
    bt right now I have lobo at level 40 and it’s third special gives 12k damage. now m. confused. should I use lobo or should I upgrade regime ww

    plz help

  21. Im sorry but all these stats are inaccurate. Wonder woman’s stats are much much better than whats listed here.

  22. Wonder Woman has big boobs

  23. I want to her and superman,and batman on a team (regime Wonder Woman,normal superman,and arkham origins batman

  24. Just want to state: Wonder Woman (Regime); Elite V Lv.36 Justice Javelin (42,000).

  25. Are you kidding me? One hit with Regime Superman’s heat vision and she’s a goner.

  26. I purchased some power credits using android and I can’t find a place to claim them. Where do I go to claim them. Looked on amazon and it shows the purchase.

  27. After finishing all the stages WW regime will be added to your collection.. WW regime is pretty good but i prefer Doomsday. Single Elite 5 Doomsday equals 3 elite 5 WW regime.. For the beginners i recommend WW silver first and upgrade her fully she’ll lead you to the last page..

  28. Is it me or is ww regime being nerfed in this new patch? Her passive of gaining power from blocking doesn’t seem to be as effective as before. Anyone who uses ww regime feel the same?

  29. to all of ya who say wwr is the best, 2.0 update, blocking generates 1.5% energy only now so it will take 67 hits to full charge her meter, and no power gen upgrades will help. so yea tell me more about how she is the best

  30. Even nerfed she is the best along with rs superman, ao batman, and rs ww. Her dmg is amazing and atleast she still gets power from blocking so she remains as 3rd best in game

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