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This page will document Iron Man 3: The Official Game armors,  unlocks, and details on how to get these armor in the game. This game is the mobile version for the Apple iOS and Android devices.

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  1. you are missing mark 37 hammerhead and you are missing mark 33 silver centurion

  2. You guys left out the Silver Centurion, which apparently is the best all round suit. Also, the Iron Patriot’s class is under Unibeam blast, not Striker missles.

    • No, Igor is besr

      • No Mark 32 (PYTHON) is the best

        • Agreed. Python should be the goal for anyone wanting to get a high score.

          The best way to get to the python is to not waste time unlocking other branches of armour, but rather first build the affordable S.D.C.A and make it your goal to build the Mark 29 – Fiddler. This is THE QUICKEST path to getting a x5 bonus level. After you get the Fiddler just keep using it and you should easily unlock the Python (Took me only 3 runs to boost my points high enough to place in the tournament). Now I can just use Fiddler until I gather enough stark credits for the Python build. Easy and no wasting time with other lesser armours.

          • Disregard my last comment, avoid the Fiddler as now the cheapest and quickest way to get to points is to focus on the Mark VII (x4 bonus). From there just wait till you unlock the Python – so much cheaper! I was totally wrong on how much it was going to cost to get the higher end armours.

  3. It would also help if you indicated the cool-down time for fixing each armour after every run.

  4. Thanks for writing this guide! Exactly what I was after.
    Does the cost of armor slots increase past 105 isos?

  5. Iron Patriot Bonus Score should read as 7.0 i/o 1.0

  6. Thanks for the great work on this list. If you guys get a chance, please update all the pricing for the new version (1.0.2).

    For example, the Mark 25 Striker is now only 3000 credits.

    Also the upgrade pricing has changed. For example, the Mark VII final tier is now only 9150 credits each.

  7. When is the update for android? Can’t seem to find an update. Stuck a version 1.0

  8. When is the 1.0.2 version update for Android?

  9. Hello.
    Any updates on the 1.2 patch from Aug?

  10. you are missing mark 21 (MIDAS)

  11. I like Iron Man Mark 4 the best!!!!!!!!!!and Mark 3 and 4 is about the same.

  12. Iron Man Mark 42 I like the best and War Machine Mark 2

  13. I head Mark 4

  14. I like Iron Man Mark 42

  15. Iron Man Mark 42

  16. U guys don’t have the mark28 jack

  17. Damian tan you are missing mark 28 jack

  18. In which armor we get full xp

  19. can you tell me how to activate aa defense system??

  20. I have reached Mark II in Iron man 3 game.ScoreX2.level25 I have 36
    Diamonds 45000XP more than 1 lac credits. Even though I want to unlock other armor it is showing that you don’t have an empty slot. What does it mean? Kindly guide me further. Thanks, awaiting for reply.

  21. Can you tell me how to activat aa defence system

  22. Why can’t I see the armours in the game?.. I can see them when I play.. what’s the problem of the game? Tell me, please! My phone has a problem or something? I have Samsung Galaxy S3 neo, so I don’t think so. It’s a phone good enough

  23. I can’t open my iron man 3 when I updated to I.o.s. 8 for iPhone?

  24. I can’t open my iron man 3 when I updated to I.o.s. 8 for iPhone?

    Read more:

  25. You stupid Indian retard. It’s supposed to do that

    Read more:


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