Mar 082012

Jenga has hit iTunes and now you can download it for your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad! This game brings players back to the roots of playing with board games in the comfort of your own home, but this time there’s no need to pick up the pieces.

Jenga is remarkably amazing. This tiny app is well thought out and has a number of game modes that will surely make you want to build your way to the top. Perhaps one of the most interesting and astonishing aspects to the game is the graphics.

You may think the graphics for such a tiny app wouldn’t go so far but after your first iPhone Jenga experience you’ll think otherwise. The playfield is in entirely 3D graphics, allowing you to spin in 360 degrees to find that Jenga block you want to remove. Sounds easy right? Well once you start, you will quickly notice that Jenga interacts as if you were playing it in real life. Your simple movements can knock the entire block off balance making it crash down during your turn. I personally found this quite unique because at first I was just flinging the blocks left and right until I noticed my flickering made Jenga come crashing down faster than a burning building!

One of the things I must mention for players is that the environment graphics are gorgeous. There is probably no other app in iTunes that will give you the feeling of playing an actual puzzle or board game in real life on your iPhone or iPad. The first striking image is when you are playing Jenga in your apartment. You can see that aside from the Jenga blocks itself that the furniture such as couches, pillows, tables, tvs are all extremely realistic. Anything from shadows, glares, to textures are extremely well developed to make you feel as if you were playing in the comfort of your own home. When I achieved the “Patio Environment” it really showed how well the graphics were created. The plants, trees, and benches all made it feel as if I was outside playing with a couple of friends.

What is the most captivating part of Jenga? Well that’s a simple question; it’s because of online play. Yes, you can go multi-player online and face your friends or other opponents so it doesn’t feel like you will make it come crashing down sooner or later. This is perhaps the best feature available to Jenga and will certainly make you want to challenge others to test your skills or maybe watch others pull the falling block. With all that said grab Jenga free [at the moment] in iTunes or the App store on your device.

Jenga Gameplay1Jenga Gameplay-2Jenga Gameplay-3Jenga Gameplay-4Jenga Gameplay-5

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